Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising - All Resident and Shop Quests Guide

Residental Quests are considered sidequests and there are 160 (including the main missions) of them during the game (out of which some are unlocked only in post-game). You can't miss any of them since you get post-game save data after beating the game and therefore you can load and continue in main story chapter 29 before the point of no return. Solving quests will grant you stamps, which you need to unlock few trophies, and you will unlock and upgrade village shops also needed for trophies.

Usually residental quests get unlocked in chunks after beating story chapters.

If you don't get some drop during your run through the dungeon, simply exit the dungeon and re-enter to respawn enemies and resources.

  • Resident Quest 01 - Go Fetch Some rare Nuts (Town Outskirts - Mannan)
    Gather Nuts x2 in the Great Forest, you can find some in the 4rd area from the start (top level) by collecting them from the floor. Go to the area right from the Forest Cave signpost. Since this is your first quest, you will unlock The Road to Recovery trophy.
    Reward: Stamp, Exp: 750
  • Resident Quest 02 -Soothing a singer’s Sore Throat (Outlander Lane - Jeann)
    Collect Titan Nectar x5 in the Great Forest. You can get some from the flower enemies that shoot nuts that you can find a bit right from the Forest Cave signpost in the Great Forest.
    Reward: Stamp, Exp: 750
  • Resident Quest 03 -Round Up Some Rations (Plaza - Naksa)
    Gather Savorcaps x5 in the Great Forest. You will obtain Mycology Primer that lets you gather mushrooms. The red mushrooms you need are in the Forest Cave of the Great Forest signpost room, and in the room right next to it. This unlock mushroom resources throughout the game.
    Reward: Stamp, Exp: 750
  • Shop Quest 01 - Permission to Trade - (Outlander Lane - Bertrand) - Automatic story quest
    Find Isha in the Residential District Interior, talk to her, return to Bertrand.
    Reward: Stamp, Exp: 500, 500 baqua, Weapon Shop unlocked
  • Shop Quest 02 - An Armorer With an Eye for Fashion (Outlander Lane - Frida) - Automatic story quest
    Find Paint in The Great Forest. Teleport to Forest Cave, go left from the post and down, then right, destroy rock with Garoo, continue down and at the bottom go right into the next screen where the signpost is. You will face a mini-boss here, defeat it and open a treasure chest to get Paint.
    Reward: Steam, Exp: 500, herbs, 500 baqua, Armor Shop unlocked
  • Resident Quest 04 -Fetch Me Some Furs! (Plaza - Navia)
    Get Ebony Pelts in the Great Forest. Teleport to Hellhound Lake and defeat the wolf mini-boss to get it
    Reward: Stamp, Exp: 1000
  • Shop Quest 03 - Apothecary Opening Day (Plaza - Robert)
    Head to the end of the Residential District
    Reward: Stamp, Exp: 500, 500 baqua, The Apotecary unlocked
  • Shop Quest 04 - Spectacular Appraiser’s Spectacles (Second Street - Squash)
    Find the Appraiser’s Spectables. Go to Plaza, speak with Avan and return to Squash.
    Reward: Stamp, Exp: 500, 500 baqua, The Accessory Shop unlocked
  • Shop Quest 05 - Profit Chasing (Second Street - Felipe)
    Ask around to find out what business would be profitable. Speak with Aki, Oliver and Viti in Outlander Lane.
    Reward: Stamp, Exp: 500, 500 baqua, Tool Shop unlocked (you can craft/upgrade Pickaxe, Fishing and Trap tools here)
  • Shop Quest 06 - Exactly 100 Baqua (Second Street - René)
    Find an item worth 100 baqua. Simply move to Residential District Interior and open the treasure chest to get the item.
    Reward: Steamp, Exp: 500, 500 baqua, Pawnshop unlocked (you can exchange resources for money, but you might want to keep them as you will need them for many upgrades. You can sell items like Rare stone, Antique Currency which are only for extra money).
  • Shop Quest 07 - Go Get My Treasure Chest! (Second Street - Hogan)
    Find Hogan’s Chest in the Great Forest. From the Forest Cave signpost just go right into the next area and find the chest along the road.
    Reward: Stamp, Exp: 500, 500 baqua, The Trading Post unlocked (you can exchange lower-tier resources to get higher-tier resources. This will be the best place to avoid grinding in dungeons for some materials. You can also exchange stamps for rewards - don't worry, you don't spend them when you exchange).
  • Resident Quest 05 - We Must Gather Weaponry (Town Outskirts - Ranbir)
    Mine for Iron Ore in the Quarry x10. Just enter from Mouth and destroy rocks in this area. When you're done just exit to Mouth (starting point) and you can re-do the run as the resources respawn.
    Reward: Stamp, Exp: 1000
  • Shop Quest 08 - A Special Someone’s Recipe (Outlander Lane - Sarita)
    Find the Recipe in the Great Forest. It's left of the Forest Cave signpost in the same area (defeat the flying bat enemy).
    Reward: Stamp, Exp: 750, 1000 baqua, The Tavern upgraded (new recipes unlocked).
  • Resident Quest 06 - What’s Eating the Outlanders? (Outlander Lane - Goctea)
    Gather information on Outlander Lane. Just talk to people in this street.
    Reward: Exp: 500, 1000 baqua
  • Shop Quest 09 - About Your Order (Outlander Lane - Bertran)
    Find Rambir. He is at the Town Outskirts
    Reward: Stamp, Exp: 750, 1000 baqua, The Weapon Shop upgrade
  • Shop Quest 10 - Making Up With Tatara (Outlander Lane - Frida)
    Speak with Tatara (he is to the left in the same street).
    Reward: Stamp, Exp: 750, 1000 baqua, The Smithy upgrade, The Armor Shop update
  • Shop Quest 11 - Get Me My Giant branch (Plaza - Felipe)
    Get giant branch x2 in the Great Forest. Teleport to the Great Tree Glade inside Great Forest and defeat the boss to get the branch. Navigate out of the dungeon on repeat to get the second.
    Reward; Stamp, Exp: 500 and 500 baqua, Tool Shop upgrade
  • Shop Quest 12 - Have You Seen Sarita? (Second Street - Hoga)
    Find Sarita. She is in front of the Tavern in Outlander Lane (left side).
    Reward: Stamp, Exp: 750, 1000 baqua

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