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News | Like a Dragon: Ishin! Patch 1.04 fixed smithing grinding and rewards you with some seals!

by Foggy, 17-03-2023 , edited by Foggy, 17-03-2023

Patch 1.04 is out, and it will help you get rare materials faster. Check out what you can collect, where, and how to use the bonus

On March 17th, Sega rolled out a new patch for Ishin. I just want to mention that the grinding for materials is now somewhat fixed, so the time needed to farm Dragon-related materials should go in your favor. There is also one great bonus added, Remunerative Materials Kit:

  • Sphere Seal: Greed x10
  • Sphere Seal: Kiwami x10

If you bring these to Blacksmith, you can enchance the empty slots with Greed. If you max out Greed with Kiwami Sphere 3 times, it will raise the material drop rate for 6% each! I added 3 on my main weapon and the real farming starts now!

The full Ishin Trophy Guide is here:

Official Release notes for Like a Dragon: Ishin! Patch 1.04

"Hello RGG Fans!

Thank you for playing Like a Dragon: Ishin!
Patch 1.04 is now live with the following fixes and improvements:

Issues caused by Kijin-maru Kunishige
The following issues will occur when seven seals are set (all slots are filled) on Kijin-maru Kunishige:

  • All seals set on the Kijin-maru Kunishige will change to the first set seal
  • The item placed next to Kijin-maru Kunishige will change to another item
  • Depending on the item it changes to, the game may crash when the Equipment menu is opened

We have been investigating ways to fix the issue, but have discovered that some of the changed items cannot be restored due to technical issues.
In addition to fixing the problem, the following measures will be taken to apologize to those affected.
DLC weapons and Remunerative Materials Kit items can be picked up from Bakumatsu Bob, in the kitchen on the first floor of Teradaya.

  • Lost DLC weapons can now be re-obtained from Bakumatsu Bob.
  • Weapons: Bloody Sheen, Bonechewer, Waterdrop, Snowcap, Poet Immortal, Dragon's Clutch
  • Weapons that can be used without modification will retain their status.
  • Weapons: Kijin-maru Kunishige and seven seals of altered states, all other weapons.
  • Certain elements that cannot be restored.
  • Seals set on the Kijin-maru Kunishige that were changed due to the glitch cannot be restored.
  • Weapons that have been transformed into other items, as well as the seals that were set on that weapon, cannot be restored.
  • Replaced incorrect items changed or generated by defects with Bundle Blades.

Compensation Items
Items will be distributed to all customers who have installed the digital version pre-order bonus (Japanese Swords & Cannon Set).

Remunerative Materials Kit:
Sphere Seal: Kiwami x10
Sphere Seal: Greed x10

Balance Adjustments

  • Increased enemy item drop rates.
  • The following hard-to-obtain seals are now dropped directly in battle dungeons:

- Sphere Seal: Greed
- Sword Seal: Fierce Deity
- Square Seal: Heavy Drinker
- Square Seal: Reverence
- Square Seal: Drunken Craze
- Square Seal: Virtuous
- Square Seal: Special Moves

Weakened elemental attributes of weapons thrown by giant bosses.
Adjusted difficulty of Ichizu Samurai (Truehearted Samurai) in the singing bar.
Reduced time needed to open pots.

Other bug fixes and improvements

  • Fixed an issue in which, on rare occasions, the screen may flicker, and characters and parts of the background may not be displayed during event scenes.
  • Fixed an issue where, when performing certain actions during training with William Bradley, the player may be returned to the title screen after a battle or may not receive reward items.
  • Fixed an issue where a character stuck in the well of the Shinsengumi Barracks can move after saving and loading.
  • Fixed an issue where the character may not be able to run properly during chases.
  • Fixed an issue where Komaki Cat-Like Reflexes did not activate in all styles.
  • Fixed a boss-specific issue where small weapons would sometimes float in mid-air during battle.
  • Fixed an issue where the Reputation Rakugai message may remain onscreen.
  • Fixed a display bug when ending a Mahjong game.
  • Fixed an issue where dummy troopers were displayed when a trooper could not be obtained.
  • Fixed an issue where map behavior changed depending on frame rate.
  • Improved behavior when the display mode is set to Borderless.
  • PlayStation controllers are now supported regardless of Steam Input settings.
  • Improved behavior when the Simplify Combo Attacks accessibility function is set to Press and hold.
  • Other improvements and bug fixes.

We appreciate your support and patience while our team addresses these known issues.

Please continue to share any bugs you encounter via the Official Bug Thread.

- RGG Community Team -"

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