Judgment - Mini Games Guide

Club Sega (Nakamichi Street)

Fighting Vipers
You need to beat 7 opponents. I used Tokio and spammed X and LEFT/RIGHT + Circle move. When opponents runs towards you and is about to hit you, pull the critical move with LEFT + Circle if opponent comes from your right or ofc oposite when it comes from left. It will take some time, but it's not that hard. If you lose, just continue. After beating 7 opponents (can't quite until you beat 7 of them), you can quite and that is it for this mini-game.

Viruta Fighter 5 Final Showdown
This is very simple to do. You need to select every character, beat the first oponent, quit. That will solve the requirements to win with each of 19 characters. You are left with winning 30 matches which is very easy. Take the summo wrestler and spam X.

Fantasy Zone
Destroy everyhing you see flying, while destroying the "nests" that you need to beat to face the boss. It took 2 levels to collect 50,000 points for me. You need to collect in one run. After beating the first level buy extra life to live longer.

Puyo Puyo
This is your game changer. This is pure satan's game to see if you are worthy of the platinum. When you beat this, you can consider to be done with hard stuff.
Point of Puyo Puyo is to beat opponents. The worst requisite is to beat all 10 characters. Problem is, you need to have winning streak of 25+ to get the last opponent to show up. I played for hours and lost there. There is a good strategy video on youtube, i might do one as well, but basically what you want to do is fill the rightmost 3 columns to the top. Then start from bottom of 4th and destroy what you can to chain as much as those 3 will provide. What doesn't fit push left and eventualy clean that as well. It's worst mini game ever, because it's very luck dependant. Good luck detectives!

Club Sega (Theater Square)

Space Harrier
You will need 2 million points. It's not hard at all, just keep shooting all the time and mingle around.

Motor Raid
Complete a full three-track Championship grand prix without dropping out - Only goal is to finish all 3 races without timer runs out. Use the fastest motor/driver and you are good to go.
Complete a Practice race on each of the five main planets - Simply go one by one track in Practice mode, finish them all without timer runs out and that is it.


Standard Darts - Purchase at Ebisu Pawn for 3000 yen.
Premier Darts - Use Quickstarter to fund for 100,000 yen total.
Miracle Darts - Use Quickstarter to fund for 200,000 yen total.

Play all styles of darts - Simply play all styles, 01, Cricket, Count Up and Opponents (during dates).
Get a Low Ton, a High Ton, a Ton 80, a Three in the Bed, a Hat Trick, and a White Horse:
Low Ton is when you score between 100-150 points in a round (2 triple 20s and one 20).
High Ton is when you score above 151 in a round (but without Ton 80 or Tree in a Bed - do 2 triple 20s and a triple 19).
Hat Trick (just hit 3 bullseye's).
Three in a Bed (any 3 triples in one round without using 20's and bullseye's).
Ton 80 is by hitting 3 triple 20's in one round.
White Horse - you have to hit 3 different triple spots during one round.

Ufo Catcher
Sega Club in Theater Square. You need to catch certain number of prices from the machine. Same ones also count. Use left and right machines since its easier to point camera to see.

Kamuro of the Dead
You need to finish all levels + bonus level. 
You need 777 headshots.
You need to destroy 500 zombies.

All easy, since you will repeat Chapter 1 anyway for the trophy. You will kill many many zombies by doing that. All levels can be replayed and you do not need to finish all wihtout dying.


Check under Club Sega in Theater Square.

Dragon's Palace

You need 30,000 in winnings. Buy 1000 chips and try betting all in, try double method. If you win, you can bet 3000 now. Repeat and if win both times, you will get quite good chips amount. Just quit, save, contine.

Money Farming Blackjack Exploit Method

First, max out Voluptuous Woman. She will bestow you with more changes of getting good cards.
Similar like blackjack, keep investing full amount (select 200 chips poker table) and just raise like crazy. After 1-2 wins quite and save. If you fail, load the game and try again. Btw, all games you win will go into final sum of 30,000 chips.

Buy 1000 tags and play in Expert mode. In settings change bet to 200 tags. What worked for me is the ribbons cards. Keep collecting everything that has ribbon, to collect Poetry Ribbons and with a bit of luck you will combo some others. When you get Koi (find some combination), don't call Koi. It will take few tries to complete Koi Koi.

Play Advanced mode, invest 1 tag until you are the dealer (when your icon is in upper left). To win the game you need the highest number (9) or some combinations which you can explore if you want. It's enough to win as dealer to get few k of tags. Quit, save, repeat.

Drone Lab

In Drone Lab, you can develop improvements for your drone. You can buy some items in Ebisu Pawn shop, exchange chips and tags in Dragon's Palace and L'Amant. Rest you can find on the street (shining objects). I might list out rare ones when i collect them all.

Drone League

Drone League is in the Millennium Tower. Participate in Grand Prix Leagues, win them. Between each race you can quit and save. After that just continue. Its advisable to befriend Sebastion Hutton and max him out (find all QR Drone codes) so you can develop good parts and win easy.

Judgment - Drone Champion League 1st Place All Courses (All Time Attacks)


Refer to Dragon's Palace.

Refer to Dragon's Palace.

Lullaby Mahjong

Conquer Lullaby Mahjong - You need to take first place on all 3 tables in Lullaby Mahjong. Easiest way is to farm money, buy cheat item from sewers for 10k SP and use it on each table to win instantly.
Winning 5 and 10 times - Just single win, not the whole tournament win. For this, practice and play, eventually you will will 10 times.

Modern Mahjong

Conquer Modern Mahjong - You need to take first place on both tables in Modern Mahjong. Easiest way is to farm money, buy cheat item from sewers for 10k SP and use it on each table to win instantly.
Winning 5 and 10 times - Just single win, not the whole tournament win. For this, practice and play, eventually you will will 10 times.

Outdoor Shogi

What you want here is to play Challenges. First, buy "The Basics of Shogi" book from the homeless man in the sewers for 300 SP. When you select challenge press triangle and let the CPU give you hints about every move. It takes time but it works if you don't want to learn Shogi. Requisite is to win without takebacks which will happen with CPU help, 2 times win when starting first/last and 10 wins. I played challenges and 1 ranked match. It's very slow but it will work.

Paradise VR

This game is the best for collecting money. You have 3 courses with 2 modes each which you need to beat. 

Make sure you learn skill for 12,000 SP which will slow down the dice speed. That way you can almost easily get number you want. You also need to invest to all Dice Quickstarter projects.


In Yagami Detective agency you can play it. You need 500 points. It's hard a bit. Start by shooting the first ball not with max power, but with like 85%. You need to aim for the highest "mushroom" that will give 100 points and you want to bounce twice so you start with 200. The rest is pure luck and a bit of tilting.

Tachibana Mahjong

Conquer Tachinbana Mahjong - You need to take first place on all tables in Tachibana Mahjong. Easiest way is to farm money, buy cheat item from sewers for 10k SP and use it on each table to win instantly.
Winning 10 and 30 times - Just single win, not the whole tournament win. For this, practice and play, eventually you will will 10 times.
Wareme Waryori - When you play a game, you usualy start as Wareme (you will know this by icon next to your name on the table). Win by being Wareme for this to count. You can play the 12500 Yen table since it's the easiest one - Play, try win first round, quit, repeat.
Open Riichi - When you collect all besides one tile to finish and win the game, you can declare Open Riichi - others will see your tiles so basicaly you need to wait for remaining one to get from the deck. I farmed this by saving, using cheat item, declaring Open Riichi and hoping for the best. If you lose when using cheat item, load the save and try again.
Three Color Straight - This is needed not for this Tachibana Mahjong, but for KamuruGo missions. Basicaly what you need is 3 same combinations from each deck (4,5,6 from one deck, second and third one) and then declare Riichi and win. 

Yoshida Batting Center

Max out Shuichi Hatano first to get Gloves and Golden Bat.
There are 2 challenges to finish, Home Run Course and Challenge Course. Both require to collect certain points or home runs. Memorize patterns and that is it, no smart way around it. When you beat all levels, Yoshida will greet you and unlock 2 more courses by talking to him. Same stuff, memorize where the ball will end and hit like crazy.

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