Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Trophy Guide & Roadmap

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Published: December 03, 2019

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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 30 - 35 hours
  • Offline Trophies: 40 (25 , 11 , 3 , 1 )
  • Online Trophies: 0 (0 , 0 , 0 )
  • Number of missable trophies: N/A
  • Glitched trophies: Coming soon...
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No
  • Minimum Playthroughs: 1 - You can continue after you finish the story
  • Welcome to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order trophy guide! Wow, EA actually released a game that is not good, but great. Finally a good Star Wars game, this time combination of Uncharted, Tomb Raider, Castlevania (when it comes to level design and progress) and Dark Souls type of battle.

    Nothing is missable, many collectibles you don't even need to find, so those glitched ones are not a problem even if you dont scan/collect them. Although all have a workaround, so it will be an pleasant journey.

    Step 1 - Follow the story, collect what you can along the way. Finishing the story means you will have all skills needed to reach all areas on all planets, which will make your life easy and you will spare some time instead of re-visiting each time you get some new skill.  I suggest that you scan all enemies you come across (down on D-pad after you kill some).

    Be carefull not to enter Dathomir before story tells you to; it can lead to game breaking bug.

    Step 2 - Consider battle trophies as you play to avoid losing time later on (you can lower difficulty for easier challenge):
    10 Terrarium Seeds - Collect as soon as possible, plan in your ship, then do the rest. They need to sprout which takes time.
    Kick a phillak that has kicked you - You need Evasive Kick skill. Let the goat kick you wich its rear legs, then dodge with circle and follow up with square to do the same.
    Defeat 50 enemies with reflected blaster bolt - press L1 when blaster is about to hit you to deflect towards the enemy.
    Parry 100 enemies - Press L1 when enemies with batons try to hit you to deflect.
    Defeat an enemy using only kicks - You need Evasive Kick skill - First enemy you encounter is easy to kill with kicks.
    Precision Evade 100 attacks - You need Precision Evade skill. Aim at enemy, when he is about to melee hit you, press circle.
    Defeat 20 enemies with explosives - Stormtroopers with rocket launchers - Slow with R1 when they are about to shoot, and when you see the rocket, press R2 to destroy it and them.
    Defeat 25 enemies while they are under the effect of Empowered Slow - You need Empowered Slow skill. Slow by holding R1 for few seconds for stronger and longer slow. Reach enemy and press square to stab them (needs to be one shot kill)

    Step 3 - Re-visit all the planets after finishing the game and do a cleanup for all things you've missed.

    Enjoy! It's an really easy platinum and with guide it can require around 25h even!

    A New Hope     Earn all trophies

    Unlock all other trophies to unlock platinum.

    Kicking Back     Kick a phillak that has kicked you

    Phillak is enemy found on Zeffo. It's the large goat type of enemy, and for trophy you need to get kicked by Phillak and then leg kick that same one. You can easily find some at Crash Site area. Leave only one, then circle around goat and aim to be behind so that the goat can kick you with rear legs. 

    You need Evasive Kick skill in Lightsaber tree for second part. Simply dodge attack (any kind of goat attack) with circle, and perform evasive kick (following dodge with square to kick with your leg).

    Collect all chests and secrets

    Every plan has some chests and secrets. When you use your map, you can inspect areas on the planet and check how much do you miss (also sum for planet is showing in upper left). Usually there are few chests to be found and smaller number of secrets per area on the planet. 

    I advise that you first finish the game, so that you have all the skills needed to reach/open chests/secrets. In accordance to that, you can follow next video where i covered all you need to collect for the trophy.

    SW Jedi Fallen Order - All chests and secrets - Collector Trophy (Bogano, Zeffo, Kashyyyk)

    SW Jedi Fallen Order - All chests and secrets (Dathomir, Ilum, Kashyyyk)

    Legendary Beasts     Defeat four mysterious creatures

    Mysterious creates are basicaly stronger and a bit different type of enemies you usually encounter on planets. For this trophy, you will need to defeat 4 of those:

    Bogano - Oggdo Bogdo
    Kashyyyk - Albino Wyyyschokk
    Zeffo - Rabid Jotaz
    Dathomir - Nydak Alpha

    In order not to create a video that many already created, let me share GamingWithAbyss's guide for this one:

    Feel the Force  
    Unlock all Jedi skills

    I think the description says it all. There are 33 skills which unlocks with time and during story, you only need to master all those using skill points you obtain by killing enemies, scanning objects for your databank etc. Leave this for the end, you will need to clean most of the game anyway, so by the end when you are done, you should have enough skill points. I've collected all Databanks, they do tend to give the most experience, so be sure to collect all you can; usually you need to for 100% map completion in most of the areas.

    You master the skills on your Meditate points (Checkpoints).

    A Galaxy Far, Far Away  
    Complete all of BD-1's holomaps

    This will unlock when you reveal 100% of the map on Bogano, Zeffo, Kashyyyk, Dathomir and Ilum. Press touchpad to check progress (you can move and check all areas and check %). You need to see "Explored" on each, which should say the same in upper left for the whole planet if you did reveal everything.

    Mostly this involves finding all chests, secrets and databanks; when you do that, for sure you will 100% the area. Do a clean up after finishing the game.

    SW Jedi Fallen Order - All Databanks and Echos on Bogano

    SW Jedi Fallen Order - All Databanks and Echos on Zeffo

    SW Jedi Fallen Order - All Databanks and Echos on Kashyyyk

    SW Jedi Fallen Order - All Databanks and Echos on Dathomir

    SW Jedi Fallen Order - All Databanks and Echos on Ilum

    Trust Only In The Force  
    Complete the story

    Automatic Story unlock.

    The Mantis  
    Join the crew

    Automatic Story unlock.

    A Long Time Ago  
    Discover the Bogano Vault

    Automatic Story unlock.

    The Obstacle is the Way  
    Complete the Tomb of Eilram

    Automatic Story unlock.

    Everything is Connected  
    Complete the Tomb of Miktrull

    Automatic Story unlock.

    The Holocron Awaits  
    Open the Vault

    Automatic Story unlock.

    Happy Go Wookiee  
    Free the Wookiees from Imperial imprisonment

    Automatic Story unlock.

    Her Name Was Masana Tide  
    Defeat the Ninth Sister

    Automatic Story unlock.

    Visiting Alderaan Places     Explore the crashed Venator

    This is purely optional area trophy. From Crash Site area on Zeffo, you can climb on that circular grid around middle of the area to the top. As soon as you enter the big vent above, look right and slide down the ice. You need to reach end of area where you will find DB-1 Stim Canister. Just before that, trophy will unlock.

    The best time to do this is post-game.

    SW Jedi Fallen Order - All chests and secrets - Collector Trophy (Bogano, Zeffo, Kashyyyk)

    Gorgara Falls  
    Defeat the winged terror on Dathomir

    Automatic Story unlock.

    For A More Civilized Age  
    Craft a lightsaber of your own

    Automatic Story unlock.

    I Knew He Was No Good  
    Defeat a former Jedi Master

    Automatic Story unlock.

    Back At You     Defeat 50 enemies with reflected blaster bolts

    Quite easy trophy. You need to deflect and kill 50 enemies that shoot blaster bolts. They are common types of enemies, bunch of them are found on Kashyyyk near one of the first meditate points - Imperial Refinery (resting there makes enemies respawn). 

    The trick is to tilt L1 just before the bolt hits you. That will reflect it towards enemy and posibly kill it. Do this for 50 enemies. Should even unlock naturaly. If you have issues, lower difficulty to story mode one and then try.

    Perfect Timing     Parry 100 enemies

    You parry by pressing L1 just before an enemy attack hits you. The best enemies for this are first baton enemies. You can lower difficulty to easily parry. Clean up all enemies, leave only one you need, and parry like crazy. This happened naturaly for me, but if you get stuck, just do the method explained.

    Kickoff     Defeat an enemy using only kicks

    First, make sure you master Evasive Kick skill from the Lightsaber tree. On Bogano, first enemies you encounter are the easiest ones (that bugs). Dodge with circle and follow with square to kick the enemy. Do it 2-3 times to finish the enemy. You need to kill it with kick only, so make sure you do that.

    Triple Take     Defeat 3 enemies using a single lightsaber throw

    You need Lightsaber Throw skill in the Force skill tree, which unlocks after you learn Force Pull at the Tomb of Miktrull. Skill is used by holdind L1 and pressing triangle. Simply kill 3 weak enemies at once; I did it on Dathomir when those zombie type kamikaze enemies attacks, but its doable in many ways with weak enemies.

    What Goes Around...     Defeat an enemy with their own Slowed blaster bolt

    You need to learn Force Pull ability which will happend in the Tomb of Miktrull. Then you need a stormtrooper; slow him with R1 when he is about to shoot, when you see the blaster use L2 to pull him onto that blaster which should kill him (use that on easiest stormtrooper with blaster).

    Big Bang     Defeat 20 enemies with explosives

    Navigate to Kashyyyk - Kyyyalstaad Basin area. There is a meditate point there, and going back towards ship is doable by ridding the zipline from that area to the one above it. You will end up in a hut where 3 rocket launcher stormtroopers are. Wait for them to turn around, when they are about to shoot slow them with R1, when you see the rocket, press R2 to destroy that rocket. It will also kill them. Now go back to meditate point, rest and repeat.

    Don't Mess With BD-1     Defeat an enemy with a hacked droid

    After Tomb of Miktrull you will learn ability to hack with BD-1 (visiting workbench on your way back). Next step is to either weaken some droid type of enemy and press down on D-pad to hack it, or simply pull with L2 and hold it, and then press down on D-pad. BD-1 will hack the enemy, enemy will attack other enemies. It's good to weaken other enemies, hack the one that will kill them and let him kill others.

    Can't Touch This     Precision Evade 100 attacks

    I had some trouble with this one, mostly because i had no idea how to evade properly. You need to master the Precision Evade skill which unlock after getting double jump.

    The best enemies are hammer type ones on Dathomir. Lower difficulty, aim at enemy (leave only one alive), and just wait until he attack, then press circle. Nothing else, just that one button before enemy lands an attack. You can farm this in few minutes on those enemies, as they tend to attack 3 times and you can easily dodge that chain.

    Look Out Below     Send 25 enemies over the edge

    You need Force Push ability which you will get on Zeffo during the story. When you get one, simply use R2 on weak enemies (like stormtroopers) to push them. You need to push them over the edge to kill them, so have that in mind while playing. Slowing them down and then pushing them works like a charm. Easy one.

    Not So Fast     Defeat 25 enemies while they are under the effect of Empowered Slow

    You need Empowered Slow is a skill which can be mastered after you discover the Bogano Vault. Hold R1 for few seconds to slow down enemy with stronger slow (you will notice that Cal does this skill after few secs and joystick vibrates). Then you need to be fast, while enemy is slowed down, come close and press square to attack. You will stab-kill the enemy. Do this on stormtroopers with blaster, they are easiest and you will one-kill them which is perfect for this.

    Good grinding point is Kashyyyk near the beginning - Imperial Refinery, after meditate point where many stormtroopers are.

    Bank Shot     Defeat an enemy by colliding them with another enemy

    You need Force Push ability which you will get on Zeffo during the story. Good grinding point is Kashyyyk near the beginning - Imperial Refinery, after meditate point where many stormtroopers are. You will see small droid inside the door, enter, align that droid is close to some trooper, use R2 to push him towards an enemy so that it kills the enemy. That is it.

    Blade Master     Hit a single enemy with all lightsaber types

    For this you will need to be near the end of the story. There is the lighsaber attack, double lightsaber attack and split lighsaber attack. All of those you need to use on single enemy, so hitting some stroger enemy works perfectly for this.

    First, use single lightsaber and press square for regular attack (hit the enemy). Switch to double lightsaber (right or left of D-pad or holding square if you have the skill) and hit. Holding L1 and square will split sabers and hit with strong attack (you need to have enough force for this one).

    Cal Got Your Tongue?     Slice an oggdo's tongue

    You need the Force Pull skill which unlocks after Tomb of Miktrull. Then you need Grasping Pull skill as well.

    Now, find Oggdo enemy on Bogano. Pull his tongue with L2 and slice with your lightsaber. I also noticed that using R2 works to cut the tongue. Easy one.

    Medical Droid     Find all of BD-1's stim canisters

    There are 10 to be found. Those increase number for healing with pressing up on D-pad. Usually those are Secrets on some planet areas.

    SW Jedi Fallen Order - All chests and secrets - Collector Trophy (Bogano, Zeffo, Kashyyyk)

    SW Jedi Fallen Order - All chests and secrets (Dathomir, Ilum, Kashyyyk)

    Green Thumb  
    Have a fully grown terrarium

    I suggest doing this as soon as possible. You need to find 10 Terrarium Seeds across the planets, seed them in terrarium inside your ship and wait for them to grow (which happends when time pass). It's an easy one, but if you do this at the end, you will need to wait for them to sprout, so i advise you to collect this first before final cleap up.

    Full House     Recruit all possible crew members for the Mantis

    4 crew members will join automaticly during the story. 

    Last one is a squirell type of enemy on Zeffo. Visit, and just bellow where ship is, go down and use Force Push (R2) on metal doors to rescue that squirell. Trophy will unlock after that.

    Data Disk     Find all of BD-1's encrypted logs

    For this trophy you only need to scan all Cordava's Journey logs. There are 19 in total, from which 7 are automatic story unlocks.

    Archieve One
    1. An Ancient Sphere
    2. Sage Vault and Tome
    3. The Sages

    Archieve Two
    1. Sage Miktrull
    2. Magnets
    3. The Key to the Vault (Story unlock)

    Archieve Three
    1. Discovering Dathomir (Story unlock)
    2. Kujet's Tomb
    3. Shrouded in Darkness

    Archieve Four
    1. Tomb of Eilram (Story unlock)
    2. Sage Eilram
    3. An Old Friend (Story unlock)

    Archieve Five
    1. Shyyyo Bird
    2. Origin Tree
    3. Astrium (Story unlock)

    Archieve Six
    1. The Premonition
    2. Acquiring the Holocron

    Archieve Seven
    1. My Friend (Story unlock)
    2. Secrets of the Vault (Story unlock)

    Sabersmith     Fully customize your lightsaber

    You can customize your lightsaber on any workbench (there is one on your ship). You need to modify each category (for which you need items from chests). Do that and trophy will unlock.

    The Full Glow-Up     Customize the look of Cal, BD-1, and the Mantis

    Custimize Cal (both outfit and poncho), BD-1 and the Mantis. You can customize by selecting different outfit from your menu after you actually found at least 1 besides default one. Chests contain those, it should happen quite soon.

    Data Collector     Scan all enemy types

    After defeating enemy, you can scan it with pressing down on D-pad (BD-1 will stand next to one that is not scanned and give you that option). You need to scan all enemies. Special enemies are scanned automatically by defeating them.

    I will promote this one from MrVuule, as there are few vides and it makes no sense to make them:

    Scum and Villainy     Defeat each type of Bounty Hunter

    You need to defeat 3 types of Bounty Hunters:
    Hunter, Commando and Droid. They appear random and do not respawn after resting; you will encounter them during your clear-up after finishing the game, and you will know it's one of those when you see health bar and a name when you encounter them. I found many of them and had no issues with this quire early in the game actually.

    Echo Location  
    Discover 75 Force Echoes

    It's those "Sense Echoes" you gather as collectibles through the game. There are many, many of those, and mostly you will discover them when you will clean the map for 100%. You only need 75 for the trophy.

    SW Jedi Fallen Order - All Databanks and Echos on Bogano

    SW Jedi Fallen Order - All Databanks and Echos on Zeffo

    SW Jedi Fallen Order - All Databanks and Echos on Kashyyyk

    SW Jedi Fallen Order - All Databanks and Echos on Dathomir

    SW Jedi Fallen Order - All Databanks and Echos on Ilum

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