Hades - Olympic Gods Favors (Max bond requirements)

Olymic Gods are the ones that gives you boons during your escape attempts. You can raise the bond level by giving them nectar (press L1 to check the bond level, 1 heart = 1 level). When you reach the locked heart icon, it means you need to complete a certain favor of each God to unlock and progress towards the max level. This topic will help you with that.

Note that getting the favor requirement is unlocked by talking to Gods in the first room. Other rooms will also trigger conversations, but only when you pick up a boon from certain good for the first time. Unlocking is also done by talking to them after completing their favor.

To raise chances for some Gods to appear in the first room, you can equip their Keepstake that raises these chances.

Also note that you don't need to do favor requirements after you unlock them, for example if you already did some, it will count!


Zeus' favor involves hearing the other Gods' opinions of him, as well as seeing Zeus express a desire to reconnect with Hades, along with Hades' response. When you unlock his favor, you need to talk to at least 5 other Gods (get their boons when having the one from Zeus in the same run), and they need to give you opinion of Zeus, plus the one from Hades.


Poseidon's favor requires using the Rod of Fishing and successfully fishing up a minimum of 18 fish, and having caught at least 1 fish for that run prior to encountering Poseidon (before getting his boon, you should have caught a fish prior to that). It's a bit tricky, but aim to catch a fish, and then you can equip his boon after first boss to encounter him easier later on. It's still random so you might have to do it multiple times.


Requires you to hear 3 unique congratulatory lines from her after completing a successful run (the lines will trigger on your next run if you get Athena to show up). She will remark on your strenght and ability. This happend for me naturaly, but try to pick up her boon after an successful escape attempt.


This one is done by forging bonds with Dusa, Thanatos and Megaera (you will trigger 1 dialogue with Aphrodite for each bond you forge with them and a 4th one to actually get the favor). You don't need to do this one if you don't want to, it's not required for trophies if you do the others.


Talk to Artemis enough times to progress through her dialogue (in regards to her hunting-partner, Callisto). This one can be long, you just need to talk to her, and you should unlock it eventually.


Complete the "War-God’s Bloodlust" prophecy, which requires you to kill 10000 enemies. Details about this prophecy can be found under corresponding trophy.


Gift Ambrosia to at least 6 different characters, with a total of at least 10 Ambrosia gifted in total to any character. When you need to reach max bond level, some characters will require Ambrosia instead of Nectar (Orpheus for example, and most of the Gods for their last bond levels), plus all Olympic Gods when you unlock their max level.


Talk to Hermes with a fully upgraded Lambent Plume Keepstake (his Keepstake) when you max it out (3 stars). This is probably the easiest one to get.


Demeter's heart is unlocked after completing the Epilogue (check the trophy guide for details, the epilogue is completed when you comlete the "The Queen’s Plan" and the "Family Reunion" prophecies.

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