The Last of Us 2 - Weapons and Weapon Upgrades Guide

This guide will help you find all the weapons and corresponding upgrades.


Semi-Auto Pistol
You start with this weapon.

Bolt-Action Rifle
Automatically obtained during Chapter 4 - Patrol

Automatically obtained during Chapter 7 - Packing Up

Pump Shotgun
You can find this in the bank building in the Chapter 9 - Downtown. It is inside the bank vault (60-23-06 is the code to the vault).

0:37 - Weapon - Pump Shotgun

You can pick this up in Chapter 16 - Hillcrest in the garage a bit later. Infected will attack you there, kill it and pick it off him. You can still return to the garage if you exited.

10:32 - Weapon-Bow-Crafting Recipe-Arrows


Military Pistol 
Automatically obtained during Chapter 24 - The Stadium

Semi-Auto Rifle
Automatically obtained during Chapter 24 - The Stadium

Hunting Pistol 
You can find this in Chapter 25 - On Foot. After carrying the ladder to reach the room where Manny is (the room with the big boat in the air), you will drop down to a small open area. Next objective is to go further through the fence. Imidiately after you pass the fence, look on the right side for a cracked wall and enter. Open the safe here (17-38-07).

7:56 - Safe 17-38-07 and Weapon-Hunting Pistol

Double Barrel Shotgun
You can find this in Chapter 28 - Hostile Territory. After climbing over the wall, you will find many china shops on your left. Last on one the left - go upstairs. Kill the clickers, jump across the balcony, go left and jump down the celling hole. Kill the enemy there and pick up the weapon behind the counter.

6:45 - Weapon-Double Barrel Shotgun

Automatically obtained during Chapter 31 - The Coast

Automatically obtained during Chapter 34 - The Descent. You can actually pick this up in few way, but one of those is also automatic pickup.

4:17 - Weapon-Flamethrower

Silenced Submachine Gun
Automatically obtained at the start of Chapter 44 - The Resort.

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