• 67 | Klonoa Phantasy Reverie Series

    "One of the remasters where 1:1 doesn't mean still good."
  • 90 | Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course DLC

    "Cheap DLC that will satisfy all Cuphead fans, but at the same time it's just more Cuphead content as we've been used to. Perfectly fine by me"
  • 83 | Nobody Saves the World

    "On of the most fun experiences I had this year - strongly recommend"


Review | Klonoa Phantasy Reverie Series

by Foggy, 17-07-2022, Edited by: Jim

Edited by Foggy, 17-07-2022

A bitter taste of nostalgia in a game where basics were supposed to carry out the rest, but somehow they got stuck 25 years ago without much effort to make replaying worthwhile.

Review | Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course DLC

by Foggy, 04-07-2022, Edited by: Jim

Edited by Foggy, 04-07-2022

Why put us through of not having Cuphead games more often? Explore the new island, train your fingers, survive - you remember from the base game, don't you?

Review | Nobody Saves the World

by Foggy, 26-06-2022, Edited by: Jim

Edited by Foggy, 26-06-2022

Top-down action RPGs from indie developers seems to be better than some triple A titles. This title proves it, and I want you all to at least try it for few hours - I challenge you to let go when you do. I couldn't, so I just finished the game in 3 days in...

Review | Bloodstained: Curse Of The Moon 2

by Foggy, 23-06-2022, Edited by: Jim

Edited by Foggy, 23-06-2022

How good can a game be when you make it 8-bit in 2020.? If you ask me it can be very good, but not when you have to beat the same 8 levels 4 times in a row. That is just nasty, and that is something I don't want to do.

Review | Hollow Knight

by Foggy, 07-06-2022, Edited by: Jim

Edited by Foggy, 07-06-2022

Explore the bug’s underworld and become the ultimate bug of them all! Hollow Knight is one of the finest side-scrolling games out there, do not let it pass by (I have no idea what I was waiting for all this time).

Review | Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising

by Foggy, 29-05-2022, Edited by: Jim

Edited by Foggy, 29-05-2022

Alright, Rabbit and Bear Studios started they production! In this prequel learn a lot about New Nevaeh, your girl CJ, Garoo and Isha - are they a bunch from the Hundred Heroes? We will find out next year, but until them, check this out.

Review | Odin Sphere Leifthrasir

by Foggy, 08-05-2022, Edited by: Jim

Edited by Foggy, 08-05-2022

Not short to be sweet, not innovative to be fun, too much repetition to be a must-play title; but the story is good. Is that enough for you to push through? It was for me, but I wouldn't want to repeat this adventure anytime soon, probably never.

Review | Elden Ring

by Foggy, 02-04-2022, Edited by: Jim

Edited by Foggy, 02-04-2022

The most ambitious From Software game up to this date and the game that set the bar in the open-world genre. Gaming will never be the same again, that's for sure! Dive into one of the most addicting and rewarding game experiences of the decade!

Review | Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights

by Foggy, 06-02-2022, Edited by: Jim

Edited by Foggy, 06-02-2022

What’s new in a world where Blight has taken over, spirits are your helpers and you are just a little girl? Not much, but the formula pretty much works, so if you’re up for some well-known formula of 2D scrollers, look no more.

Review | Returnal

by Foggy, 25-01-2022, Edited by: Jim

Edited by Foggy, 25-01-2022

Kill some aliens, die, return, kill some aliens, boss fight, die, return, collect stuff... And repeat. While doing this, did you know how much fun can you possibly have? A lot, and for sure a challenge.