Judgment - Friends List

Alice Ino - Poppo at Showa St.
Need to purchase enough items to gather 10 points. 1 point is 700 yen.

Bantam Owner - Finish Side Case Honey Trap and talk to him. If you can't activate, drink from his menu.
Answer with "Left if up to you" and "It's an original from another bar".

Dwayne Cruise - Poppo at Tenkaichi St.
Need to purchase enough items to gather 10 points. 1 point is 700 yen.

Fukutsu the Ebisu Pawn Owner - You need to come there with certain paintings.
You will need 5 of those to max him:

Tsubaki - buy in L’Amant prize counter for 5000 chips
Botan - buy in Dragon’s Palace 2F prize counter for 5000 chips
Ume - buy in Dragon’s Palace 3F prize counter for 5000 wood tags
Suzuran - purchased from Onodera in the sewer for 500 SP
Sakura -  complete Cube Middle Course Standard Rules with at least 5 dice remaining in Dice mini game

Fumio Matsuzaki - Visit Kanrai and buy some food. He will ask some questions.
Answer with "Small Intestine", "Stomach" and "Flank".

Goro Moroboshi - In Sewers.

You will meet him during story in Chapter 2. Return to him after and find some guys who can donate blood. There is a mark on the map so it should be easy.

Hanae Ida - Smile Burger at NW Theater Square.

Buy some food and take a picture. Do it 3 times.

Haoyu Xiu - Found in Akaushimaru.

Eat some food to activate him, then answer with "Someone ate then booked it". Chase the guy to finish.

Hideaki Deguchi - Finish Reckless Aspirations side missions first. You can find him outside of Lullaby Mahjong.

You need to take picture of girld in red first. Go a bit north and east towards Bar Tender and you will notice girl in bubble jacket on your way. Talk with her and offer to lead her to Bar Tender then take a picture.

Secod challenge - find kid in front of Club SEGA on Nakamichi St. Outside  Akaushimaru there is a girl, talk with her, ask what is wrong and lead her to the boy. Kick some guy's ass and take a picture of her. Return to starting point.

Hiroto Nasugawa - Akaushimaru in Hotel District.

Purchase items then try his special dishes. When he asks for recipe, find one in M Side Cafe and return to him.

Kaede Sanada - Quadra Garden.

Talk to her. You can go out of building and back in to trigger if it doesn't trigger. You will need to answer "Hold your baggage" and "They wanted to take food to go".

Kazufumi Kamaguchi - Available in Chapter 4 in Tenkachi Street.

Beat the thugs and he wil arrive requesting to collect debt from the gang leaders. Occasionaly your treat level will rise and then you need to defeat both Honda and Kasai. Return debt to Turtle Financing building where he is.

Kazuhisa Norimoto - Second floor of Cafe Mijore.

This will be connected with Miharu Shima progress. Talk with him, leave building, talk to Miharu, leave building and repeat until you max them out.

Keni Tanago - Shichifuku Parking Lot

You need to hit him, in two separate tries. Simply have full EX and do some EX Heat action (learn some battle EX skill if you don't have enough).

Kenta Uozumi - Sushi Gin.

Eat food and answer questions:  "Tea", "Soy Sauce", "The Sushi plates, man".

Kim Won-Soon - At bottom floor of the Cafe Mijore building.

You need to give him suggestions for his restaurant. There are 4 of those and simply select them all.

Kiyoshiro Asamura - Poppo at W Shichifuku St.

Need to purchase enough items to gather 10 points. 1 point is 700 yen.

Kunio Ichinose - Ikinari Steaks.

Eat food and find the guy outside of restaurant. Answer with "Someone who is extremely innovative" and "Motomura-san".

Kyushu No. 1 Star Owner - To active you need to buy some food 3 times.

He will ask you some questions, answer with "Honey" and "Make a fancy rame on your own". If you don't get prompted, eat more food from the menu.

Makoto Tsukumo - Story related in Chapter 1

Mami Sakuma - M Side Cafe, activate by eating cakes.

Eat one cake at the time and she will ask for your opinion. Do that for all cakes on the menu.

Mari - Story related in Chapter 10

For raising bar first time observe man's drink, and answer is he will leave after 2.
Next time you need to select Tsukumo for winning the bet.

Masakazu Nekomiya - Nakamichi Alley in the street.

He will request to find 3 cats.
First cat is east of your agency.
Second is in little asia.
Third one is in the south end of Pink Street, beside Poppo (girl will be next to black cat).

Miharu Shima - Second floor of Cafe Mijore.

This will be connected with Kazuhisa Norimoto progress. Talk with her, leave building, talk to Kazuhisa, leave building and repeat until you max them out.

Morio Onodera - Sewers (Chapter 5)

He will sell items for SP. Simply buy 1 cheap item, it will raise his level. Do it 2 more times (it can be the same item) to fill the bar to max.

Naotaro Terahara - La Marche. Purchase something from shop and return there.

To raise his level, keep returning to him and talk. After 3 times doing so it will be at max and you will own a brand new suit.

Noboru Hiranuma - Inside Shellac.

He will require pictures of some NPCs you met during side missions. Make sure you finish them.
First picture is from Got Honey Trapped! case, he will be marked on the map.
Second one is vampire guy collecting trash.
Last picture is of a white crow at night. There is alley south of Public Park Three, mingle there and run to the roof. Listen to the voice and take a picture of a crow flying.

Noboru Tateyama - In Chapter 6 you will learn about Quickstarted project. Find him in West Showa St. 

Invest in his project building 2 times and return to him when its been funded.

Rie Tomioka - Find her in Smile Burger on Nakamichi St. Eat once there to activate her.

She will send food to your office. Simply interact with your fridge and eat the meal. You will have to do it couple of times.
Also, eating all food types will grand you a trophy. Just keep eating from time to time. Answers doesn't matter much.

Ryan Acosta - Find him west of KJ Art on the wall.

Second time he is in Club SEGA on Theater Square; upstairs interact will left dart board game, play, do a good score and he will challenge you. Beat him.

Now get out of Club SEGA and beat up some Yakuza.

Ryo Matsuzaki - Gets available in Chapter 11 after defeating Cane Man

You need to drink with him 3 times and endure. First upgrade tolerance to alcohol skill to max and make sure you start sober.

Sakura Amamiya - Find her on Pink Street.

You will need to request a massage from your phone while you are in your office 3 times. I did it in day time. If you can't call her, some time needs to pass. Answers doesn't matter.

Sebastion Hutton - Millennium Tower B1, you need to finish your first drone league.

You raise his level by finding drone QR Codes.

Shin Fujimori - Start of Chapter 6, connected with Quickstarter app on your phone.

Keep investing in projects and get back to him.

Shinzato Madoka - Second floor of the building south of Public Park Three.

Make sure you have all alkohol skills learned. Talk to guy in the club and request her. When prompted select "I'm happy just talking". The rest doesn't matter. When you send all 4 guys for Yosuke, return to her to complete friendship.

Shuichi Hatano - Yoshida Batting Center (for me it appeared in later chapters, but you can get him to appear by beating 2 batting courses)

To raise his level, buy 2 items he is selling. Second will be available after beating 5 batting courses.
You will buy gloves and new bat which will really make challenges easy.

Shun Isaka - Make sure you are chased by police by fighting long enough in one fight on the streets. He will be West of Ikinari Steak.

Chase him twice. (For second chase he will be in south part of Theatar Avenue).

Sota Nonomura - Poppo at E Schichifuku St.

Need to purchase enough items to gather 10 points. 1 point is 700 yen.

Takemitsu Owner - You will help him in Chapter 7.

After that when mark appears on the map, get there and protect him from Yakuza 3 times.

Takeo Inose - Wild Jackson on Tenkaichi St.

You will need to visit Tsukumo, select "Specials" there for search.
Second choice will become available after doing Yasuhiro part at Wette Kitchen. Select "Try Being Optimistic".
Return a bit later on to raise final part of the bar.

Takumi Katagiri - Inside Shellac. You need to finish all 3 "The Mistery Writer's..." side missions first.

You will need to tell him stories about your side missions. Basicaly you need to finish most of them and return back to tell him about them.

Tashiro-kun - West of Genda Law office.

Protect him by beating some Yakuza 2 times (you can follow the icon on the map for location).

The Hermit of the Dragon’s Palace, Iyama - You will be introduced to him in Chapter 5.

You need to craft what he tells you to:

Throw - 2x Empty Bottle (Pink Street), 2x Twig (Park Boulevard)
Power Attack - 2x Dented Carbon  (Purchased at Ebisu Pawn) , 2x Bronze Plate (Purchased at Ebisu Pawn)
Stealth - 5x Tuna Onigiri (Purchase from Poppo Store at Showa St.),  4x Tuna & Egg Sandwich (Purchase from Poppo Store at West Shichifuku St.), 4x Fresh Tuna Cat Food (Purchase from Don Quijote), 2x Sushi Set  (Purchase from Poppo Store at West Shichifuku St.)
One-Two Knockout - 4x Exquisite Screw (Purchased at Ebisu Pawn), 2x Old Circuit (Purchased at Ebisu Pawn), 2x Mysterious Stone (find one with drone flying above the west entrance to little asia, one can spawn in alley paralel to Ebisu Pawn - just left of it), 4x Gold Tuna Cat Food (buy from Onodera in the sewers)

Toshikazu Sagara - Cafe Alps

He will ask you some coffee stuff, so answer with "Sour and Bitter", "Quite bitter" and then "It was the second one"

Toshiro Koizuka - In Chapter 6 by talking to Rie in front of your agency.

Then a bit to the northeast you can find him in his shop. Finish lockpick tasks to raise his level.

Voluptuous Woman - You will meet her during story and play poker with her.

Afther that she will be at L'Amant and you need to beat her 2 times in Poker. Its enough to play until you win and hand, then just quit.

Yasuhiro Furuya - Wette Kitchen at W Taihei Blvd.

Answer with "Fast Food Joint" for first question.
Later on when you come back he will look for partnership with some store.
Speak with manager of Wild Jackson (outside that store) and return back to him. If you can't trigger final level, keep goind back and forth or simply wait for some time to pass. Also raising manager of Wild Jackson is a must.

Yoshida - Yoshida Batting Center

You need to complete all regular batting Homerun and Challenge Courses for him to appear. 
To raise his level you will need to beat Home Run Hell Course and Chaotic Challenge.

Raise Shuichi Hatano to max, you will earn gloves and best bat that will ease your attempts.

Yosuke Saotome - In the same building where Ikinari Steak is, just door on the south side.

You must complete the "There’s a Panty Thief on the Loose" Side Mission. You will need to meet Madoka at Apple Pie south of Public Park Three. 

After that you need to befriend next people and talk to him and select that options: Ryan, Ryo Matsuzaki, Tanago and Tashiro-kun.

Then leave the building and go back to talk to Yosuke.

Yurika Tachibana - Tachibana Mahjong (play one mahjong game at Lullaby Mahjong)

Play mahjong to raise bar.
Then find another woman on the map and talk with her to unlock new mode. Play another game, win while you are Wareme.

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