Oninaki - Daemons

There are 10 Daemons to collect. You will find them by crossing the Veil and interacting with them and they are presented with green marker on the map. They are very hard to miss.

You will start with her already as a part of your team.

Automatic story recruit before first boss in Taddan Plains - Raom Meadows.

Pick her up in Kiro Marsh - The Sook Fens next to teleport #2 (Cross the Veil with L2)

Automatic story recruit. After you beat Kushi you will get his Daemon.

Lake Lud - The Sunken Ruins - Near Teleport #1; a little bit northwest from the start you can find blue ball which you need to beat to cross the Veil. Return a bit and pick Wil up.

Automatic story recruit after Mayura dies and you send her spirit.

The Grewan Deepwood - Kiraq, Right of Teleport #1

Inside the Ehir Palace - Inside Palace north of teleport #1 in Minob Plaza. Climp up the stairs and cross the Veil. Left balcony side has Lucika.

Dacaray Mines - Shadestone Quarry, just right of Teleport #2.

Get him at The Mazzen Mountains - Mt. Teora - Northwest of teleport 1#. First kill the big monster so you can cross the Veil, cross it and activat him.


Start "Seeker of Truth" quest in Szaka - Deto, north of teleport #1 in left alleyway. (Chapter 4, Part 3 - When you return from world of Oni).
When you beat the game and load clear game save, enter The Timeworn Keep - Sanctum of Rebirth teleport #1. Cross the Veil and finish quest/take Jex.

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