Dead Space Remake - All Marker Fragments

New Game Plus contains 12 Marker Fragments, which must be collected in order to witness the new alternative ending. There will be one in every chapter, although Chapters 5 and 10 have 2 each, and Chapters 9 and 12 won’t have a fragment. Everything will carry over to New Game Plus, so if you missed anything, you can collect it during this playthrough.

0:00 - Chapter #1, Marker Fragment 1
0:31 - Suit Level 6 Upgrade
1:14 - Wishbone trophy
1:57 - Chapter #2, Marker Fragment 2
2:30 - Chapter #3, Marker Fragment 3
2:55 - Log 67 (Water Purification) (Semi-Story-Missable)
4:40 - Chapter #4, Marker Fragment 4
5:10 - Chapter #5, Marker Fragment 5
5:38 - Chapter #5, Marker Fragment 6
5:55 - Log 87 (Inject the Wheezers) (Missable - cancells Log 86)
7:23 - Chapter #6, Marker Fragment 7
8:22 - Chapter #7, Marker Fragment 8
9:23 - Chapter #8, Marker Fragment 9
9:41 - Chapter #10, Marker Fragment 10
10:50 - Chapter #10, Marker Fragment 11
11:23 - Chapter #11, Marker Fragment 12
12:05 - Placing Markers to unlock Alternate Ending
15:57 - Reunion trophy (Alternate Ending)

Detailed Marker Guide

Marker Fragment 1
Chapter 1
Check the shelf inside Maintenance Bay Office, next to the Data Board you need to progress the story. Melee the shelf in order to be able to grab the fragment.

Marker Fragment 2
Chapter 2
After clearing the quarantine in Main Lab, enter Dr. T. Kyne’s office. Use kinesis to move the shelf to the side. You will reveal a secret room. Enter it to find the fragment inside.

Marker Fragment 3
Chapter 3
In the Engine Room, head in the eastern part of the room, behind Power Sub-Station 03. It's where you place a battery in this slot for story purposes.

Marker Fragment 4
Chapter 4
On Floor 3 of the Bridge, enter the Break Room (south room).  The fragment is on the floor.

Marker Fragment 5
Chapter 5
Inside Dr. C. Mercer’s office, check on the desk.

Marker Fragment 6
Chapter 5
Inside Cryogenics where you freeze the Hunter, sits on the top of the cryogenic chamber. Use kinesis to grab it from above.

Marker Fragment 7
Chapter 6
On the top of East Grow Chamber, where Wheezer 06 is located. The fragment is stuck in some mucus in the corner, use kinesis to grab it.

Marker Fragment 8
Chapter 7
After upgrading your card to Security Clearance Level 3, enter Mineral Samples while still in the Mineral Processing area, and find the fragment on a shelf.

Marker Fragment 9
Chapter 8
When doing the puzzle to power on the Comms Array in the big room, the fragment will be floating inside a hole to the left of the Communication Control panel. When you place yourself that the middle puzzle is in front of you, then just look on the left and hover there.

Marker Fragment 10
Chapter 10
In the hallway with the second tentacle, enable the doors at the circuit breaker. Then head inside the bottom room and the marker will be on a desk. It's the room where the Flamethrower upgrade is/was.

Marker Fragment 11
Chapter 10
In Inquiry Desks where the tentacle is located, the fragment is sitting on a desk opposite to the doors.

Marker Fragment 12
Chapter 11
In Cargo Bay where you must move the Marker, the fragment can be found sitting on a shelf in the south-eastern corner of that room.

Unlocking Alternate Ending, Reunion Trophy
Before continuing the story in Chapter 11, head to Crew Deck and go to the Executive Quarters. Enter Captain B. Mathius’ office (on map it's labeled as "Lt Commander V. Holt") and you'll find a table with twelve pedestals. Place the 12 marker fragments on these pedestals, then  complete the game to unlock the alternative ending and Reunion trophy.

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