Mortal Shell Trophy Guide & Roadmap

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Published: August 25, 2020

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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 6.5/10
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 25-35h (skill dependant)
  • Offline Trophies: 26 (8 , 11 , 6 , 1 )
  • Online Trophies: 0 (0 , 0 , 0 )
  • Number of missable trophies: Forever Alone, Life is Suffering, Face Off, Seeker of False Truths, Bars Tended
  • Glitched trophies: N/A
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No difficulty settings
  • Minimum Playthroughs: 1, but 2 recommended
  • Welcome to the new trophy guide, this time for Mortal Shell! It's a new souls-like game made by a small company, with fun and a bit tricky platinum trophy. Let us begin with few guidelines and note the optimal path.

    Usefull goals and guidelines

    You collect Tar (in-game currency) and Glimpses by killing enemies or using the items that converts to those. You use Tar for buying items or leveling up your shells you collect.

    When you reach Fallgrim Tower, first collect all 4 shells.
    Now collect all weapons.
    Choose one shell and upgrade it to the max (unlock all the skill slots).
    When you have maxed out your shell, talk with sister Genessa and she will trade items. Buy the most expensive mask, which will unlock teleporting.
    Now you can collect Tar and buy from Vlas's shop to work towards your goal of 50,000k Tar spent in his shop.
    Do everything (collect along the way) in Fallgrim, Crypt of Martyrs, Shrine of Ash and in Seat of Infinity - use this order.

    Mortal Shell - All Items Guide
    Mortal Shell - All Secret Lore Locations (Inscriptions and Etchings)
    Mortal Shell - All Shell Locations
    Mortal Shell - All Weapons and Upgrade Materials Guide

    Step 1 - Reach end of the game and collect all collectibles (note the missables bellow!)

    I would highly advise to play the first run with using all the Shells and play regulary. Shells are your class builds and will grant you certain amount of health and stamina. Without those you are dead if you receive a single hit. And that will be your second run, which is why i suggest to play the game using recommended progress to get familiar with the game.

    You want to collect all Shells, Items and Secret Lores.


    The only missable items in the game are the one in the Seat of Infinity area - that area is the big one with all the torches you have to press and with all the stones. If you kill the boss there after the third checkpoint, you will re-arrange the area and 3 Secret Lore's will dissappear (Etchings to be exact) and Mango Item will do too. You can do all areas in whichever order you want, just be careful about this one.

    New Game Plus

    When you kill the last boss, he will ask you if you want to ascend (go to new game plus - your equipment and progress transfers). If you decline, you will be teleported in the Fallgrim Tower (your main shrine) and you will need to defeat the last boss again if you want to enter the new game plus. Be aware that this is NOT what you want when you want to do the no shell run (Forever Alone, Life is Suffering, Face Off trophies).

    I would suggest collecting and doing everything before the last boss. The only problem is the grind for 50,000 Tar (in-game currency). You need to buy items for sum of 50,000k Tar and this transfers to a new game plus. Still, I suggest grinding (you can find my method bellow under the trophy description). I suggest this because you need another fresh run and 2 runs will be just enough not to start hating the game.

    Step 2 - Start a new game (fresh save slot) and DO NOT pick up any shell through the whole game. Defeat Hadern in the Tutorial

    You need to kill Hadern boss in the Tutorial. If you die, you need to start a fresh new game again.

    This is where the difficulty is. No shell run is basically 1-hit and you die. It's actually much easier than it sounds and I have the whole walkthrough for you ready. Just before the last boss you should visit the Fallgrim altar and transform into obsidian dark form (nothing changes as you have no shells and this transformation will change nothing). Now, like this, kill the last boss to unlock Life is Suffering and Forever Alone trophies.

    Mortal Shell - No Shell Run Full Guide

    Good luck!

    Platinum     Obtain all other trophies.

    When you unlock this one, that means you are really good in this kind of games.

    Forever Alone  
    Beat the game without ever bonding with a shell.

    During your playthrough you can pick up 4 shells and use them. For this trophy, you CAN'T pick up any (not even interract with them). I made a full guide and even a video with the best path and boss strategy. Also, combine this trophy with "Life is Suffering" trophy (also in the guide):

    Mortal Shell - No Shell Run Full Guide

    Face Off  
    Defeat Hadern in the tutorial.

    Hadern in the boss in the Tutorial at the beginning of the game. He is not too tough, but if you lose you will have to start a new game again (you can overwrite your slot). This was part of my no shell run, so please check here for the best strategory:

    Mortal Shell - No Shell Run Full Guide

    Seeker of False Truths  
    Unlock all secret lore.

    This means all inscriptions and all etchings. Etchings are a bit tricky as they reveal only when you hit that spot on walls. 3 Etchings are missable - DO NOT defeat the boss in the Seat of Infinity before revealing those first. The full list and a video can be found here:

    Mortal Shell - All Secret Lore Locations (Inscriptions and Etchings)

    Fun Guy     Pick 50 mushrooms.

    The mushrooms are everything over the place. This will be easy, just keep picking up them from the ground and know that they replenish (so you can pick them up again when they do).

    Step Goal     Kill an enemy with bear trap.

    The easiest place is just as you leave the Fallgrim Tower from the lower floor door - go right and you can find peasants and some traps. Just lure them towards you and on trap until one of them dies.

    3:55 - Step Goal Trophy - Just outside of Fallgrim Tower, find some traps and make sure that enemies get trapped few times

    Life is Suffering  
    Beat the game in obsidian dark form.

    I suggest doing this one when you are doing a no shell playthrough (Forever Alone trophy). In Fallgrim there is an secret altar which you need to interract with to transform into the obsidian dark form. This means you lose all your shells and progress on them (which will not change anything if you don't have any hehe):

    Mortal Shell - No Shell Run Full Guide

    Brigand Life     Waste your life away with Baghead.

    Baghead is an NPC in Fallgrim (at the end of the road next to the giant frog). You need to give him Roaster Rat and Superior Moonshine - both common items in Fallgrim forest. Speak with him, make sure you have a lute, give him the items and accept to waste your life away with him! The game will end but you will be back to continue normaly.

    5:48 - Brigand Life Trophy - Find Brigang and give him Roaster Rat + Superior Moonshine and accept his request

    Bars Tended  
    Become familiar with all items.

    You can miss the Mango item on Seat of Infinity if you defeat the boss there and don't pick it up before that. Some items like Baguette is one of a kind and to raise familiarity to the max you will need to unlock "Accretion of Foresight" skill on your shell first (I higly suggest that! I used Solomon shell). With mentioned skill you will raise familirity in no time (as twice as much per use!). You only need max familiarity for items on which you can see familiarity level (and using items raise the familiarity). Help yourself with my item guide:

    Mortal Shell - All Items Guide

    Flesh and Instinct     Find your first Shell.

    The first shell (Harros) is imidiately to the straight and then left after you crawl through the first hole in the Fallgrim area after the tutorial. Check "You Seem Different..." trophy details and how to find all 4 shells. Plus, there is an article:

    Mortal Shell - All Shell Locations

    Is This a Sparta?     Kill an enemy by kicking them off a platform.

    9:01 - Is This a Sparta? Trophy - Unlock Recollection of Strenght shell skill and push the enemy of the ledge (square button)

    Bring the Glands Back to Me  
    Bring a gland to Dark Father.

    Each of the 3 areas (Crypt of Martyrs, Shrine of Ash and Seat of Infity) feature a boss. After killing each, you receive a gland, which you then need to bring back to Fallgrim Tower and give to the Old Prisoner on the upper floor. It's part of the story and un-missable.

    The Good Times are Killing Me     Jam with a brigand.

    You need to find a lute and use it when you see an enemy playing one. You can find many enemies who plays the lute in Fallgrim forest.

    8:10 - Simple Lute (first branching path to the right at the Falgrim entrance, in the treasure chest)
    19:14 - The Good times are Killing Me Trophy (play the simple lute when some enemy is playing)

    Sugar Baby     Spend over 50,000 Tar in the Vlas's Shop.

    You can make this a grind or cheat a bit. Vlas has a show which you can reach from the Fallgrim Tower. You need to spend 50k Tar there. The best way is to collect good amount of Tar, backup your game save, spend money, download your GAME backup (this game has a separate trophy save file, do not pull that from backup), spend again, repeat.

    If you want to do it the regular way, check out my easy grind video:

    Untarnished     Parry over 100 attacks.

    First you need to get the Tarnished Seal, which you get by talking to the Old Prisoner with a gland (story related). You will then unlock the parry attacks - those you initiate with L1 in the perfect moment when an enemy hit is about to land on you. Be careful, you can't parry when your seal glows as an enemy attacks. Find some good spot with slow and easy enemies and grind this, or simply try to parry as much as you can as you play the game.

    You Seem Different...     Unlock all of the Shells in the game.

    There are 4 of them and it's easy to find them. Check out my full article about them and how to find them:

    Mortal Shell - All Shell Locations

    Different Kinds of Grisha     Defeat all different versions of Grisha in the game.

    You need to defeat 3 for this one. First Grisha is just straight from the lower floor door exit in Fallgrim Tower, 2nd is in the Crypt of Martyrs (story related) and the 3rd you can find when you are returning the gland (when the Fallgrim area is covered in fog - which you can return back by talking to the NPC upstairs in the Fallgrim Tower for 1 glimpse). When the Fallgrim is coverd in fog, find one Grisha bellow the tree where the bats are hanging.

    9:38 - Different Kinds of Grisha Trophy - Grisha 1/3 in Fallgrim Forest
    10:02 - Different Kinds of Grisha Trophy - Grisha 2/3 in Fallgrim Forest - After you kill a boss in other areas than Fallgrim, you will unlock the fog. In that state, find this grisha and kill it
    14:10 - Different Kinds of Grisha Trophy - Grisha 3/3 in Crypt of Martyrs (you can't skip this one, it's story related)

    Crossed the Threshold  
    Complete Mortal Shell.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Faded the Fire  
    Defeat Imrod, the Unrepentant.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Matryr'd the Martyr  
    Defeat Tarsus, the First Martyr.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Tragic Loss  
    Defeat Crucix, the Twiceborn.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Felled the Glandfather  
    Defeat The Unchained.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Nailed It     Kill Two or more enemies with one shot from the balistazooka.

    You need to buy Tools from Vlas's Shop in Fallgrim Tower, then you need to build this weapon on the workbench. Ammo is Large Bolt and you can also buy that from Vlas, or by collecting through the game. Then you can find some good place with grouped weak enemies and use one bolt to kill 2 of those.

    5:07 - Nailed It Trophy - Buy Tools, create Ballistazooka and buy Large Bolts if you don't have any

    It's a me     Kill an enemy with a hardened plunge.

    4:27 - It’s a me Trophy - Unlock Recollection of Knowledge shell skill and stomp on some enemy (press L2 when you are falling).

    The Nihilist     Renounce humankind.

    You want to combine this with Forever Alone trophy and no shell run. This is unlocked by agreeing to transform into obsidian dark form at the altar in the Fallgrim forest. Follow my no shell run guide and you will get this:

    Mortal Shell - No Shell Run Full Guide

    Purrfect     Pet Vlas's Cat.

    There is a cat sitting on the table next to Vlas. Inspect the kitty to pet her (him?!) to unlock the trophy.

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