Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition Trophy Guide & Roadmap

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Published: April 07, 2022

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  • Trophy guide overview coming soon

    Radical Dreamer     Acquire all trophies.

    Unlock all other trophies to unlock platinum trophy.

    The Awakening  
    Wake up after having cleared the labyrinth for the first time in the dream.

    Automatic story unlock.

    The Dream Labyrinth  
    Re-visit the labyrinth in Fort Dragonia—this time, for real.

    Automatic story unlock.

    The Nemesis  
    Defeat Lynx at Fort Dragonia.

    Automatic story unlock.

    The Enemy of the World  
    Defeat Dark Serge at Fort Dragonia.

    Automatic story unlock.

    The Anomaly  
    Use the Dragon God relics at the Dead Sea Ruins to enter the Sea of Eden.

    Automatic story unlock. You need to collect Black, Yellow, Blue, Red, Green, and White Relics to enter the Sea of Eden. You will have to defeat 6 dragons to get them.

    The End and the Beginning  
    Arrive in Chronopolis, the Time Fortress.

    Automatic story unlock.

    The Defiant  
    Defeat FATE, the mother computer of Chronopolis.

    Automatic story unlock.

    The Long-Lost Element  
    Obtain Chrono Cross, the rainbow-aligned Element.

    Automatic story unlock when you enter Divine Dragon Falls (a waterfall near Arni Village) and place Tear of Love and Tear of Hate on the pedastal.

    The Devourer Undone  
    Defeat the evolved form of the Time Devourer.

    Automatic Story Unlock for defeating the final boss.

    A New Future  
    See the good ending.

    Defeat the Time Devourer in the final game dungeon Terra Tower (Another World) in the first fight, and you will fight him for the second time afterwards. Make a save before doing so.

    To fight him after the first time, you will need to head to Opassa Beach (Home World) and find the purple warp point on the ground. Use the Time Egg on the portal to fight with the final boss of this game (well, the same final boss, but his final form).

    To get this ending, you need to harmonize all the sounds of the world with the Chrono Cross. You will be given some subtle hints about how to do so, but you really have to figure it out yourself. When having the Chrono Cross equipped, you will see some colors on the screen, and the correct order should be Yellow -> Red -> Green -> Blue -> Black -> White -> Chrono Cross.  You must provoke the boss to use, for example, a yellow type attack, and when he does, attack with Lv. 1 attacks of other types and use Chrono Cross afterwards.

    There are some hints on how to do it easily:

    • Raise everyone's stamina to Lv. 7
    • Use Lv. 1 Yellow element attack
    • Use Lv. 2 Yellow element attack, and then defend with everyone
    • Time Devourer uses yellow element
    • Use Lv. 1 elements for Red -> Green -> Blue -> Black -> White in the same manner as explained above
    • Use Chrono Cross element with Serge

    Defeating the boss in this way gives you the 'Good Ending'.

    An Unchanging Future  
    See the bad ending.

    Defeat the Time Devourer in the final game dungeon Terra Tower (Another World) in the first fight, and you will fight him for the second time afterwards. Make a save before doing so.

    To fight him after the first time, you will need to head to Opassa Beach (Home World) and find the purple warp point on the ground. Use the Time Egg on the portal to fight with the final boss of this game (well, the same final boss, but his final form).

    To get this ending, simply defeat the boss with normal attacks, so, without elemental attacks or Chrono Cross key item used to get the good ending. You can cast Diminish to reduce damage when being hit, and bring healing items to heal when needed. It's not so hard to defeat him in this way.

    The Developers' Room     See Ending 1: The Developers' Room.

    Coming Soon…

    The Acacian Empire     See Ending 2: The Acacian Empire.

    Coming Soon…

    The Magical Dreamers     See Ending 3: The Magical Dreamers.

    Coming Soon…

    The Shop Staff and the Three Unlikely Heroes     See Ending 4: The Shop Staff and the Three Unlikely Heroes.

    Coming Soon…

    The Rebirth of Marbule     See Ending 5: The Rebirth of Marbule.

    Coming Soon…

    The Last Stand     See Ending 6: The Last Stand.

    Coming Soon…

    The Viper Orphanage     See Ending 7: The Viper Orphanage.

    Coming Soon…

    The Dark Fate     See Ending 8: The Dark Fate.

    Coming Soon…

    The Dragon God's Revenge     See Ending 9: The Dragon God's Revenge.

    Coming Soon…

    A Tactical Retreat     Flee from a battle.

    Simply flee from any battle during one. Easy.

    Flight of the Swallow     Use Serge's unique level 7 tech, Flying Arrow.

    Simply when you unlock Flying Arrow when Serge gets to Star Level 35 (should happen in Ft. Dragonia), use it in battle.

    Lucca's Legacy  
    Use Kid's unique level 7 tech, Hot Shot.

    Since you can miss out on this item while playing the dungeon where the item is, this is considered a missable tech.

    To obtain the Hot Shot tech while playing the route with the Kid, you will need to finish the events at Chronopolis. Kid will be unconscious at Hermit's Hideaway (Another World) at this point. Use the Chrono Cross or Mastermune to enter her past. In the first room of this place there will be a large machine by a burning clock. Pressing buttons near its front results as a "ding" sound. Press L2, Triangle, R2, and Triangle to get it.

    Call of the Void     Use Lynx's unique level 7 tech, Forever Zero.

    After defeating Green Dragon you will unlock Forever Zero with Lynx. Use this tech inside the battle to unlock the trophy.

    Use Harle's unique level 7 tech, Lunairetic.

    Harle learns Lunairetic when she reach 25 Stars level, and she joins automatically during events at Dimensional Vortex. She also leaves your party later on, and this makes this trophy missable. Since you can carry party members to NG+, it's still going to take a while to transfer her as you need to reach NG+ and beat the final boss with her in the party. Focus on using this tech when she joins, use her until you get this trophy.

    Deadly Delta  
    Use the triple tech Delta Force.

    You need to use 3 tech's from next characters during a battle to attack with Delta Force : Serge (Luminaire - learned at 15 Stars level), Razzly (Raz Flower), Leena (Maiden Faith)

    Razzly and her final tech requirement:

    When the party first reaches Guldove, Korcha will ask Serge about helping Kid. Choose the affirmative answer, and during the story afterwards you will reach Home World Hydra Marshes. Get the Beeba Flute, blow it in a large circular-shaped dead end, kill a Wingapede, which will crack the floor. Step on the floor to fall into a pit where a Pentapus has Razzly as a hostage. Rescue her, and defeat Madam Pentapus. You must do this before taking on the Hydra, or you will lose her during the playthrough. SAVE before the Hydra fight!!!
    Do not put her in your party for the Hydra fight, which you need to do. Later on, after events aboard the S.S. Invincible (before going to Mount Pyre), return to Water Dragon Isle. It will be overrun by dwarvenkind. Razzly NEEDS to be in the current party for these events. If you spend enough time when reaching the bottom (just defeat everyone on your way), the fairy Rosetta ends up perishing. 
    After finishing up the Chronopolis events, return to Home World Water Dragon Isle. The place will be revitalized via Rosetta's wish, and if Razzly's with you and your party, she'll obtain the Floral Rod and her final tech Raz Flower.

    Leena and her final tech requirement:

    After events at Another World Cape Howl, you need to decline Kid's offer to team  up. The next morning, Leena will join. Poshul will join here as well (if she wasn't invited before).
    To get the tech, you need to answer 2/3 times at least on some upcoming qustions. When meeting with her at Opassa Beach after Lizard Rock events, agree that "You'll remember the day" and, later on, that "We'll never forget this day!". After reaching Another World Arni, say to Leena "I'm Serge!!!". Continue the game until the team recruited by Serge is usable once again, and return to the hut in Home World Arni where Poshul lives. Talk with the old woman and receive the technique.

    Z One and Only     Use the triple tech Z-Slash.

    Coming Soon…

    The Veteran     Triumph in 500 battles.

    Win at 500 battles to unlock the trophy.

    The Recruiter     Use the Chrono Cross item to recruit all party members.

    This is alongside of all endings the most complicated one to unlock. Details:

    Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition - Obtaining all characters in a single playthrough

    The Ultimate Weapon     Create a rainbow weapon.

    Coming Soon…

    The Ultimate Armor     Create a piece of rainbow armor.

    Coming Soon…

    The Second Coming     Defeat Dario and reforge Serge's Sea Swallow into the Mastermune.

    Coming Soon…

    Hall of Framer     Collect all 15 types of window frame.

    Coming Soon…

    Feeding Frenzy     Successfully feed the dragons 100 times in the dragon-feeding mini-game.

    Coming Soon…

    Grand Champion     Complete the Grand Slam.

    Coming Soon…

    Immoral Compass     Get 10,000 points in the compass roulette mini-game.

    Coming Soon…

    Gold Stars for Everyone     Obtain 99 level-growth stars.

    Coming Soon…

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