Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade Yuffie DLC Trophy Guide & Roadmap

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Published: June 10, 2021

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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 7/10
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 16-20h
  • Offline Trophies: 9 (5 , 4 , 0 , 0 )
  • Online Trophies: 0 (0 , 0 , 0 )
  • Number of missable trophies: None, you can repeat chapters
  • Glitched trophies: N/A
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes, you need to beat some parts on Hard to unlock all trophies.
  • Minimum Playthroughs: 2 - Finish the game on Normal and Hard difficulty
  • Welcome to another episode of FF7 Remake! This time we are back with Yuffie in new Intergrade version of this game for PS5.

    If you own any copy of the PS4 game version (except physical copy + digital PS5 version), you can upgrade it for free from the PS Store (find the free upgrade add-on there). To upload your PS4 save, you need to launch the PS4 version and use the Upload Save function to upload whatever save/saves you want. When you launch the PS5 version, download through the main menu and you can use it afterwards.

    Note that if you have Platinum from the PS4 version, downloading the save on PS5 version will auto-pop all of the trophies, granting you 1 more platinum trophy. What is left is the Yuffie DLC Episode, and that is why we are here to help!

    Step 1 - Finish the DLC while doing all the side quests and mini-games

    Play this Yuffie episode either on Normal or Easy first. You need to finish the story to unlock Hard difficulty and chapter select. While you play, collect all weapons/items, it's really easy to find them. Do the Turtle newsletters quest and Fort Condor mini-game in Chapter 1 (refer to topic below for tips).

    Step 2 - Replay the DLC on Hard difficulty, do the Fort Condor again and collect all weapon manuscripts

    Ok, your second run should be on Hard difficulty. Load your clear game save, go to menu, system, chapter select, play first chapter on Hard. You will get 7 weapon manuscripts if you play the Fort Condor on this difficulty (refer to topic below for tips). The rest of the manuscripts are gathered when you beat story boss and mini-bosses.

    You can also grind a bit before doing this step - in chapter 2 on Hard, at the beginning the combat simulator opens. Check the Ultimate Weapon video below to see the best grind method.

    I did both chapters before combat simulator, you just need to prepare with elemental attacks and HP, MP Up, Heal, Revive etc. (Check the Nero video to check how I did it).

    Step 3 - Finish the combat simulator challenges after beating the game on Hard

    Load chapter 2 on Hard, beat first 2 stages and then you will unlock the 3rd one. Check the strategy below how to beat it, this is quite hard honestly, if you don't know what and how to do it.

    Step 4 - Load Chapter 17, play the new challenge in combat simulator to challenge Weiss

    Check the strategy I will add below. You unlock Weiss combat simulator challenge when you beat the Yuffie DLC.

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    Takes Two IDs to Tango  
    Complete Chapter 1 of INTERmission.

    Automatic story-unlock.

    Out of Darkness's Clutches  
    Complete Chapter 2 of INTERmission.

    Automatic story-unlock.

    The Road to Revenge     Complete both chapters of INTERmission on Hard difficulty.

    When you beat both Chapters of this Episode, you will unlock the Hard mode. Now you can select Chapters and re-do them on Hard difficulty. Invest your time in doing all side activities (Fort Condor and all other quests) to get Weapon Manuscripts, which will give you additional AP for your weapons. Invest those to make your weapons stronger and equip HP Up Materias, combine with some others like Pray, ATB Boost, Time, EXP Up, Barrier etc.

    Beat both chapters again to unlock this trophy. Easy and fast grinding point is the Chapter 2 - at the start, you can now enter the combat simulator area. Doing the 2nd challenge is the best way to farm AP for your materia.

    Like mentioned, your main focus on Hard difficulty is your materia setup. Make sure to upgrade your weapons to their maximum, this way you will expand their materia slots and gain more power. I propose to link Magnify and Healing materia on Yuffie so you can heal both characters with one spell use. HP and MP Up materias are a must, and I really like Time materia so you can cast Haste on both. The only fight that is a bit harder is the last one with Nero. Check out the video for strategy:


    Turtle-tastic     Collect all the Happy Turtle flyers.

    As soon as you reach the Sector 7 Slums area, and after you meet Avalanche group in the basement, you will have to wait for your partner. You can now do some side activities like this quest and Fort Condor mini-game. Simply find 6 flyers and return to the Old Snapper to get your trophy.

    Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade Yuffie DLC - All Happy Turtle Flyer Locations

    Game, Set, Master     Become the Fort Condor grandmaster.

    Beat all 8 opponents in Chapter 1 on Normal difficulty before leaving the Sector 7 Slums. When you beat the game you can select chapters again and try then after you collect more boards. 

    Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade Yuffie DLC - Fort Condor Mini-game Guide

    Condor Queen     Become the Fort Condor grandmaster on Hard difficulty.

    Beat all 8 opponents in Chapter 1 on Hard difficulty before leaving the Sector 7 Slums. When you beat the game you can select chapters again and try then if you miss it.

    Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade Yuffie DLC - Fort Condor Mini-game Guide

    Materia Maven     Obtain all materia available from Shinra Box Buster challenges.

    Shinra Box Buster Challenge is unlocked in Chapter 2 after activating level 2 power grid. The door behind the activation panel will unlock, and you can now try the basic training challenge, and by doing high score in that one, you can do the SOLDIER challenge where your aim is 50000 points (all boxes!)

    - Orange Boxes - Mash triangle button while aiming to fly across the room
    - Purple Boxes - Press triangle to shoot your weapon, then continue the combo by pressing the square button
    - White Boxes - Build up your stamina, press triangle to shoot your weapon, then use the Windstorm ability to easily destroy the boxes

    Ultimate Weapon 2.0     Defeat the Pride and Joy Mk 0.5.

    Combat Simulator is unlocked after beating both chapters. After that you will unlock hard difficulty and if you repeat chapter 2 and replay on hard difficulty, few meters after the beginning you will gain access to that combat simulator. Beat first 2 challenges to unlock series of 3 fights, final being the Pride and Joy Mk 0.5 weapon. If you manage to beat this last challenge, you will unlock Ultimate Weapon 2.0 trophy.

    You will need to grind a bit first. Buy some Hp and Mp Up materias, Magnify + Healing with Yuffie is a must, and since there will be couple of Fire based opponents and their attacks - my advice is to max out Elemental Materia and pair it with Fire materia on linked armor slot. Revive materia is good to make this easier, Sonon can die and you need magic to revive him. You can grind by doing the first 2 fights of 2nd challenge, quit on last one, repeat. It takes around 1 minute for 60 AP, which means you can get double if you par some materia with AP up materia. I advise you to pair the Elemental materia as this one requires the most to max out.

    You can give the other Magnify materia to Sonon and link that one with Barrier. Using this magic makes things easier. Time materia is also important. The rest on both can be some ATB charge materias, like you can see in this video.

    0:01 - Preparation, Materia & Equipment Setup
    0:43 - How to farm AP fast and easy
    2:27 - Behamoth + Ifrit fight (6:10 - Ifrit summon)
    8:02 - Ramuh
    10:38 - Pride and Joy Mk 0.5

    Behemoth + Ifrit (Fight 1/3) strategy:

    Guard at the beginning to raise your ATB bar. Use Regen. Now your next aim is to Haste both characters with Sonon. Now you need to be careful to stagger him when he is charging, and to do that, always keep 1 ATB bar with both characters, Synergy with them, and use Art of War while in this state. This will interrupt Behemoth, leaving it stunned for a few seconds. This is your time to repeat this ability.

    When you deplete around half of his Health, he will summon Ifrit. If you followed my guide, you should absorb Fire with Yuffie. Use the Manawall to guards against all attacks and by this time you should have Limit or Summon available. Keep on pounding Behemonth until he dies. The key is in using Synergy as often as possible, while keeping haste and healing yourself. It's not so hard when you get the hang of it.

    Ramuh (Fight 2/3) strategy:

    Ramuh is easy. Cast Regen and Manaward at the start, then try and hit him with Wind abilities. When he summons Sparks, use Synergy and quickly kill them. This will stun him, so you have a chance to stagger him easily. Again, wind-based abilities are the best against him. Heal and Haste if you need to.

    Pride and Joy Mk 0.5 (Fight 3/3) strategy:

    This can be either easy or hard. Use Synergy immediately and run away so he cannot grab Sonon. If he does, you need to damage his hand, which is easier said than done. This is the reason why I advised you to bring Revive materia. He shoots fire and if you prepared against fire, this should be a breeze. Also, try to keep close, when he is ready to shoot his beam attack, just jump behind him. Manawall is advisable here all the time, and when you prepare like in previous battles, he will go down easily.

    Corrupter of the Immaculate     Defeat Weiss.

    To unlock this fight simply beat 2 extra chapters with Yuffie and repeat chapter 17 with Cloud and the crew. You can now enter this optional fight with Weiss, I would say the hardest one so far.

    Before starting, I will consider you've beaten all other challenges in Combat Simulator. I will use Cloud for strength build, Aerith for magic build and Tifa for dodging, staggering and magic. If you need strategy and help with previous fights, check out my other video:
    FF7 Remake - Arena and Strategy Guide (Malboro and Pride and Joy Prototype)

    Preparation & Setup

    I went with strength build, including Gotterdammerung, which actually works in this fight - it will give you half of Cloud's Limit Break at the start.
    Bring Lightning materia, Combine Time with Magnify, bring First Strike materia, HP and MP Up (remember - you can raise your MP up to 100%)

    For Tifa, Parry is a must, you will use her to dodge. Bring Lighting and HP/MP Up Materias as well. I used her and Cloud to heal if needed.

    Make out of her the best Magic Build you can. You also need Lightning materia, I paired one with MP Absorb to recover some MP when attacking with magic. Barrier and some Stagger materia can also help. I also gave her 2 Magic Up materia's - those will boost her magic.

    Weiss Phase 1


    Your focus here should be casting Haste with Cloud, putting Barrier on Tifa, and dodging with Tifa while countering when you see the "Pressured" state on Weiss. It happens when you dodge his unblockable attacks. In this phase I waited for Cloud to fill his Limit, used Tifa's Focused Strike to raise the stagger bar, but also using her Unbridled Strength to get Rise and Fall, which you want to use when you stagger him. Aim to boost this just before his is in that state.

    With both ATB bars filled, stagger him and use Tifa's staggering attacks while combining with 2 Aerith Lightning Spells, Limit with Cloud, and casting Haste with him afterwards. Second phase is magic phase.

    Wiess Phase 2


    Now you need to use magic to stagger him, but first cast Arcane Ward with Aerith which grants you 2 magic casts if you cast the magic when inside of it. This is what you must do all the time - You need to try and use that field as much as you can, and when you cast magic, switch to other character to boost ATB, lure, change to other character, do the same, and keep repeating. The idea is to pressure him with magic while boosting ATB bars with others.

    It takes some practice, but eventually you will stagger him again and then he is done for. If you enter the 3rd phase, you will need Manawall to survive and this video will not try that tactic. Good luck, you will need it.

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