Nioh 2 - Guardian Spirits

There are couple of Guardian Spirts that are optional and most of them will be automatic unlock durings the story. They can be assigned, used to imbue with Soul Cores and that will give you certain buffs. Also, there are 3 types: Brute, Phantom and Feral. Each is unique when it comes to counters and transforming into Yokai form. Use what you see fit the best for your build.

Makami (The Point of No Return - Shadow region sub mission)
Ame-no-Mitori (Story unlock)
Kagewani (Story unlock)
Masaru (Story unlock)
Shirohami (Story unlock)
Rokugezo (Story unlock)
Okuri-Inu (A hot blooded Howl - Soaring region sub mission)
Usura-Hicho (The Viper and the Butterfly - Soaring region sub mission)
Yaonami-Hime (Story unlock)
Shin-Roku (Horns on Head, Dragonfly in Hand - Shadow region sub mission)
Hiyokucho (Story unlock)
Hyobishin (Story unlock)
Itokuri (Master of the Tree Evils - Dawn region sub mission)
Nine Tails (Story unlock)
Atlas Bear (The Warrior - Dawn region sub mission)
Genbu (Story unlock)
Yatagarasu (The Third World - Dawn region sub mission)
Inosasao (Story unlock)
Tengen Kujaku (The Demon King's Blade - Shadow region sub mission)
Nekomata (Story unlock)
Hakutaku (Story unlock)
Isanagami (Story unlock)
Yumehami (Story unlock)
Saoirse (Story unlock)
Gyokuto (Dawn of Hope - Afterglow region sub mission)

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