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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 5.5/10
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 60-80h
  • Offline Trophies: 54 (44 , 7 , 2 , 1 )
  • Online Trophies: 0 (0 , 0 , 0 )
  • Number of missable trophies: A lot, but you will need to replay all chapter on Hard anyway, so you can collect what you miss then.
  • Glitched trophies: N/A
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes, you need to play on Hard difficulty
  • Minimum Playthroughs: 2
  • Welcome to the Final Fantasy VII Remake trophy guide! It's been 23 long years and the remake never looked better. The road to platinum is not a long one, but it will take a minimum of 2 playthroughs - one on any difficulty and one on Hard.

    Step 1 - Beat the game on any difficulty while collecting as much as you can (aim on Normal to prepare for Hard)

    By doing this step, you will beat the game and unlock chapter select. This means you can now play any of the chapters on Hard difficulty and clean up whatever you missed - it will be saved as your overall progress when you beat the chapter. It is connected with that save.

    While doing this, aim to unlock all chapter selected trophies, all side quests, all discs and all weapons. 

    Steps to have in mind while playing - Upgrade all 11 different green materias to max level

    While playing, you will unlock Chadley's challenges in Chapter 3. One of them later is to level up all green materia to MAX level. As you need to do all challenges from him for a trophy, every new green materia you get, equip so you can collect AP until you max it out. You still need to go through Hard difficulty while you play, but make sure to raise materia levels as much as you can.

    FF7 Remake - Materia Guide

    Step 2 - Finish unlocked challenged in Chapter 17

    Progress until you reach the room where Hojo was. Chadley will be there and he will unlock one door and the rest of the challenges. This is where you will find the rest of the monsters you miss for your enemy list and one with learnable skill (Malboro for the 4th skill).

    If this is too tough, as you need to beat most challenges on hard, do the Step 3 first, I would even recommend it.

    Step 3 - Replay all chapters on Hard difficulty

    From System in your menu, you can select and replay desired chapters. Start from the first one and make sure to beat all optional quests as well (the unique monsters in those quests will drop manuscripts which will give you 10SP per certain character). You will soon reach level 50 as EXP is doubled, but your weapons can still progress this way and this will be crucial to your survival. Hard is hard.

    On your second playthrough, aim to prepare for Dressed to the Nines trophy - that one will require replaying of Chapter 3, 8 and 9 while making different choices there (check trophy for more description)

    Step 4 - Mop up whatever you miss with chapter select (you can play on easy if you like)

    Just make sure to complete the chapter if you want progress of certain chapter to be saved.

    Step DLC - (Intergrade, Yuffie Episode)

    All details can be found in the next guide:
    Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade Yuffie DLC Trophy Guide & Roadmap

    Step FF Reunion

    Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion Trophy Guide & Roadmap

    Master of Fate     Earn all FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE trophies.

    Unlock all other trophies, as usual!

    Onetime Gig  
    Complete Chapter 1.

    Complete Chapter 1 to unlock it. Not missable.

    Escape Artist  
    Complete Chapter 2.

    Complete Chapter 2 to unlock it. Not missable.

    Mercenary Endeavors  
    Complete Chapter 3.

    Complete Chapter 3 to unlock it. Not missable.

    Night on the Town  
    Complete Chapter 4.

    Complete Chapter 4 to unlock it. Not missable.

    Plan E  
    Complete Chapter 5.

    Complete Chapter 5 to unlock it. Not missable.

    Lights Out  
    Complete Chapter 6.

    Complete Chapter 6 to unlock it. Not missable.

    Trapped like Sewer Rats  
    Complete Chapter 7.

    Complete Chapter 7 to unlock it. Not missable.

    Complete Chapter 8.

    Complete Chapter 8 to unlock it. Not missable.

    Never the Bride  
    Complete Chapter 9.

    Complete Chapter 9 to unlock it. Not missable.

    Sewer Survivor  
    Complete Chapter 10.

    Complete Chapter 10 to unlock it. Not missable.

    Paranormal Investigator  
    Complete Chapter 11.

    Complete Chapter 11 to unlock it. Not missable.

    The Collapse  
    Complete Chapter 12.

    Complete Chapter 12 to unlock it. Not missable.

    Broken Dreams  
    Complete Chapter 13.

    Complete Chapter 13 to unlock it. Not missable.

    Picking Up the Pieces  
    Complete Chapter 14.

    Complete Chapter 14 to unlock it. Not missable.

    The Pizza in the Sky  
    Complete Chapter 15.

    Complete Chapter 15 to unlock it. Not missable.

    No Appointment Needed  
    Complete Chapter 16.

    Complete Chapter 16 to unlock it. Not missable.

    Emerging from Chaos  
    Complete Chapter 17.

    Complete Chapter 17 to unlock it. Not missable.

    Destiny's Crossroads  
    Complete Chapter 18.

    Complete Chapter 18 to unlock it. Not missable.

    Warming Up  
    Win a battle.

    You can't miss it. There will be A LOT of battles in this game, so winning your first one is your first step towards beating it.

    Weakened Resolve     Exploit an enemy's weakness.

    Certain enemy has a certain weakness towards elements and type of attacks. You can try using your magic on enemies and it will say "Weak" above the damage indicator when you hit them. Additionally, you can use Assess materia which you will get on Chapter 3 to scan enemies and learn about their weaknesses.

    Bonds of Friendship     Free a bound ally.

    You will be bounded sooner or later. Certain enemies will jump on you and you will be unable to move or act. In that moment, change with D-pad buttons to other character and kick enemies to release you from being bounded. Should be easy and it should happen very early in the game.

    Staggering Start     Stagger an enemy.

    Stagger will be your main method of defeating stronger enemies. Some are weak to certain element, so attacking with that can trigger stagger. It will happen when the orange bar bellow enemy's health is filled. You can also scan enemies with the Assess materia and see what is the best method to stagger them.

    Music Collector     Collect 3 music discs.

    Music Discs can be bough from town vendors, vending machines or by talking to certain NPCs through chapters. A lot of them are missable, but since you can replay chapters after beating the game, it should not be a problem to collect what you miss.

    Final Fantasy VII Remake - Complete Disk Collection Guide

    Gotta Start Somewhere  
    Complete a quest.

    Quests will be unlocked in Chapter 3 during the story. You will have to finish at least one, which makes this trophy un-missable. Check out my guide with details for all quests.

    Final Fantasy VII Remake - Complete Quests Guide

    My First Ability     Max out a weapon's proficiency.

    Each weapon you equip hold a unique ability that you can use if you fill its proficency. Proficiency is nothing more than bar which will be filled up by using what that weapon requires for it. On the screen where you equip the weapon, you can see on the right side what is the requirement - sometimes it is using that weapons skill on staggered enemy, sometimes it is defeating the enemy...It should be easy enough. Check out full weapons guide for more details.

    Final Fantasy VII Remake - Weapons Guide

    Materia for Beginners  
    Level up an orb of materia.

    No way you can miss this. Equip some materia on your weapon and when you finish battles, you gain AP. This will raise materia level eventually.

    My First Summon     Invoke a summon.

    When you get your first summon (Ifrit - automatically) and spend long time in battle (during boss fights mostly), Summon bar will appear. When it fills, you need one ATB bar with character that has summon materia equiped on weapon; just use summon option and that is it.

    Biker Boy     Get praised by Jessie at the end of the motorcycle mini-game

    This mini-game start at the beginning of Chapter 4. The best and easiest way is to play on Easy when you beat the game and unlock chapter selection feature. Repeat that chapter and try on Easy for the easy win. The thing is, you need to be fast and take care of your HP to impress Jessie. It should be easy on Easy hehe.

    Heavenly Dart Player     Rise to the top of the Seventh Heaven darts leaderboard.

    After doing side quests in CH03 and you return to the Seventh Heaven, Cloud will be left to spend some time alone in the bar. You will not have to play the darts. You need to raise at the top of the board, which is under 8 tries to reach the goal. 

    Cleanup Crew     Obtain the Chocobo & Moogle materia.

    In Chapter 6 you will go through first bigger puzzle dungeon. In short, you will cross some platforms with ventilators and afterwards you will have to turn off some generators to power up moving platforms. After shuting down at least 2 of those, you can return to the main platform and ride the moving elevator to reach somewhat hidden room. Here, operate the computer and you will activate a timer. You can fail and retry like I did. When you succeed, continue and pick up Chocobo & Moogle materia, which also unlocks the Cleanup Crew trophy.

    In Lockstep     Bypass the delta-level security lock in Mako Reactor 5.

    During Chapter 7, you will cross different floors and kill some enemies on each floor where the computers are. After beating them, you can pick up Sector 5 Keycard/s and use them on nearby computers to get rid of some units for upcoming boss. Do this on at least one computer and at the top (Front Gate floor) you will be able to use the optional switches (Discovery - Waste Recovery on the map).

    Pass this mini game where you have to switch at the correct time for few times and you will enter the secret room where all disposed contents are. Loot what you can to unlock the trophy.

    I've disposed all 3 types of units before entering this secret storage:
    AI Programming Core
    Big Bomber Shells
    M Units

    Crate Annihilator     Complete all Normal difficulty Whack-a-Box challenges.

    During Chapter 8, you will unlock some side quests. You will unlock them  as soon as you finish the main story with Aeris when you need to bring back the lost children.

    Complete "Kids on Patrol" quest to unlock "A Verified Hero" quest. Now you can play Whack-a-box by speaking to Sarah in the Children's Secret Hideout. Pass the 10,000 points to finish the quest. Aim for 30k for a trophy.

    Say It with Flowers     Decorate the Leaf House with a floral arrangement.

    During the story you will have to pick up some flowers after you return with Aeris to her home. Be sure to pick all 3 types. You will find all 3 of those right next to one another. When you unlock side quests after doing the main mission to return 2 missing kids, you will need to return to Aeris's house; on your way the Housemother will interrupt you and give thanks for floral flower arrangement.

    Summon Slayer     Defeat a summon in battle.

    By doing Chadley's Battle Intels, you will unlock VR Missions. They are basically summon fights. Participate and beat a summon to unlock the trophy (Shiva is the first one).

    Final Fantasy VII Remake - Battle Intel Guide

    FF7 Remake - Materia Guide

    Sultan of Squat     Complete all squat challenges.

    In Chapter 9, when you beat the colosseum and leave Aerith, you will go back and speak with Sam. Side quests will now open. Simply go the the gymn and first beat the opponent that has a quest marker (Burning Tighs Quest). You will have to defeat 3 opponents for the trophy; first being the quest itself, second is Jay (blonde guy) and Pro level guy is Jules. Good luck!

    Dancing Queen     Received a gift from Andrea for being a dance superstar

    Following events in Chapter 9 will get you on the dancing stage where you need to impress Andrea. You can practice just before him. I had 20 greats, 6 good and 2 bad's and the trophy popped. Make sure to save before entering the Honeybee Inn after Aerith change in her dress, so you can load if you fail.

    Returning Champion     Emerge victorious from a colosseum sparring session.

    In Chapter 9, after beating the colosseum boss and when you go back up, you will be informed about optional colosseum battles. Return down there and beat any challenge. This will unlock the trophy.

    Snappy Dresser  
    Obtain three bridal candidate outfits

    You can't miss this one; instead check description bellow for getting all 9 dresses.

    Dressed to the Nines  
    Obtain all nine bridal candidate outfits.

    Tifa - By doing all side quest in Chapter 3, you will unlock Discovery - Alone at Last. Go back to your hostel room and help Tifa fix the drains. You will now have 3 choices to make - each will result with different dress in Chapter 9. This means you have to complete Chapter 3 for 3 times and every time make a different choice, complete the chapter, save, then load CH9 and finish that one. NOTE - if you do not do any side quests here and you don't do the discovery, Tifa will be in her Mature dress option by default - that can save you some time.

    For Aerith, CH8 determines which dress will she have - finish 0 side quests in this chapter will result with one dress, finish 3-5 for second and all for the best (red) dress. You also need to finish the chapter to change the outcome in CH9.

    For Cloud, you can get one dress (blue with tiara) if you do all side quests (Burning Thighs, The Party Never Stops and A Dynamite Body). Do discovery with Johnny in the Wall Market and in parlol go with 3000 Gil option.

    Second dress with cloud is by doing the branching quests in CH9:
    When speaking with Sam, after you get to entrance of Wall Market, select "She's great at handling books". Don't interract with guy in front or inside of hotel. Do no chase Johnny when you see his discovery event (do not talk with him). When Sam toss the coin, select "Heads". In massage parlor, pick option for 3000 Gil. Answer Aerith with "Looks comfortable". Now do the Colossum main mission and when you unlock side quests, you will get this instead of the others above.
    Complete The Price of Thievery and Shear's Counterattack, which will grant you Cloud's second dress.
    Last dress - do not do any side quests in Chapter 9, choose the cheapest option in parlor (but it should not matter anyway). This will grant you his black/gray dress.

    Final Fantasy VII Remake - Quests Guide

    FF7 Remake - Alternate Quest choices in Chapter 9 (The Price of Thievery & Shear's Counterattack)

    How I see it (optimal guide):
    First run - CH3 finish all quests and choose one option for Tifa during discovery event (not the mature one!). Solve all quests in CH8 to get the best dress with Aerith. Do one set of side quests with Cloud in CH9 to get one of his dresses. Finish the dancing contest with Andrea and save. You can now repeat chapters, progress is saved.
    Second run on Hard (replay chapters) -  CH3 finish all quests and choose different option for Tifa during discovery event (different from one you did before, but still not the mature one!). Finish this chapter. Replay chapter 8 and do 3 side quests. Finish this chapter. In chapter 9, aim for the different set of side quests for Cloud (check above). Finish the dancing contest with Andrea and save. You can now repeat chapters, progress is saved.
    Third run (replay chapters) - You know the drill, do not play side quests in CH3 - that will be mature dress for Tifa in CH9. In CH8 finish 0 side quests and finish the chapter. In CH9, do not finish any side quests with Cloud. Finish the dancing contest with Andrea and save. Done!

    Whack-a-Box Wunderkind     Complete all Hard difficulty Whack-a-Box challenges.

    During Chapter 14, after you unlock side quests, you can go back to Children's Secret Hideout. Sarah will this time offer you to play Hard mode of Whack-a-Box challenge. Simply obtain 30,000 points for the trophy.

    Peeress of Pull-Ups     Complete all pull-up challenges.

    First, follow the main story in Chapter 14 until you unlock side quests.

    You need to speak with Andrea in the gymn (before that, you can speak with the guy in front of the Honeybee Inn to learn about his werabouts). This will also be part of Wavering Heart quest. After beating Andrea, you still need to beat two other opponents.

    Divine Gratitude     Receive a letter from an angel.

    NOTE: To get the letter at the end, you need to have completed at leas 24/26 odd requests. That means you will have to complete all other side quests:

    FF7 Remake - All Side Quests

    This involves doing some side quest in Chapter 14. Finish Tomboy Bandit Quest and Corneo's Secret Stash Quest, which will guide you through finding Corneo's Secret Vault key and opening all 3 secret vaults. That can be done before climbing the wall which is end of chapter 14. That means you can still enter the Sewers for the second time and there you will find last secret stash. After cleanring the Corneo's Secret Stash Quest, you can find the last note in Sector 6 Slums - Urban Advancement District on the floor (Letter from the Guardian Angel and Elemental Materia).

    The Johnny Experience     Witness all Johnny-related incidents.

    Johhny is the goofy guy who will be part of the story in Chapter 3. Later on, there will be couple of optional events and side quests - you need to solve those so you witness his events. Do not worry, if you miss some, you can replay chapters when you beat the game, they will all count towards the trophy; but you need to complete the chapter you replay for it to count.

    Chapter 3 - Witness the story event with Johnny - Cannot be missed
    Chapter 9 - Witness Discovery - Vagabond Johnny when you first enter Wall Market and talk with Johnny
    Chapter 9 - Finish Party Never Stops Quest later in this chapter when they unlock
    Chapter 14 - Finish Tomboy Bandit Quest and return afterwards to him and speak to him to give him back his wallet (you will also have to finish most of the Corneo's Secret Stash quest as they are connected)

    I'm not sure if some events outside of these counts - for example you can find him wondering around town in Chapter 9 as you progress through the story.

    Best in the Business  
    Complete all quests.

    This can be a bit tricky, since Chapter 9 has a branching path depending of what you answer on some questions plus how you play the chapter. There are 26 side quests you need to do, to get this trophy (all side quests).

    Final Fantasy VII Remake - Quests Guide

    FF7 Remake - Alternate Quest choices in Chapter 9 (The Price of Thievery & Shear's Counterattack)

    Disc Jockey     Collect all music discs.

    There are 31 discs to be found. A lot of those are missable, but you can still get them via chapter select/replay after you finish the game. Check out the guide for more details.

    Final Fantasy VII Remake - Music Discs Guide

    Building Character     Attain level 50 with a character.

    When you finish the game while doing everything, you most probably be around level 32-35. Fear not, now you have to replay the game on Hard where EXP is doubled, so combine this with EXP Up Materia and you will be on level 50 before you know it. Easy one.

    Staggering Feat     Deal 300% damage to a staggered enemy.

    You need to raise stagger bar to 300% with Tifa. That is the only way, as she can raise by using here abilities. The idea is to use Unbridled Strenght twice plus full ATB bar so you can use the strongest stagger attack with triangle button when enemy is staggered and repeat. I made a detailed video how to do it:

    Intelligence Agent  
    Complete all battle intel reports.

    When you beat the game, you will most likely miss few records. 

    Special enemies are tied to side quests, colosseum challenges in Wall Market, colosseum challenges in Chapter 16, colosseum challenges in Chapter 17 (unlockable when you beat the game). What you can miss are some enemies that spawn in VR mission with Fat Chocobo - the moogle can spawn few enemy types there which you will also need for your enemy intel entries. There are 114 and you don't need to use Assess on them, just beating one is enough.

    When you combine this will all Chadley VR missions, you will have all records in your Enemy Intel tab.

    Final Fantasy VII Remake - Enemy Intel Guide

    Weapons Expert     Learn all weapon abilities.

    To learn a weapon ability, first you need to obtain a weapon, equip it and use its skill to raise proficiency to the max. Check for requirements when you are equiping the weapon. 

    Final Fantasy VII Remake - All Weapons and Skills Locations Guide

    Master of Mimicry     Learn all enemy skills.

    You need to learn 4 of those - Algid Aura, Self-Destruct, Spirit Siphon and Bad Breath. You also need Enemy Skill materia (Got from Chadley by doing his request nr. 16). Check details on the link bellow.

    FF7 Remake - Enemy Skills Guide

    That's the Smell     Defeat a malboro.

    When you beat the game you can replay Chapter 17 and you will gain access to special battle simulator. Make sure you beat all colosseum challenges in Wall Market beforehand (chapter 9 and 14 - not sure if this is requirement, by the time i got here i already did all of those). Beat Tree-Person Team vs. Monsters of Legend mission, last round is the fight with Malboro.

    Ultimate Weapon  
    Defeat the Pride and Joy prototype.

    When you beat the game you can replay Chapter 17 and you will gain access to special battle simulator. Make sure you beat all colosseum challenges in Wall Market beforehand (chapter 9 and 14 - not sure if this is requirement, by the time i got here i already did all of those).

    You need to beat Three-Person Team vs. Top Secrets mission. To unlock this one you need to complete all Wall Market Colisseum challenges and all 13 Shinra Combat Simulator challenges beforehand. 

    Hardened Veteran  
    Complete all chapters on Hard difficulty.

    When you finish the game for the first time, you will unlock Hard difficulty and chapter select. This means you now have to replay all chapters and finish them on Hard. This will be tough, but doable. Aim to defeat all unique monsters in side quests as that will drop weapon manuscripts which give you weapon AP to spend and upgrade the weapons.

    Final Fantasy VII Remake - Manuscripts Guide

    Combine this with good materia (like Prayer, Cure), since on Hard you can't use Items. You need good ATB materias so you can act quicky, Barrier is a good way to go, quick dodge and elemental materias. Be sure to give HP and MP Up to everytone and raise them to Max level. You want the best help you can get and as much materia slots as you can have.

    My setup:
    Hp Up, Mp Up, Magic Up materia on everyone (Magic up on Cloud and Aerith)
    Elemental lv3 combined with some element to absord damage (change this on every boss to adjust to elements)
    Magnify and Healing on connected slot on Aerith (to heal everyone when you use Cure)

    Final Fantasy VII Remake - Materia Guide

    Detailed video guide:

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