• 68 | Biomutant

    "Cute and decent open-world experience, unfortunately a little bit outdated and with few technical issues. Play if you like the genre, avoid if you don't."
  • 85 | NieR Replicant

    "Exceptional and unique experience constrained by repetitive elements, but at the end of the day still something worth mentioning"
  • 90 | It Takes Two

    "A blast co-op experience that I would recommend to absolutely everyone!"


Review | Biomutant

by Foggy, 01-06-2021, Edited by: Jim

Edited by Foggy, 02-06-2021

What is common about fluffy rats and the game with a few technical issues? I don't find cute either of these, especially when they mutate!

Review | NieR Replicant

by Foggy, 03-05-2021, Edited by: Jim

Edited by Foggy, 06-05-2021

Shades, shadows, timelines, white hair, a book... NieR is back, it's "nier" and we should all grab it, finish it, talk about it, then talk some more about. If you think you're done, it's time for new playthrough with Automata OST and costumes. Oh boy, so m...

Review | It Takes Two

by Foggy, 26-03-2021, Edited by: Jim

Edited by Foggy, 18-04-2021

It took two to write this review, it took two to beat the game... But it takes only 1 in the end to say the game is really great and fun. This studio is something else, and their innovative approach is exactly what the scene needs.

Review | Persona 5 Strikers

by Foggy, 10-03-2021, Edited by: Jim

Edited by Foggy, 13-03-2021

A new adventure of stolen hearts, desires and combination of both. Although a spin-off, P5 Strikers is a title that will raise above many others and be proud about it. Do not miss it by any chance.

Review | Ys: Memories of Celceta

by Foggy, 14-02-2021, Edited by: Jim

Edited by Foggy, 14-02-2021

Another Ys game, another journey with red-haired Adol. Button mashing at it's finest, but somewhat boring take in the kingdom of Celceta. And of course, don't forget the PS2 graphics.

Review | Zelda: Breath of the Wild

by Foggy, 10-01-2021, Edited by: Jim

Edited by Foggy, 10-01-2021

A game where everything makes sense, where grass grow after the rain with the rising sun in the morning, where you can wander and go astray for hours...Folks, this is how they should do our open-world games.

Review | Star Ocean: The Last Hope

by Foggy, 29-12-2020, Edited by: Jim

Edited by Foggy, 30-12-2020

A journey beyond the stars, a blond guy and the game's industry worst character ever, 'kay? Dive into another solid JRPG experince, just 10 years later!

Review | Immortals: Fenyx Rising

by Foggy, 04-12-2020, Edited by: Jim

Edited by Foggy, 04-12-2020

The game where the open-world is not boring, repetitive and where you can enjoy your time. I really love this approach for the genre and I hope we get more games like this.

Review | Demon's Souls Remake

by Foggy, 29-11-2020, Edited by: Jim

Edited by Foggy, 29-11-2020

In a world full of demons and darkness, you will be that light that will save the day - said no one ever if they've played Souls games!

Review | Yakuza: Like A Dragon

by Foggy, 21-11-2020, Edited by: Jim

Edited by Foggy, 21-11-2020

Enters Ichi! So, what can I say about the game where main guy is one of the best written character in Yakuza history? I can only say damn you Ryu Ga Gotoku for making this wonderful piece of art and blessed us to play it!