The Callisto Protocol - All Collectibles on Maximum Security difficulty

This topic will guide you through the game while collecting all data logs needed for the logs trophy (only collectible trophy). It's done on Maximum Security difficulty, which is not that hard, but it will require some time to master it. 

Easy difficulty exploit (still works on 1.05 patch)

You can start the game on this difficulty and change to Easy mode after you get control - after you beat the last boss you can change diffiulty back to hard, save, load that save, finish the game as it gets saved after the last boss. My videos will not do that, the whole run is the hard mode, so I want to show how to do that. If they patch this exploit, be careful, on 1.05 version it still works.

This guide will leave timestamps and note everything important, and it contains the full gameplay including the scenes so you can enjoy the game while someone else struggles on hard difficulty :)

Hints for Maxiumum Security playthrough

 - Always carry 1-2 health recovers. Ammo (can be crafted), batteries (CANNOT be crafted) and sellable items. Do not spend your credits on needles upgrades
 - Upgrade melee first, then gun, shotgun and assault riffle. Upgrade left melee branch first, then 2 points in the right melee tree and 1 in the middle. There is a trophy for fully upgrading a weapon; you can save, upgrade, and load to save credits. Do not unlock last gun upgrades, they are not needed. Leave 3-4k for the end for bullets.
 - Avoid crafting "Skunk Gun" and "Tactical Pistol". If you pick up the blueprint, toss it from inventory before interacting with the station. Not unlocking a weapon means you will get bullets only for the ones you have
 - Always try to kill enemies with melee; It's easy when fighting single enemies - just hold left or right on your analogue on first hit, then the other direction and stop when enemy stops. Then attack couple of times. This saves bullets.
 - Be careful about log collectibles; If you die and it didn't auto-save, you must collect it again. Some pickups can be missed due to bugs, so always make sure to check if you have what you picked up
 - Repeating checkpoints can be used to grind "kill" trophies. It stacks up, so you can find a good spot and farm miscelanous trophies
 - There is no NG+. You need to collect all logs, which are collectibles; in just 1 run. This makes everything missable. Keep backup saves on chapters.

Chapter #1 (Cargo)

0:00 - Maximum Security tips and hits and overall guidelines
1:05 - Chapter 01 start
3:50 - Data-Bios #01 Jacob Lee (Jacob’s Job)
4:55 - Mugshot trophy

Chapter #2 (Outbreak)

0:00 - Chapter 02 Cinematics
5:20 - Chapter 02 gameplay start
8:35 - Flesh Wound Trophy (Tear both limbs from a living enemy - impossible that you will miss this during your playthrough)
10:10 - Float Like A Butterfly trophy 5 perfect dodges (DO NOT hold left analogue; tilt it when an enemy is about to hit. If it slows time, you made one perfect dodge. Repeat chapter until you get it out of the way)
18:30 - Data-Bios #02 (The whole stealth section)
21:00 - Data-Bios #02 (The location) Dr. Caitlyn Mahler (Mahler’s Appointment)
28:25 - Data-Bios #03 Elias Porter (Elias’s Anticipation)
30:35 - Data-Bios #04 Cpt. Leon Ferris (Ferris’s Lament)

Chapter #3 (Aftermath)

0:00 - Chapter 03 gameplay start
2:10 - Gun Weapon (Automatic reward)
2:40 - Paper Jams, Reforged trophies (Upgrade something)
8:20 - Data-Bios #05 Starting Point
11:15 - Data-Bios #05 Location (Harvest #1) Sgt. Eric Jane (Locked Door)
12:50 - Data-Bios #06 (Harvest #2) Ofc. Pruitt Matos (Laundry)
15:40 - Secret Room #01 Starting point
18:50 - Secret Room #01, Data-Bios #7 Duncan Cole (Secret Room 1). You need to collect 2 logs inside 2 secret rooms for The Commonality trophy
20:50 - Data-Bios #08 Starting Point
22:10 - Data-Bios #08 Location (Harvest #3) Dr. Ewan Hayes (MedLab Outbreak)
23:05 - GRP Glove Weapon (Automatic reward). Do not upgrade this weapon, it's pointless. Battery pickups recharge the GRP glove, keep 1 in inventory just in case. You can't craft Batteries
26:40 - Crafting Stations. Gather what you've left behind, sell here. The more credits, the better. Until you expand your invetory a bit later, it’s the only way
27:50 - Data-Bios #09 (Harvest #4) Ofc. Dachs Symmons (Hanged Guard)
29:50 - Data-Bios #10 (Harvest #5) Ofc. Kerry Brown
32:45 - Trophies Checkpoint (This is a good place to get Get a Grip, Chew ‘Em Up, In Striking Distance & Workplace Hazard. Restart until you unlock them)
32:58 - Get a Grip trophy (grip 25 enemies with your GRP glove)
33:10 - Workplace Hazard trophy (Use GRP to kill an enemy by throwing them into an environmental hazard)
33:30 - Chew ‘Em Up trophy (Kill ten enemies with environmental hazards)
35:10 - In Striking Distance trophy (weaken enemy, toss it into a wall, and finish with your next melee attack. You might want to find a better location where there are less enemies)
41:05 - Data-Bios #11 (Harvest #6) Tadhg Song
53:15 - Data-Bios #12 Dani Nakamura
59:15 - Terminated trophy (kill the sentry bot by shooting his head)

Chapter #4 (Habitat)

0:00 - Chapter 04 gameplay start
6:05 - Data-Bios #13 Dr. Caitlyn Mahler (Corruptors)
7:45 - Data-Bios #14 (Harvest #7) Ofc. Bruno Vorenus (Crosswired)
22:45 - Data-Bios #15 Starting Point
25:00 - Data-Bios #15 Location, Dr. Jae Moon-Bell (Cocoons)
29:10 - Data-Bios #16 Starting Point
31:50 - Data-Bios #16 Locationn, (Harvest #8) Ofc. James Reese (Suicide Guard) - Story Related
40:20 - Waterfall section
43:20 - After waterfall section
45:30 - Alternate optional path with resources
50:43 - Towards Tran Section, after elevator section
54:00 - Glitched collectible - Make a save here; next collectible can glitch out if you die after collecting it, so you have to repeat from here and reach the next checkpoint to save it
57:30 - Data-Bios #17 (Harvest #9) Sgt. Bill Pekelo. - Story related. If you die before the next checkpoint, it will not count
58:20 - DO NOT PICK UP THE BLUEPRINT. Avoid crafting "Skunk Gun" and "Tactical Pistol". Data-Bios #18 Ofc. James Reese (Security)
1:02:11 - Data-Bios #19 Ofc. Kyle Serra (Evacuation)
1:05:15 - Last fight on the level (grind machine fight)

Chapter #5 (Lost)

0:00 - Chapter 05 gameplay start
6:15 - Data-Bios #20 Miranda Kristofich (Terraforming)
14:00 - Courtyard big fight
16:50 - Data-Bios #21 (Harvest #10) Richard Cids - Automatic story related
18:05 - Underground Tunnels
18:55 - Data-Bios #22 Dr. Caitlyn Mahler (Combustors)
27:30 - Outside of the tunnels
30:00 - Weapon: TK4 Riot Shotgun (Automatic story-related). It's ok to start upgrading this weapon, just don't unlock the last, expensive upgrade because it gives no benefits
31:15 - Data-Bios #23 (Harvest #11) Lt. Devon Wayne (Close the Gate)
38:45 - Data-Bios #24 (Harvest #12) Ofc. Aaron Taycho
40:25 - Save glitch (no worries, the game just teleports you :)
44:30 - After riding part
44:50 - Data-Bios #25 Max Barrow (Max’s Concern)
48:00 - Data-Bios #26 (Harvest #13) Sgt. Scott Dvitny (Eradication)
51:15 - Data-Bios #27 Dr. Caitlyn Mahler (Shipments)

Chapter #6 (Below)

0:00 - Chapter 06 intro cinematic
1:45 - Chapter 06 gameplay start
10:20 - Data-Bios #28 Dr. Sheehan Yune (Field Log 1)
11:00 - Giving Back trophy. You need 5 stealh kills on blind enemies. You can combine through this and next chapter, or simply repeat the checkpoint here
15:20 - DO NOT PICK UP Tactical Pistol blueprint. It's not needed, and it's better not to craft it to get more ammo for the weapons you need
18:30 - You Need a Gun trophy. SAVE and upgrade some weapon to its max. After you unlock the trophy, load the game to save credits
21:45 - Data-Bios #29 Dr. Sheehan Yune (Field Log 2)
28:20 - DO NOT PICK UP Tactical Pistol blueprint. It's not needed, and it's better not to craft it to get more ammo for the weapons you need
32:00 - Keycard location
33:10 - Data-Bios #30 (Harvest #14) Dr. Sheehan Yune (Field Log 3)
45:10 - Data-Bios #31 Yannick Sage (Secret Room 2) - The Commonality trophy. If you found Secret room on Chapter 3, you will unlock the trophy
50:45 - Elevator Lever 1
53:00 - Elevator Lever 2
54:00 - Elevator Lever 3
57:00 - Power Up trophy
1:01:29 - Elevator fight prepartion (SAVE!!!). There are many enemies in the next section, and a two-head boss fight. Sometimes when restarting the boss it glitches out on ammo pickups, so make sure to have enough ammo. There are pickups at the elevator, make sure to pick all of that before you face two-head
1:04:35 - Pick up everything before it auto-saves. The last wave is the 4th one
1:05:30 - Two-head boss fight (Two heads are better than one trophy)
1:08:15 - Data-Bios #32 (Harvest #15) Arden Jeddha (Arcas Evacuation)

Chapter #7 (Colony)

0:00 - Chapter 07 start
0:15 - Data-Bios #33 (Harvest #16) Alex Wang (Miner Log 1)
2:00 - Data-Bios #34 Derryn Barr (Miner Log 2)
5:20 - Assault Riffle path to blueprint
7:20 - Assault Riffle blueprint location
8:00 - Data-Bios #35 Path to collectible
9:40 - Data-Bios #35 Location, (Harvest #17) Derryn Barr (Miner Log 3)
11:15 - Keycard location
14:20 - Elevator unlock
16:20 - Data-Bios #36 (Harvest #18) Yannick Sage (The Mole)
19:10 - Data-Bios #37 (Harvest #19) Buidhe Reddwork (HighTown)
20:15 - Fuse Location
25:15 - Data-Bios #38 (Harvest #20) Ji-Kwan Park (Miner Log 4)
26:00 - Craft assault riffle & Rifle ammo. Also you can upgrade it, but no need for the last upgrade. Fill your inventory with riffle ammo
31:15 - Two-head fight
36:15 - Reunite with Dani
40:00 - Follow Dani
44:40 - Captain Ferris boss fight. You can melee him after you dodge his attacks and save some bullets, unlike me
50:05 - Data-Bios #39 Duncan Cole (Disagreement)

Chapter #8 (Tower)

0:00 - Chapter 08 intro cinematic
0:55 - Chapter 08 start
4:00 - Two-head and fuse
6:40 - Data-Bios #40 Dr. Tala Ismene (Observation)
19:20 - Fuse location, Data-Bios #41 Dr. Tala Ismene (Taken)
23:20 - Two-head
27:20 - Data-Bios #42 Edward Bates (Experimentation). Grim Reaper trophy (If you have all logs except the one after this, the trophy will unlock)
28:20 - Cutscene
31:40 - After cutscene
33:50 - Data-Bios #43 Duncan Cole (Cole’s Triumph)
38:15 - Last boss preparation (Craft riffle ammos until you fill your inventory and spend credits on upgrades if you want)
42:50 - Captain Ferris First form boss fight (If you want to use the exploit, you can finish last boss fights on Easy, switch back after and load that save after)
44:35 - Captain Ferris Last form boss fight
48:50 - Exploit for The Protocol is About Life trophy (if you want, you can switch to maxium security difficulty here and finish the game to unlock the trophy if you want)

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