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by Foggy, 13-06-2024

Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance - All you need to know

Are you ready for one of the best turn-based adventures? Dive deep and prepare for the upcoming port...

by Foggy, 12-06-2024

Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree DLC - All you need to know

All you need to know about upcoming Elden Ring Dlc - what are the pre-requisites, where is the entra...

by Foggy, 09-07-2023

Trails From Zero: Rise and Don't Grind trophy tips

Tips and tricks on how to unlock the trophy that requires from you to beat the game while being unde...

by Foggy, 17-03-2023

Like a Dragon: Ishin! Patch 1.04 fixed smithing grinding and rewards you with some seals!

Patch 1.04 is out, and it will help you get rare materials faster. Check out what you can collect, w...

by Foggy, 03-01-2023

Chained Echoes Phyon Oasis Bug Solution

How to get pass the game-breaking bug with the new update!

by Foggy, 30-12-2022

Wanna play, might play - The whole 2023rd?

Let's take a look for the upcoming games of 2023. There will be a lot to play and to be happy for fo...

by Foggy, 17-09-2022

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Demo Impressions

Nioh meets Sekiro? Yes, that is exactly what happened here. I loved the experience, but I sure hope ...

by Foggy, 16-09-2022

Valkyrie Elysium Demo Impressions

Not as half bad I imagined it would be. Valyrie Elysium is an action RPG with solid combat, cute but...

by Foggy, 22-06-2022

Wanna play, might play - The whole 2022th?

I've missed a lot of months from the last Wanna play article, but here is something on a global 2022...

by Foggy, 09-01-2022

Sea of Stars - Details and what we know so far

For the fans of The Messenger and Chrono Trigger - Sea of Stars smells like both of the titles and w...