Melodic Death Metal

Current Line-up

  • Goran Forgač - Guitar/Back Vocals
  • Filip Lončar - Vocals
  • Zdenko Mihaljević - Drumms

Past Members

  • Nikola Buljan - Guitar
  • Matej Pavelić - Guitar
  • Marko Miletić - Guitar
  • Antonio Vlahov - Bass
  • Sergej Šimpraga - Bass
  • Daniel Dasović - Bass
  • Robert Ban Bebek - Drumms
  • Marin Lelas - Drumms
  • Goran Kordić - Drumms
  • Darko Čosić - Vocals
  • Marijo Pahel - Vocals


In Year 2008 two young enthusiast's, Goran Forgač and Goran Kordić started with non-obligational rehearsals in the village at the end of town. Those were mostly covers from Arch Enemy, In Flames, Dimension Zero and Devil Driver, and mostly they were awfull. After some time rehearsing together, first riffs and melodies were produced, and from then everything started to get more serious.

First Demo songs were recorded with the intention to set the main blueprint of how everything should sound. In the meantime, additional 2 members were recruited, Antonio Varga as lead guitarist and Tomislav Smolčić as a bass player but their lack of interest meant they didn't stay in the bend. Sometime later Marko Miletić came in the band as the second guitar and he brought his 5 songs composed in the vein of Ensiferum and Wintersun. This meant that a bit of folk element diluted the overall melodic death metal sound of the band. Now with the current line up almost completed and several songs composed at the disposal, the band started to prepare for first live appearances while searching for a bass player and a vocalist. Daniel Dasović was recruited for a bass player and Mario Milutinović handled the vocal duties( he was also the vocalist for another band, Gregzeye). Live show where people had the opportunity to see Ashes of Eternity perform their songs for the first time was at "Organizirani Kaos" festival in Kutina.

In the Autumn of the year 2010, Ashes of Eternity line-up was about to change. Because of the college enrollment and general lack of time to attend rehearsals, co-founder Goran Kordić left the band. A friend from Kutina, Marin Jelinek, who shared band's music taste and had so many ideas and will, filled the drummer position. After hard work and doing rehearsals every day, the band was ready to play live shows again to provide the audience with a unique taste of true metal. An essence Ashes of Eternity was meant to give.

Now it was time to record the first Demo with the songs that band recorded before. This time, with a bit more of the experience in playing instruments and recording stuff, the plan was to re-record the selected songs in higher quality. After that, the play was to record the first album with demo songs and new finished ones that were waiting to be officially recorded.

Due to the lack of interest, free time for rehearsals and artistic disagreements among bandmates, the band suffered a major line-up change in May 2012. The only remaining member and co-founder was Goran Forgač, so he needed to find the new people for the entire band. Luckily, he did just that so this time the Ashes of Eternity line up was this: Matej Pavelić as another guitar player, Marin Lelas as a drummer, Sergej Šimpraga as bassist and Darko Ćosić as a vocalist. This was the most professional line up and an era of the band since the members had many years of experience in their respective bands so they are highly appreciated for the help and dedicated time. While working on the new songs new creative ideas were introduced, but some of the riffs written by the past members of the band were retained. The line-up did 3 gigs, one with UBvC (United Bands versus Crowd) in Osijek and one in Zadar, Metafest 2012 festival amongst few big names. The last show was in Zagreb, on event "From Zagreb with Love" in club "Željezničar".

Sometime after that, once again, Ashes of Eternity was stripped of almost the entire line up, consisting only of its co-founder Goran Forgač. After several months of writing the songs alone, he decided that the band will become a project, borrowing the members for live concerts and working on new songs with available people interested in this kind of music.

Latest full line up happened from 2015-2018 including Nikola Buljan on lead guitar, Robert Ban Bebek on Drumms, Antonio Vlahov on Bass and Filip Lončar on Vocals. Demo of Eternity was released as first official Demo album of the band. Some gigs were done to bring back melodic death metal but unfortunately due to lack of time and obligations, band is once again without second guitar and bass. Zdenko Mihaljević is current drummer.

Ashes of Eternity, now as a band/project, will write new material and record it in time. Also, we would like to say thanks to a people that are our support and don't make fun of us having long hairs and beards: Ivan Adžaga – our producer and studio expert, Archie – old cover designer and all the help with the pictures, Zmijo – we recorded drum tracks for our Demo 2010, Che – a good man who unselfishly borrowed his bass guitar every time and many many more \m/ We love you all.