by Foggy, 09-01-2021

Monster Hunter Rise - Demo Impressions

Join me on my video impression for Monster Hunter Rise, where we will check how this title looks like, how the new mechanics blend in and how easy is to die again! Rise is looking and feels great, I cannot wait for the release!

by Foggy, 16-08-2020

Let's Play Cuphead - I'am a strong, confident cuphead...

Join me on my new series of "Let's Play" - This time with Cuphead on PS4! This Let's Play video covers all coins in the first in-game island (Inkwell Isle One), how to beat all boss levels and get rank A's, how to do pacific runs on coin levels (no killing enemies on those) and Mausoleum level for getting the Super Art.

by Foggy, 14-01-2020

PSN 2019 Wrap-up

What did my PSN said about my progress in 2019th? Mostly it screams "Get a life". But then again, there are players that can eat my accomplishments for breakfast.

by Foggy, 28-12-2019

Best of 2019th

What's hot, what's not? 2019 was warm/hot and these are the games you need to play!

by Foggy, 13-03-2019

10 Day Video Game Challenge

There was a talk about games that made impact on you. Kinda liked it so i made up my list. It should have been a list made out of 10 titles, but i had to add one more. Now i feel the bad about rest of the games. Also, so much that is not covered. But let's say this was something that was part of my childhood.

by Foggy, 03-12-2018

The Game Awards 2018

The time has come to pick up the best that 2018 had to offer. Many great titles are nominated and it is going to be hard to choose the best in single category. I will give my personal choice for what i think it's the best. Of course, I don't agree about choices for some categories, like for example there is no Dragon Quest XI for the GOTY category. That just makes me sad. Also, I will note only what I find interesting and where I can make a choice.