Persona 3 Reload - Month 04 Walkthrough

Welcome to the first month of Persona 3! The game goes through days on which you can do different activites to raise certain bonds and skills, or you can visit the dungeon (Tartarus) where you can progress. The idea of the guide is to point you what to do on every given date to get most out of it. By following this guide you should unlock all trophies and needed stuff to complete 100% of the game.

During the first month you will unlock a couple of new bonds, raise Courage skill to level 2, and reach level 22 in Tartarus. 


  • Not much you can do during this date. It serves as a tutorial day where you choose your name, how to save etc...


  • It's your first day in school! Explore the school a bit if you want, and at the end you will have to return to your dorm where you can end the day.


  • Afternoon
    • Question Answer: "Vivid carp streamers." During the class you will be asked to help your class colleague. Answering with correct answer during certain situations will rise your social stats. Make sure to answer correctly.


  • Morning
    • Answer with "Stay Awake in class for Academic Points +.
  • Dark Hour
    • Win in mandatory Story Battle.


  • Not much you can do on this day. Enjoy it however you'd like.


  • Afternoon
    • Question Answer: "Middens". Charm +


  • Dark Hour
    • Tartarus Tutorial. Make sure you open all chests and if prompted by Shuffle Chance after a battle, go with either Persona or Money. You will need some money soon.


  • Afternoon
    • Answer with "Stay Awake" for Academics +.
  • After School
    Do not buy weapons during the Police Station story parts. You need the 3000 yen for the Arcade. After the Police Station you will be able to spend your after school hours as you'd like to. Head to Iwatodai Strip Mall (go to map) and Buy a Weird Takoyaki for 400 Yen from Octopia for. If you lack the funds, you can buy it on another day, but you should have enough.
    Go to Paulownia Mall, Game Parade Arcade place and choose to play "House of the Deceased" for 3000 yen. Courage +
  • Evening
    Head to Tartarus. This means you will enter the Dark Hour and explore the dungeon for the first time. I advise you to buy some healing items for SP, you will need that in order to reach the first barrier in the dungeon and to grind/farm a bit.
  • Dark Hour
    Make sure to reach Floor 22 of the dungeon, and try to level up your team up to level 11 at least (you will need to be at this level for some fusions). Make sure to obtain an Odd Morsel item, it comes in treasure chests in the dungeon. Also, make sure to Obtain 40,000 Yen worth of materials. (You can save before leaving Tartarus and sell your  materials on the next day. If they sell for the required amount, you can continue, if not, load your save and collect more).
    On floor 22 you can find Old Document 01 key item. It's almost impossible to miss it.
    Obtain the Personas Ara Mitama, Omoikane, Pixie and Forneus. (Ara Mitama, Forneus and Pixie have a card, but you can also fuse them if you can’t find their card. I advise you to fuse whatever you get in the Velvel Door on the 1st floor to get new personas. Using the "Search" option you can easily fuse personas to get the ones you don't have. Also, make sure to register  them when you arrive, so you can summon leveled up personas and fuse them to carry better  skills when fusing).
    Money tip -  Repeat floor 1-5 while killing all enemies and collecting all items through the dungeon. After fights if the Shuffle Time ocurrs, choose Money card to get money. It will take 1-2h to farm enough materials and money to have 40k on the next day.
    Floor tips - always attack with Weak element, have multiple personas on yourself to have more choices. Pixie will get Zing (lightning) magic when you level her up a bit, or you can fuse Omoikane for that. It shouldn't be a big problem to reach floor 22, but note your SP and heal when you need to. Every 5 floors there are teleports which you can use to get back to floor 1 and back where you left of. 

4/22 Wednesday

  • After School
    • Automatic Event (Magician Rank 1 - when fusing personas of this category, you will gain more EXP points)
  • Evening
    • Sell all of your materials and items if you need to sell some. If you have less than 40,000 Yen, reload your Tartarus save and just re-do floors 1-5 until you get enough. Sell the items at the Police Station
    • Go to Paulownia Mall Karaoke and Sing solo karaoke on the 2nd floor in Mandragora for 800 Yen. Courage +

4/23 Thursday

  • After School
    • Join the Track Team. To get there, go downstairs from your classroom, exit the doors to the right and just go straight up to the Practice Field. (Chariot Rank 1)
    • Event with Yuko. (Answer with option 1, and again option 1)
  • Evening
    • Go to Iwatodai Dorm 2F Vending Machine, and buy Mad Bull for 110 Yen
    • Go to Paulownia Mall, Game Parade Arcade place and choose to play "High School of Youth" for 1500 yen. Charm ++

4/24 Friday

  • After School
    • Hang out with Kazushi. He is in your classroom in the corner. If you have Ara Mitama you will get more points during the bonding event (Choose option 2, Any, Any) (Chariot Rank 2)
    • Event with Yuko. (Go with option 1, 1, Any) (Strength Rank 1)
  • Evening
    • Go to Paulownia Mall, Game Parade Arcade place and choose to play "House of the Deceased" for 3000 yen. Courage ++

4/25 Saturday

  • After School
    • Go to Iwatodai Strip Mall and enter Bookworms.
    • Go to Gekkoukan High School, Corridor and obtain a Persimmon Leaf from the Young Tree (interract with the tree in the courtyard).
    • Again, go to Iwatodai Strip Mall and enter Bookworms with the Leaf from the previous step. (Hierophant Rank 1)
  • Evening
    • Go to Paulownia Mall, check the floor near the fountain for the Twillight Fragment x3. Enter Game Parade Arcade place and choose to play "You’re the Answer" for 3000 Yen. Academics ++

4/26 Sunday

  • Daytime
    • Hang out with The Elderly Couple at Iwatodai Station Strip Mall, Bookworms. With Omoikane persona in your deck, you will get more points during the bonding event. (Go with option 1, 1, Any, Any, Any) (Hierophant Rank 2)
  • Evening
    • Go to Iwatodai Strip Mall and eat Mystery Burger at Wilduck Burger for 1000 Yen. Courage ++

4/27 Monday

  • Afternoon
    • Question Answer: A. Charm +
  • After School
    • At Gekkoukan High School, go to Faculty Office on the west side of 1F. You can also check the shinning spot at the west end of the 2F for Twilight Fragment. In the Faculty Office you will join The Student Council by choosing the 1st option.
    • Enter the Student Council Room on the 2F across your classroom. (Emperor Rank 1)
  • Evening
    • Go to Iwatodai Strip Mall 2F and eat "Prodigy Platter" at Wakatsu Kitchen for 680 Yen. Academics ++

4/28 Tuesday

  • After School
    • At Gekkoukan High School 2F, next the the Student Council Room you can find Chihiro. Talk to her and select: "I just wanted to talk…"
    • Back to your classroom on the 2, talk to Kazushi and hang out. As before, make sure you have Ara Mitama persona in your deck for more points. (Answer with option 2, 1) (Chariot Rank 3)
  • Evening
    • Go to Iwatodai Strip Mall and eat Mystery Burger at Wilduck Burger for 1000 Yen. You should hit Courage Rank 2 at this point. Courage ++

4/29 Wednesday

  • Daytime
    • Interract with your Desk and choose the "Play the MMORPG" option. (Hermit Rank 1)
  • Evening
    • On the base floor of Iwatodai Dorm, interract with Shared Computer. Select "Digital Cram School". Academics ++

4/30 Thursday

  • Afternoon
    • Stay Awake in class. Academics +
  • After School
    • Gekkoukan High School 2F - Talk to Chihiro near the Student Council Room, and select: "I’m a guy."
    • At Iwatodai Strip Mall, hang out with The Elderly Couple. Make sure you have Omoikane persona on your deck for more points. (Go with option 1, 2, Any, Any, Any, Any) (Hierophant Rank 3)
  • Evening
    • Got Iwatodai Strip Mall 3F and buy all of the available software at the Net Cafe. You will need 10,450 Yen to buy everything.
    • Go to Student Dormitory 1F Lauinge, sit at Shared Computer, and select "Animal Othello". Courage ++
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