• 75 | Like a Dragon: Ishin!

    "Kiryu needs to go back to his fists, and for the love of god, don't ever bring back Smithing and Seals in any upcoming game. Grind with no real purpose is only grind."
  • 89 | Dead Space Remake

    "Expensive remake which improved the existing experience in every aspect you can think of, and still one of the best survival horror space games out there. With dismemberment all over the place, you know?"
  • 80 | Chained Echoes

    "If you’re one of the old-school retro JPRGs enthusiasts do not miss out on Chained Echoes. Turn-based RPGs will never die (I surely hope so!)."


Review | Like a Dragon: Ishin!

by Foggy, 20-03-2023, Edited by: No one (yet!)

Edited by Foggy, 20-03-2023

Yakuza with katanas? Sign me up! Ishin is almost everything we’ve been wishing for, especially the team of well-known characters from Yakuza series such as Majima and rest of the crew!

Review | Dead Space Remake

by Foggy, 19-02-2023, Edited by: None (yet!)

Isaac, do we really need this remake? I guess we do, but I think we don’t. Although it’s a brilliant take on how Callisto should’ve been done, it’s personally too early for some games to get their remakes. It’s the best version out there though!

Review | Chained Echoes

by Foggy, 15-01-2023, Edited by: No one (yet)

What do you get when you have a single developer, a will to make a video game, and 7 years of time? The answer is Chained Echoes! One man achievement can sometimes be bigger and better than what the industry is striving to accomplish – a game with a soul a...

Review | Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion

by Foggy, 20-12-2022, Edited by: No one (yet!)

Edited by Foggy, 22-12-2022

Embrace your dreams. If you don't fall in love with this soft verse, then you probably didn't like it at all. If you don't feel sad after playing Reunion – the game failed to deliver. Me? I'm still crying.

Review | The Callisto Protocol

by Foggy, 07-12-2022, Edited by: Jim

Edited by Foggy, 07-12-2022

What happens when the same team behind the awesome Dead Space starts their own path in another company? Apparently if they lack the budget and manpower, things tend to end unfinished. Still, there are parts that are worth your time.

Review | Evil West

by Foggy, 29-11-2022, Edited by: Jim

Edited by Foggy, 29-11-2022

Ready for a vampire hunter of Wild West and modern age? Red Dead Redemption and Gears of War had a child and apparently it was an evil one! Third-person shooters are always fun, and this games proves it.

Review | Resident Evil 8: Shadows of Rose DLC

by Foggy, 20-11-2022, Edited by: Jim

Edited by Foggy, 20-11-2022

Shadows of Rose brings nothing new (literally) to the table, but the 3rd person mode is awesome as it can be. I encourage the whole gaming community to give RE8 a chance - it deserves it, although the DLC is nothing out of the margins of being mediocre at ...

Review | God of War: Ragnarok

by Foggy, 09-11-2022, Edited by: Jim

Edited by Foggy, 10-11-2022

Dad of War is back, and he is better in all segments when comparing it to the previous title! Explore the Norse Mythology, slay some gods, and have fun!

Review | Thymesia

by Foggy, 29-09-2022, Edited by: Jim

Do you like fishing? I don’t, but in a way I do. We have a sea of soulslike games out there, and fishing for one is my way to start something that I might end up liking. Thymesia is a decent fish for me, but then again, there are far better fishes out ther...

Review | The Last of Us Part I

by Foggy, 14-09-2022, Edited by: Jim

Is this a remaster of a remaster, or a remake of a remaster, or a remake of a original game, or re-remaster of the original? Who knows, but we do know that charging us 80EUR for games is not what anyone wants.