Resident Evil 8: Shadows of Rose DLC - Collectibles Hardcore Run

This guide shows how to collect all items except some miscelaneous items like bullets and herbs during Hardcore run of RE8 DLC. It will also show puzzles and how to solve them, plus the boss fights and whatever I find relevant for this run. I will not show you collectibles like files that are not entries in your menu.

Hardcore run is not hard, but preserve bullets, my advice is to run pass the enemies in Castle. I will mention when you enter Castle, but before leaving make sure to craft all 4 items; if you don't have enough resources, there will not be any after Castle, thus making the trophy missable. My suggestion is not to craft anything until you unlock the Craftmaster trophy, then you can craft whatever you see fit for the Castle boss fight. 

0:00 - File #1 (The Megamycete Theorem)
0:40 - File #2 (How to Preserve Rabbits)

*Castle Dimitrescu*
1:05 - File #3 (The Liquid Void)
1:25 - File #4 (I Tried to Combine Some Things) (Craftsmaster trophy tips)
2:00 - RW-Variant Flask 1 key item, File #5 (On Mutamycete Disruption)
2:50 - It's Starting to Grow on Me trophy, Weapon Upgrade: High-Capacity Mag (Equip when you have 0 ammo, it replenishes your ammo for free)
4:15 - Bronze Mask (Mask 1/3 for story purposes)
5:40 - File #5 (The Masked Duke's Diary)
6:20 - Monocular Key, File #6 (On Movement Disruption)
7:10 - Weapon Upgrade: Compensator (Monocular Key use)
7:48 - File #7 (The Gallery of Despair)
8:40 - Statue Puzzle
9:18 - Silver Mask (Mask 2/3 for story purposes)
9:40 - Shotgun Shellss & Pipe Bombs Recipe, File #8 (Shotgun Shells), Scraps x1
10:37 - Snake Painting
10:55 - Painting Puzzle (Triocular Key)
12:00 - M1897 Shotgun (Triocular Key use)
12:30 - Gold Mask (Mask 3/3 for story purposes), Scraps x1, plus some other resources
15:45 - Flower Room Puzzle
17:05 - Craftsmaster trophy (Before you place the last mask, make sure to craft all 4 items once - you should have at least 2 scraps at this point)
17:35 - Brute Boss Fight

*House Beneviento*
22:45 - File #9 (Little Girl's Diary)
23:50 - Lock (024466 - Scissors key item)
24:20 - Relief of a Child, Doll (Pose 1), Doll (Pose 2)
25:43 - Jimmy's Rook Key, Doll (Pose 3), Black-haired Doll, Breaker Box Key
30:55 - File #10 (To-Do List), File #11 (Mia's Letter), File #12 (Rose's Half Birthday), Drawer Key key item
34:50 - Eveline boss fight

*Deeper Stratum*
37:15 - File #13-16 (On This Realm and Its Laws, On the Recreation and Manipulation of Memory, On Vessel Synthesis, and Recently Written Report)
38:50 - File #17 (Wearily Scrawled Note)
39:20 - File #18 (Ritual Text)
39:45 - Last Boss

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