The Last of Us 2 - Collectibles Guide

This guide covers the chronological collectibles through every chapter.

1 - Prologue

No collectibles.

2 - Waking Up

0:17 - Automatic Journal Entry
0:42 - Trading Card - Seismicayla - After the dog approaches
1:25 - Artifact - Volunteer Receipt - After the dog approaches
1:49 - Parts x7 - After the dog approaches
2:10 - Trading Card - The Keene Twins - Inside Tipsy Bison bar after a scene
2:24 - Parts x3 - Outside Tipsy Bison bar after a scene
2:46 - Parts x5 - Outside Tipsy Bison bar after a scene

3 - The Overlook

0:17 - Artifact - Enter the house through the window after crawling and killing an enemy

4 - Patrol

Video coming soon...

0:17 - Journal Entry - After dismounting the horses on the balcony after mini-scene with Dina
1:24 - Parts x5 - After climbing the rope in a side room
1:43 - Partx x8 and Supplements x7 - in the trailer after reaching the first wider area
2:23 - Artifact - A Note to Santa - same area as previous collectible but in the house on the left
2:47 - Supplements x2 - same area as previous collectible but in the house on the left
3:07 - Trading Card - Tesseracter - same area as previous collectible but in the house on the right
3:42 - Supplements x2 - same area as previous collectible but in the house on the right
4:02 - Supplements x7 - In the area room after blood trail through the window before entering the door
4:27 - Parts x4 - the next room where you throw a bottle at a runner
4:41 - Parts x7 - In the truck under which you crawl
4:56 - Artifact - Supermarket Apology and Supplements x1 - same area as previous parts
5:16 - Parts x3 - Side room after putting on the masks
5:31 - Artifact - Good Boy Combo and Safe -07-20-13- and Parts x12 and Supplements x14
6:26 - Supplements x8 - same room as previous collectibles
6:34 - Supplements x27 - in the room where Dina gives you Molotov
7:12 - Parts x24 - Library room after breaking a window
7:28 - Artifact - Eugenes Firefly Pendant - Automatic Story pickup
7:59 - Journal Entry - Next room after Eugenes Firefly Pendant collectible
8:18 - Trading Card - Laurent Foucalt - Next room after Eugenes Firefly Pendant collectible
8:32 - Artifact - Eugenes Ultimatum - Next room after Eugenes Firefly Pendant collectible
8:47 - Artifact - Photo of Eugene and Tommy - Next room after Eugenes Firefly Pendant collectible
9:07 - Parts x7 - Next room after Eugenes Firefly Pendant collectible
9:18 - Workbench - Next room after Eugenes Firefly Pendant collectible

5 - The Horde

No collectibles.

6 - The Chalet

No collectibles.

7 - Packing Up

0:17 - Journal Entry - Check the mug in the kitchen downstairs
0:48 - Journal Entry - Check the guitar upstairs
1:33 - Artifact - Joels Watch - Automatic pickup

8 - The Gate

0:17 - Trading Card - Motivator - Bus stop at the start of the chapter
0:33 - Trading Card - The Starfire Kids and Artifact - Map of Seattle - Trailer on the highway
1:13 - Journal Entry - At the end of the highway area
1:34 - Artifact - Refugee Note - At the end of the highway area - inside the left building
1:53 - Artifact - Infected infographic - At the end of the highway area - inside the left building
2:10 - Part x3 - At the end of the highway area - on the truck
2:25 - Parts x7 - At the end of the highway area - behind the fence in the small structure
2:45 - Trading Card - Chessmaster and Artifact - Isaacs Orders and Parts x5 - Before climbing the ladder down climb the one going up
3:16 - Artifact - Checkpoint Gate Codes - In the building after climbing down the ladder
3:35 - Artifact - Rooftop Note and Trading Card - Oozer and Part x4 and Supplements x7 - on top of the previous building - throw the power cable to climb it
4:37 - Parts x12 and Supplements x17 - After opening the gate with 0512 combination through the window of the next building and up the tower

9 - Downtown

0:17 - Artifact - FEDRA Census Document - At the start of the chapter
0:37 - Artifact - Bank Heist Plans and Safe 60-23-06 and Weapon - Shotgun and Artifact - Bank Robber Letter and Artifact - Antique Ring - Bank building in the open world area
So Great and Small - This will unlock when you pick up the Antique Ring
2:59 - Artifact - Cache Hunter Note - North of the bank building in the open world area
3:17 - Artifact - Letter from Isaac - Northwest of the bank building in the open world area
3:37 - Training Manual - Crafting Training Manual and Supplements x10 and Parts x16 - Broken highway around the middle of the open area
4:37 - Trading Card - Doctor Uckmann and Supplements x18 and Parts x7 - 2 buildings north of the bank in the open area
5:30 - Trading Card - Das Wort and Parts x13 - 5th Avenue Valiant Music Shop in the open area
6:34 - Artifact - WLF Community Supply Chest Note and Supplements x1 - North of the Valiant Music Shop
7:12 - Artifact - Street Drawing and Journal Entry - 5th Avenue south of Music Shop
7:53 - Workbench and Parts x16 - In a test west of Music Shop
8:24 - Safe 04-51 and Trading Card - Flo and Parts x17 and Supplements x20 - North of the previous tent
9:10 - Parts x7 - In front of the Ruston Coffee Shop in the northwest part of the open area
9:27 - Trading Card - Big Blue and Artifact - Pet Store Key and Parts x12 and Supplements x12 - In the Ruston Coffee Shop in the northwest part of the open area
10:19 - Artifact - Join WLF Note and Supplements x18 and Upgrade: Gun Holster and Weapon: Stun Bomb and Parts x8 - East of the Valiant Music Shop after getting the Pet Store Key
11:51 - Artifact - Note to Informant and Parts x12 - North part of the highway in truck at waterfall
12:41 - Artifact - Emergency Protocols Memo - Outside of the Synagoge building - one of main objectives
13:06 - Parts x10 - Lower floor inside the Synagoge
13:42 - Parts x11 - Upper floor inside the Synagoge before you swing with the rope
14:06 - Artifact - Rabbi Sauders Letter and Journal Entry and Supplements x8 - Upper floor inside the Synagoge after you swing with the rope
14:42 - Supplements x11 - Courthouse building upper floor
15:04 - Parts x8 and Artifact - Plea to a Friend - Courthouse building lower floor
15:36 - Artifact - Lt Torres Final Memorandum and Artifact - List of Known WLF Agitators and Safe 86-07-22 and Parts x10 and Supplements x19 - Courthouse building lower floor before going in the elevator shaft
16:55 - Parts x7 and Parts x11 - Progress through the Fuck Fedra gate - in the lower floor in Serevena Hotel
17:38 - Supplements x18 and Artifact - WLF Recruiter Journal - in the upper floor in Serevena Hotel
18:03 - Trading Card - Know It All - in the upper floor in Serevena Hotel

10 - Eastbrook Elementary

0:17 - Artifact - Leahs Note and Leahs Photograph) - Automaticaly
0:41 - Parts x16 and Supplements x8 - After the first shootout in the cafeteria
0:54 - Parts x8 - On the rooftop
1:07 - Parts x16 and Supplements x13 and Artifact - Isaacs Mandate - first room after rooftop
1:33 - Supplements x3 and Parts x11 and Trading Card - Cardio - after jumping over to the balcony
1:59 - Supplements x6 and Parts x16 - next aparment after previous collectibles

11 - Capitol Hill

0:17 - Trading Card - Kinnard Esq and Parts x1 - At the start in the house with the number 3
0:44 - Artifact - Chevys Apology and Supplements x8 and Parts x3 - At the start in the house with the number 6
1:47 - Trading Card - Rockafella and Supplements x9 - Backside of the motel before going further
2:23 - Artifact - Rauls Olive Branch and Parts x15 and Supplements x3 and Weapon: Trap Mine - upper room next to the motel before going further
3:24 - Parts x14 and Supplements x8 and Workbench - after passing the motel part in the gas station
4:35 - Artifact - Rebeccas Tip Off and Training Manual - Stealth Training Manual and Trading Card - Doctor Stem and Supplements x3 - Book Store next to the previous Gas Station
5:37 - Trading Card - Sergeant Frost and Parts x8 and Supplements x9 - Across the bank building
6:43 - Supplements x6 - location across from the last collectibles - Bank
7:22 - Supplements x22 - Bagel Bros building which is next to the previous bank
8:19 - Trading Card - Candelabra - Area further when Clicker runs into a trap
8:40 - Artifact - Tower Doodles - before ridding the slope up the ladder
9:10 - Artifact - Rauls Account - After ridding the slope in the back of the truck
9:33 - Artifact - Frans Refusal and Workbench - after the dead horse scene and observing the trip wires
10:05 - Trading Card - Bizarrebra and Artifact - Thrift Store Reminder and Safe 55-01-33 and Supplements x7 - Next building after the previous one

12 - Channel 13

0:17 - Parts x7 - Back of the Channel 13 truck before climbing the building
0:31 - Supplements x12 - 1st floor of the station before climbing the air duct
0:41 - Parts x15 - 1st floor side-room after the air duct in the big room
0:55 - Trading Card - Kimimela - After traveling the narrow ledge in the upper floor
1:12 - Artifact - Dads Pep Talk and Supplements x10 - One floor above previous collectible

13 - The Tunnels

0:17 - Supplements x12 and Artifact - Subway Note - Firt train cart after the first encounter
0:49 - Trading Card - The Imp - After crawling under the train before going further
1:05 - Workbench and Parts x7 - Up the ladder before using the wellow cable to swing across
1:20 - Supplements x8 - After swinging the cable in the side-room
1:30 - Journal - After killing the first Shambler inspect him
1:56 - Trading Card - Dr. Daniela Star and Parts x12 - After the chain door enter the first door to the right in the long hallway
2:30 - Artifact - Whittled Statue and Artifact - Soda Can Note and Artifact - Locker Room Note - After the chain door enter the second door to the right in the long hallway
3:14 - Supplements x11 - Same room as previous collectibles - enter the code 15243
3:55 - Supplements x15 - After next enemy encounter in the first metro station area
4:16 - Trading Card - Bastet - Before climbing the red box in the metro station area
4:41 - Artifact - Subway Station Note - After climbing the red box in the next cart you enter

14 - The Theater

0:17 - Trading Card - Mortem and Artifact - Program for Cassandra and Supplements x9 - Theater ground floor
0:54 - Artifact-Lone FEDRA Soldier Journal #1 and Trading Card-Beyond and Artifact-Lone FEDRA Soldier Journal #2 and Parts x4 - 1st floor in the theater
1:54 - Parts x6 - Theater roof in the generator room
2:03 - Artifact-The Sick Habit Flyer-Set List - Ground floor locked room on the stage boxes

15 - The Birthday Gift

Looks Good on You Trophy - Pick up the hat when you enter the museum, place the hat on 3 dinosaur statues in the next room and then on Joel.

0:17 - Journal Entry - Interract with the nameplate in front of the T-Rex statue outside
0:38 - Trophy-Looks Good on You Trophy - Take the hat and place it on 3 dinos in the next room and then on Joel
1:54 - Trading Card-The Nighthawk - In the exhibition hall in the side room right of the Dimetrodon
2:10 - Journal Entry - Interract with the bench on the upper floor in the exhibition hall
2:38 - Trading Card-Saura - In the Natural History Center after Joel boosts up Ellie through a windowfind it in the room with the elk and wolves statues
2:54 - Artifact-Suicide Note - after you crouch on the hole on the right in the dark but but BEFORE going furher

16 - Hillcrest

0:17 - Trading Card - Wachumero - Behind you when you start the chapter
0:37 - Supplements x18 - 2nd building on the left in the starting chapter area
1:09 - Artifact - Join WLF Note - 3rd building on the left in the starting chapter area
1:30 - Workbench and Artifact-Boris Daughter Drawing and Parts x27 and Supplements x6 - 2nd building basement on the right in the starting chapter area
2:26 - Journal Entry - Check the Ruston Coffee graffity in the 2nd level area after jeep scene
2:43 - Parts x4 - Inside the Ruston Coffee in the 2nd level area after jeep scene
3:11 - Artifact - Yolandas Note - Bookstore building left of the Ruston Coffee
3:29 - Artifact-Need a Plan Note and Trading Card-Sahir the Sorcerer and Supplements x10 - Opposite direction of the hole where the jeep scene occurred - west of Ruston Coffee
4:10 - Parts x4 - After enemy encounters during the story you will enter the doors - in that building to the rigt
4:42 - Parts x3 - When you free the dumpster it will be just beneath it
5:05 - Workbench and Trading Card-Naledi the Youthful and Artifact-Condolence Note and Parts x15 - After climbing the dumpster in the next building
5:41 - Artifact- Note in Hillcrest Tattoo Parlor and Supplements x9 - Velvet Tatoo building in the next open area
6:02 - Parts x5 and Supplements x7 and Safe 30-82-65 and Upgrade: Gun Holster and Parts x9 - Behind Velvet Tatoo building when you remove the dumpster and kill some runners
7:17 - Supplements x8 - building next to Velvet Tattoo
7:30 - Supplements x10 and Parts x4 and Training Manual-Precision - In the Goldstar Liquor building which is across the Velvet Tattoo building
8:58 - Artifact-Turn in Boris Note and Supplements x16 - Pet Boutique building next to the previous one-break the window inside
9:23 - Artifact-Dales Combo and Supplements x16 - Pet Boutique building but this time further inside
9:53 - Trading Card-Brainstorm - After the scene with the smoke and jumping over the fence find it in the childs playhouse
10:05 - Artifact-Boris Confession and Supplements x11 and Artifact-Rosemonts Flyer - Inside the next house
10:32 - Weapon-Bow-Crafting Recipe-Arrows and Parts x9 - Automatic story pickup but you need to pick up the parts in the same room
11:25 - Parts x11 and Trading Card-Reverb and Supplements x8 - Last building on the right side in the area where you fight with some enemies and dogs
12:49 - Parts x10 - Behind the house where you found previous collectibles-just in the next house
12:59 - Parts x3 - Just a bit further during your next enemy encounter in the small shed

17 - Finding Strings

0:17 - Journal Entry - At the start of the chapter approach the overlook on your right
0:47 - Trading Card-The Austinger - After you leave the bar and dismount the horse continue forward over the van
1:03 - Artifact-Taras Invitation - Inside the hotel after putting the masks on in room 107

18 - The Seraphites

0:17 - Parts x10 - After going through the revolting door at the start of the chapter climb up and find it left of the roof
0:32 - Trading Card-Randy Styles and Parts x5 - In the supermarket building you need to go through
0:59 - Artifact-WLF Target List and Parts x4 and Supplements x15 - In the Kingsgate Brewing Co building to the left-kill the infected to get the artifact
1:47 - Journal Entry - In the Conference Center building which is across the previous one on the ground floor-inspect the wall
2:09 - Trading Card-Shift and Artifact-Last Letter to Husband and Parts x18 - Upper floor of Conference Center building-you will need to break the windows and use the rope to reach other side
3:35 - Parts x6 - Just a bit down the road under the yellow taxi
3:50 - Artifact-Evacuation Letter and Safe 08-10-83 and Supplements x24 and Trading Card-Star Sign - After previous taxi go left and climb the truck to reach the upper part of the hotel building
5:10 - Workbench and Parts x5 and Training Manual-Explosives and Supplements x29 and Artifact-WLF Deserter Letter - Same building as the previous collectibles but the other room (be careful when you inspect the workbench to survive the encounter)
6:03 - Journal Entry - Automatic during the story
6:46 - Trading Card-Arch-Enemy and Parts x7 - Inside the next building you will have to reach the bottom and then enter the room through the window for the room behind you
7:09 - Parts x15 - After you gain control in the sewers swim underneath the metal bars on the left
7:32 - Journal Entry - After you get attacked by the Scars kill them all and then inspect the body near the bus station
7:48 - Trading Card-Doppelganger - Next building in the upper floor halway
8:05 - Parts x13 - Same building in the room 201
8:16 - Artifact-Dying Husbands Plea and Supplements x35 - From the previous room climb the stairs outside to reach the upper floor
8:40 - Trading Card-Bhat MAndarr and Artifact-Pharmacy Note and Supplements x27 and Safe 38-55-23 and Workbench - After pickaxe miniboss you will jump into the water-after that enter the Westons Pharmacy building
10:10 - Parts x4 - When you kill the enemy with PS Vita a bit later
11:20 - Parts x4 - During the next enemy encounter before entering the hospital-in the tower
12:03 - Supplements x10 - Same area but in the white tent
12:16 - Supplements x7 - Inside the hospital in the left wing under the microscope
12:37 - Artifact-Hospital Supply List and Supplements x3 - Up the stairs in the first room on the right
13:06 - Supplements x11 - When you drop the air duct turn behind you

19 - St. Mary’s Hospital

No collectibles.

20 - Road to the Aquarium

0:17 - Trading Card-Esquire - At the start of the chapter before going through the red curtain
0:28 - Parts x3 - After you leave the theater its in Frontier Rental Car building-first building on the rigth when you follow Jessie
0:43 - Supplements x17 and Parts x17 - WDL building which you pass through after going through the first door
1:08 - Trading Card-Tormentra and Supplements x6 and Workbench - Same building just after crawling under the blocking rubble
1:38 - Supplements x10 - During enemy encounter in the second room in the building to the right
1:55 - Parts x9 - After jumping into the water it is at the bottom before you exit straight ahead
2:23 - Parts x3 and Artifact-Garage Note - Garage building after the swimming part
3:12 - Trading Card-Tanager and Artifact-Bookstore Note and Journal Entry - On the bookstores ground floor which is the building you need to enter during the story
4:07 - Part x1 and Supplements x11 - When you jump to exit the bookstore turn around and pick what is in that room and under the rubble
4:24 - Artifact-Textile Note and Supplements x18 - During next encounter go into the Rachels Fabrics on the right and up the floor
5:00 - Workbench and Parts x15 - Ruins of a warehouse after next swimming part on the upper floor
5:30 - Parts x10 - One floor above the workbench on the bottom shelve
5:52 - Trading Card-Tatuaje and Parts x6 - After the next cutscene you will drop some floors-before interracting with the metal pises find these 2 in the same room

21 - The Flooded City

0:17 - Supplements x7 - Drive to the right with your boat at the start of the chapter where the truck is
0:34 - Artifact-Stash Note and Journal Entry - When you arrive at the closed gate which you need to open by using the chain-go left and up the stairs
1:14 - Parts x2 - In the air duct right of the last journal entry-bring the cart that is to the left
1:33 - Safe 70-12-64 and Parts x9 and Supplements x17 - Crawl left of the journal entry and drop down to the next room
2:45 - Trading Card-Seff-Lhophad - Before pulling the chain turn around and enter the door the the left
3:00 - Workbench #1 and Parts x18 - After the chain door and after the boat turns off-go left when you see Seattle Sleep Warehouse building
4:12 - Artifact-Shambler Note and Supplements x9 - building in front of the Seattle Sleep Warehouse-named Carthy Hotel
4:46 - Artifact-Snipers Note and Supplements x17 - Continue until you get to the location where some enemies are shooting at each other and go left and climb the hanging train
6:27 - Artifact-Encampment Note and Parts x15 - First floor of the building where enemies were shooting at each other
7:28 - Artifact-Arcade Flyer and Supplements x10 - W&B Arcade building-next building where you need to pull the chain-ground floor
7:57 - Workbench and Parts x29 - Upper floor of the same building
8:33 - Trading Card-Khazakh Bright - When you drop down and kill the Bloater-enter Prize Zone and find it under the cash register
9:05 - Artifact-Arcade Note and Parts x2 - Climb up the stairs and go right inside the PC Cafe
9:31 - Supplements x12 - Go back and go left and find it under the sink

22 - Infiltration

0:17 - Parts x9 and Supplements x6 - After climbing the ladder and dropping down to a dark area
0:37 - Parts x17 and Journal Entry - When you kill the dog check for parts and find the other collectibles by going left twice in the next room as you enter it

23 - Tracking Lesson

0:17 - You start the chapter with Artifact-Owens Drawing of Abby and Artifact-Thank You Card from Mel Artifact-Zoo Holiday Brochure - When you exit the forest find a gazebo on the right
1:16 - Coin-Virginia - After climbing the window you will interact with the dumpster and pick it up automatically

24 - The Stadium

0:17 - Coin-Alaska - After taking your backpack go out of your room and go straight to the left to find it on the floor
1:04 - Coin-Maine - After going down some stairs you will go through the market and see some laundry before going to next stairs-find it on the desk where the laundry is 2:04 - Coin-New Jersey - After exiting the dog cage you will reach a tunnel and a person at the entrance-just beyond that on the floor on the right side
3:26 - Coin-Vermont - After getting the weapons go forward from the gun range and turn left in the next room to the lockers
4:28 - Sharpshooter Trophy - Beat Manny-just shoot in the middle for 10 points per shot

25 - On Foot

0:17 - Coin-Kentucky - As soon as you enter the big dark hall it's on the right on the table
0:41 - Parts x14 - In the next room left at the shelf in the Halloween section
0:53 - Parts x7 - Climb the shelves at the north wall
1:07 - Supplements x34 - Another climbable shelf which you need to climb to progress-at the table up that one
1:22 - Parts x19 - In the kitchen section and on the shelves across the section-before entering the Garden Center
1:56 - Coin-Massachusetts - Garden Center-farthest checkout register
2:34 - Parts x61 - Across the Garden Center (shelves, small houses, cash registers)
4:30 - Parts x1 - On top of the truck in front of you when you exit the Garden Center
4:44 - Parts x14 and Supplements x23 - When you rappel down into the next building
5:03 - Parts x27 and Workbench - Ground floor of the next room
5:31 - Supplements x18 - Same room just upstairs
5:46 - Coin-Ohio and Supplements x13 - After Mel opens the door upstairs-go there and use the ladder but lean it on the wall across the boat and climb up
6:44 - Training Manual-Covert Ops - Inside the boat
7:23 - Coin-Indiana - When you reach Manny outside the boat building-break the window on the container in the middle and enter
7:56 - Safe 17-38-07 and Weapon-Hunting Pistol and Supplements x8 - Follow your team outside but immediately go right through the wall crack

26 - The Forward Base

0:17 - Coin-California - When you gain control up the small stairs behing the 4 talking soldiers
0:36 - Coin-New Mexico - After checking in go left of entrance of the test and find it on the boxes
1:20 - Parts x27 and Workbench - Inside the white tent near you
1:50 - Coin-South Carolina and Artifact-WLF Interrogator Letter - After you enter the building turn left and find one on the table and one across before you enter the narrow hallway

27 - The Aquarium

No collectibles.

28 - Hostile Territory

0:17 - Supplements x12 and Parts x6 and Document (this one doesnt count) - In the upper floor of the first apartment you go through
1:03 - Parts x18 - After parting ways with Manny and climbing the fence just enter Spicy Dumpling building in front and loot everything inside
1:31 - Training Manual-Close Quarters and Artifact-Scars Suicide Note - Behing the previous bulding before going down the last stairs look to the left and enter the broken window
2:09 - Coin-North Dakota - After jumping out of Tang Fabrics climb the white RV and check the first rooms drawer
2:32 - Supplements x23 and Parts x3 - After squeezing through the gap where clicker attacked you-check the living room and the bathroom
3:14 - Supplements x20 - After last apartment go right instead of left and find them in the small guard post
3:38 - Supplements x12 - When you reach the yard with May She Guide You painting-visit the left building
4:00 - Parts x7 - Building the the right of previous painting-check on the bar table
4:15 - Safe 68-96-89 and Supplements x31 - After jumping over a wall you will reach small Chinatown street-first shop on the left
4:55 - Supplements x20 - 2nd china shop on the left
5:08 - Parts x16 and Artifact-Plea to Seraphite Prophet and Artifact-Jasmine Bakery Safe and Artifact-Strange Relic - 3rd china shop from the left-ground floor for parts-document is on upper floor across the balcony then right and another document and artifact for trophy are on the balcony floor but in building straight from the stairs you took
6:45 - Weapon-Double Barrel Shotgun and Parts x7 - Drop down from the previous egg collectible and after you kill infected find weapon behind the counter and parts in the next room
7:21 - 6 Artifacts (Seraphite Prayer to Prophet – Peace + Prayer for Victory + Seraphite Prayer to Prophet – Respect + Seraphite Prayer to Prophet – Steed + Seraphite Prayer to Prophet – Prosperity + Seraphite Prayer to Prophet – Pairing) - After you see a truck-open and explore around it
8:47 - Parts x3 - left of the truck on the concrete table
8:59 - Artifact-WLF Soldier Meets Prophet Letter and Upgrade-Gun Holster and Parts x1 - Building right of the truck
9:35 - Parts x4 - Go up to the floor where the sniper enemy was during your next enemy encounter and find it on that floor
9:49 - Artifact #12: Letter from Seraphite Father to Son and Workbench - Same building after crawling on the top floor-turn left and find both there

29 - Winter Visit

0:17 - Put My Name Up Trophy (get at least 11 poits)

30 - The Forest

3:23 - Workbench and Parts x27 - After the boss fight against the woman with a pickaxe-find this one the first building you enter
4:51 - Training Manual-Firearms and Supplements x7 - Next from from the workbench-turn right and find it on the table straight ahead
5:18 - Artifact-Failed Truce and Supplements x11 - In the previous room on the desk and next to the desk on the shelf
5:35 - Parts x19 - In the next room-check the shelves and the bathroom
6:03 - Parts x12 and Supplements x8 - After killing 4 runners you will enter the next building-it is to the left when you enter
6:20 - Parts x9 - You will drop down and when you do-explore this room

31 - The Coast

0:17 - Supplements x10 - When you jump over the container and over the fence just go right inside the container
0:30 - Workbench and Parts x18 - First room you enter
0:46 - Upgrade-Gun Holster and Supplements x19 - Next room in the small room directly straight and to the left
1:06 - Parts x9 - Container area where you fight the infected-behind a white truck on a crate
1:18 - Coin-Alabama - When you climb up the next construction turn behind you to find a coin straight ahead
1:39 - Parts x6 - First room when you enter the ship
1:51 - Artifact-Infirmary Note and Supplements x16 - Next room with skeletons and arrows
2:31 - Weapon-Crossbow - Automatic pickup
2:57 - Artifact-Mutiny Note and Supplements x16 - Same floor room as where youve found Crossbow-just go straigh till the end
3:15 - Supplements x12 and Parts x17 and Coin-West Virginia - Climb up the stairs and enter the first right room after the hallway-then go back to that halway and turn right at the end
3:44 - Safe 90-77-01 and Parts x16 and Supplements x18 and Training Manual-Ordnance - Top deck of the ship-helm (This is the last Training Manual - this till grant you Journeyman trophy if you've collected them all)
4:34 - Artifact-Ferry Log - Other side of the ship near the corpse before going the ladders
5:15 - Coin-Utah - Up the ladders and bahind you and the ship pillar
5:38 - Coin-Mississippi - A bit later when you reach the Aquarium entrance-check inside the fountain

32 - Return to the Coast

No collectibles.

33 - The Shortcut

0:17 - Artifact-Amputation Supplies (Automatically in your inventory when you start) Coin-Nevada - barbershop on the right before climbing the waterfall
0:33 - Supplements x10 - Climb the first ledge and go left-find it on the upper floor on the side run after the blue buss
1:04 - Artifact-Survivor Plea - Opposide side of the blue boss-up the stairs and to the right on the floor
1:25 - Parts x8 - When you jump on the highway find it on the floor of the car on the left
1:41 - Artifact-Neighbor Exchange and Supplements x7 - When you jump to the balcony find document on the table and supplements in the bathroom
2:00 - Safe 30-23-04 and Parts x8 - Same aparment room next to the bathroom
2:33 - Parts x9 - On the roof on the right in the fenced area
2:44 - Artifact-Scavenging List - Follow the story until you reach Interbay and check near the corpse in front of you
3:00 - Workbench and Parts x28 - Same room-check all the desks and drawers and find workbenc left of the corpse
3:29 - Coin-Colorado - When you enter the building ot the other end turn right and check the small roof corner
4:06 - Supplements x19 - Same building in the Examination room
4:29 - Parts x7 - You will climb a ladder and traverse an bridge-after the bridge in the right corner
4:51 - Artifact-Seraphite Truce - On the next floor before Lev jumps over some metal bars enter the room and the left and find it on the table
5:18 - Workbench and Supplements x13 and Parts x21 - When you reach the room with the shrine and the picture on the windows-enter and explore the room to the right 5:53 - Supplements x10 and Parts x13 - When you finish the next enemy encounter you will have to go through the door-search that room but dont go in the elevator yet
6:34 - Artifact-Seraphite Orders and Parts x6 - After the elevator ride check the right side of the next hallway
6:55 - Parts x11 - Go right and climb the fallen structure after crossing the first bridge

34 - The Descent

0:17 - Coin-Illinois - After Lev stops talking dive into the swimming poll
0:42 - Artifact-Gym Safe Code and Supplements x7 - Orchards Juice Bar next to the gymn
1:05 - Safe 12-18-79 and Supplements x17 - Far storage room next to the gym
1:37 - Artifact-FEDRA Orders - Automatic pickup when you exit through the door across the gym
2:19 - Supplements x8 - Room to the left of the metal bars when you equip the mask and enter the area with spores
2:31 - Supplements x8 and Parts x14 - After crossing the metal bar turn left and find supplements in the bathroom and parts at the end of the main halway-room to the right
3:15 - Supplements x9 - When you pick up the mask you will be attacked by some infected-on the other side check the now opened door and check the bed
3:34 - Artifact-FEDRA Final Note - First room on the right after climbing down the fire hose
3:46 - Parts x12 - One floor down you will enter one room with the clicker-check near the tv
4:17 - Weapon-Flamethrower and Supplements x10 - Same room-squize to the room on the right at the end of the halway and cross the metal bar
4:50 - Supplements x7 and Parts x14 - One floor down-turn around away from the infected and traverse the narrow ledge
5:08 - Parts x3 - Another floor down cross the first metal beam and go straight
6:03 - Coin-Oregon and Supplements x10 - From the last location you you walk the other longer metal beam and go down one more floor-in the room with the enemy grab supplements and for the coin turn around and jump over a gap
6:43 - Supplements x23 - One more floor down in the nighstand next to the bed just where you drop down
7:25 - Coin-Wisconsin - After you enter and exit the elevator shaft break the window of the vending machine
7:52 - Parts x8 - Next of the vending machine
8:08 - Coin-Rhode Island and Parts x18 - After removing the mask in the plaza-under the register and in the right counter
8:36 - Parts x15 - On of the side rooms on the left when you exit the plaza
8:52 - Coin-Missouri - After the scene in the hospital grounds find it in the grass on the right BEFORE entering the hospital building

35 - Ground Zero

0:17 - Coin-Washington - When you descent the first staircase go left behind the counter
0:38 - Artifact-Annex Letter - After you split with Nora find the room at the right at end of the 2nd floor and crawl under it
1:01 - Artifact-Soldiers Letter and Parts x14 - After going down the next staircase and jumping one floor down-check the corpse and around him
1:44 - Artifact-Chapel Note and Supplements x12 - Instead going through the yellow door-go in the chapel and find it in the room and on altar
2:07 - Artifact-Patients Note - After going through the yellow door-smash the window of the 2nd room on the right and enter
2:28 - Supplements x12 - Across the previous artifact-circle around until you reach the top shelf
2:43 - Artifact-Doctor’s Note and Supplements x6 - Go to the room across the previous supplements and follow the hallway until you can enter the 3rd room on the left
3:12 - Workbench and Parts x36 - Next 2 rooms after you climb the wall in the current room (some in front when you land and some in the other room where the workbench is)
3:59 - Supplements x18 - After turning on the generator you will go back to the hallway-entere the Recovery-first room on the left and find on the shelfs
4:16 - Supplements x40 - Go back to the hallway from where you entered and enter the Supply room on the right at the end
4:37 - Coin-Hawaii and Supplements x20 - After the boss fight when you raise the closed door go to the left and find the there
5:21 - Parts x16 - Same room in the back of the track where you need to squeeze through

36 - Return to the Aquarium

No collectibles.

37 - The Marina

0:17 - Coin-Kansas - Turn around when you start and go up the stairs then to the left
0:32 - Coin-Louisiana - When you reach the bus stations check on the right side behind the stairs
0:45 - Supplements x16 and Parts x15 - Inside the train
1:05 - Parts x7 - When you travel across the water check the submerged truck
1:21 - Artifact-Marina Note and Supplements x13 and Parts x8 - When you exit the water and climb the pier-continue forward and do not ascend the ladder-check the side room
1:49 - Parts x23 - After pushing the cart you will enter side building-explore that one

38 - The Island

0:17 - Coin-Idaho and Artifact-WLF Scout Journal and Parts x14 - After climbing the first ladder-check the back of the truck on the left and corpse and car just across the truck 0:54 - Coin-North Carolina - Before droping down the slide where the next waterfall is check the car on the left
1:07 - Artifact-Venison Distribution Note and Supplements x16 - First hut of the first village you get to
1:41 - Parts x7 and Parts x13 and Coin-Montana - In the area with encounters check the 2nd and 3rdhut ground floors and upper floor of the 2nd
2:29 - Supplements x19 - First hut on the right
2:41 - Parts x16 - In the watchtower just after previous part
2:58 - Artifact-Mournful Prayer Note and Artifact-Young Seraphites Journal and Supplements x17 and Workbench and Parts x11- After watchtower huts on the left and right
3:58 - Supplements x23 - Cornfield enouncter-first hut on the left down the road
4:28 - Supplements x18 - After cornfield you will squeeze in the next hut-find it there

39 - The Escape

0:17 - Supplements x17 and Parts x7 - 2nd hut after start of the chapter
0:41 - Parts x34 and Supplements x8 - After dropping down for the first time and see enemies with flashlights-check the desks of this room and shelves of the next one
1:16 - Coin-Arkansas - After exit the last room-turn immediately left
1:38 - Parts x34 and Supplements x17 - After the next scene-check the locker and the desk close to you
2:23 - Parts x11 - At the next enemy section-check the cash register-bar and near the meat grinder
2:57 - Parts x9 - Check back of the truck after you exit the last building
3:11 - Workbench and Supplements x16 and Parts x11 - When you climb into the room with the workbench check near the workbench

40 - The Confrontation

No collectibles.

41 - The Farm

No collectibles.

42 - 2425 Constance

0:17 - Artifact - Inside the first house with the clicker you need to enter-check the bathroom

43 - Pushing Inland

0:17 - Artifact-Abbys Note - Inside the boat to your left at the start
0:54 - Artifact-Mansion Note and Parts x22 - When you climb over the fence-enter the garage of the first house on the right
1:21 - Trading Card-CBB-73 and Supplements x8 - When you climb the next house-check the bathroom and the room next to it on the upper floor before jumping down
1:52 - Artifact-Runaway Warning and Workbench and Parts x9 - Ground floor of the same house
2:25 - Journal Entry - After crawling under a wall-go on the other side of the police car and Ellie with fill the journal
3:00 - Parts x9 - Back of the truck north from the previous police car
3:19 - Supplements x6 - Down the slope-few meters down check the back of the turned over car

44 - The Resort

0:17 - Weapon-Silenced Submachine Gun - Automaticaly at the start (High Caliber Trophy if this is your last weapon)
1:03 - Parts x13 and Journal Entry - After killing first enemies-go further and kill the second wave-then check the house next to the truck and mural on the truck
1:58 - Artifact-Santa Barbara Slave Note - When you see a prisoner escape in the distance-check the left side where you can see a blood trail
2:20 - Workbench and Parts x22 - Next enemy encounter-check the shack in the middle and area around for some parts
3:07 - Trading Card-Sparkthug - Enter the next building and check behind the table to your right (Master Set trophy if this is your last card)
3:26 - Artifact-Rattlers Letter Home - Next spiral stairs after the next enemy encounter-after you climb them turn right and check near a bed (Archivist trophy if this is your last artifact)

45 - The Beach

No collectibles.

46 - Epilogue

No collectibles.

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