• 81 | Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

    "A great sequel with some technical issues even after patching it for 8 months. Don’t expect a mind-blowing story, but expect a solid game in almost all other segments – with lightsabres (which are always cool)."
  • 90 | Alan Wake 2

    "One of rare sequels that outshines the previous game in every aspect. The horror stories in games never felt so unique. This was such a great journey, minus the combat."
  • 87 | Star Ocean: The Second Story R

    "One of the best remakes out there. Simply keeping the spirit of the first version with slight improvements and better graphics is all we really need in games we once loved/still love."


Review | Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

by Foggy, 05-12-2023, Edited by: No one (yet!)

Edited by Foggy, 05-12-2023

EA Sports, it's… Nope, not that one! For the second time in a row EA managed to nail the single player formula. It seems like the force is working for them, but one must be aware that the technical performance is also a big part of the experience.

Review | Alan Wake 2

by Foggy, 20-11-2023, Edited by: No one (yet!)

Edited by Foggy, 20-11-2023

Don't you sometimes feel like you're in the loop? I know I do. Alan also thought that and look where that got him. The second instalment will make you question both your and his sanity, because nothing is how it seems. Except the quality of the game.

Review | Star Ocean: The Second Story R

by Foggy, 14-11-2023, Edited by: No one (yet!)

Edited by Foggy, 14-11-2023

How often do we play remakes of the games we used and still love? I would say quite often – this year and the recent gaming history shows that remakes and remasters are flooding the market. But this one is simply brilliant!

Review | Sea Of Stars

by Foggy, 04-10-2023, Edited by: No one (yet!)

Edited by Foggy, 04-10-2023

A nostalgic trip that really counts on the nostalgia rather than introducing what Chrono Trigger and such had at these times. Sea of Stars is a love letter to what we all wanted, but failed to deliver to its full extent.

Review | Lies of P

by Foggy, 03-10-2023, Edited by: No one (yet!)

Edited by Foggy, 03-10-2023

Another „souls“ game, another try… Are we tired of them already? Sometimes I feel like it, but then just sometimes, they outshine the judgment and I have a great time. Is Lies of P like that? It shines so bright that I might consider it a GOTY material!

Review | Blasphemous 2

by Foggy, 06-09-2023, Edited by: No one (yet!)

Edited by Foggy, 06-09-2023

When religion goes gore, when double jump is a must, when 3 weapons form a path towards the heavens just to kill the Gods… Yeah, it’s Blasphemous time alright! It’s better than ever!

Review | Remnant II

by Foggy, 17-08-2023, Edited by: No one (yet!)

Edited by Foggy, 17-08-2023

Want to try out Dark Souls with guns? Try it, play it, and finish it. AAA developers can take notes, not everything is a live-service, and guess what – people still love complete games, especially in coop mode.

Review | Final Fantasy XVI

by Foggy, 22-06-2023, Edited by: No one (yet!)

Edited by Foggy, 21-06-2023

The newest Final Fantasy title is everything but a Final Fantasy title – It maybe has the summons, it maybe has the music; but it also has under-developed NPC’s/characters and real pacing issues. It’s still a good title, and an even better action-paced pro...

Review | The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

by Foggy, 30-05-2023, Edited by: No one (Yet!)

Edited by Foggy, 30-05-2023

Is it possible to innovate the open-world genre anymore, or we've reached a limit where there is no more beyond that point? Apparently not, and Tears of the Kingdom is here to prove it once more.

Review | Octopath Traveler 2

by Foggy, 03-05-2023, Edited by: No one (Yet!)

Edited by Foggy, 04-05-2023

The journey of 8, the 8 paths, the octo way? Well, yes! Journey that some already experienced but improved and changed for the better. It’s still the same different game, mind you that!