Ghost of Tsushima - All Tales of Tsushima

This guide will help you unlock and find all Tales of Tsushima. I will not go into details with how to complete the quests as they are pretty simple and they use the pointers to always show you where to go and what to do.


Unfinished Business
To unlock this story, simply finish The Broken Blacksmith story mission to rescue Taka. You can then return to Azamo Bay to help the others.

Lost at Sea
Speak with Otosuke who is on the island south of Aoi Village (the most southwestern part of the island).

A Healer's Touch
Speak with the Monk in River Child’s Wetlands, which you can find east of Aoi Village.

Empty Baskets
Find it on the map southeast from the Ohama Fishing Village.

Honor Buried Deep
First, you need to finish Unfished Business story. You can then find the quest marker in Azamo Bay, just speak with the man there.

The Value of Sake
Speak with the woman at the Kii Sake Brewery (Ki Pond - Northeast of Archer's Rise).

For Tsushima
Nort of Kii's Pond, speak with the woman at the Azamo Inn.

The cost of Iron
Investigate the home southwest of Kuta Farmstead.

A Place to Call Home
Find the peasant on the road east of River Falls Bridge and speak with him.

The Other side of Honor
Investigate the area north of Shigenori Peak (Plumm Blossom Shinto Shrine).

Whispers in the Woods
Investigate the location southwest of Yagata Farmstead.

Incident at Hiyoshi Pass
Find the bridge between Hiyoshi and Ariake.

The Laughing Bandits
Speak with Saki after you unlock second (Totoyama) region. You can find him southeast of Kechi Fishing Village.


A Kenji Tale 2/3
As you enter the Totoyama region, you will soon unlock many tales. One of them will be Kenji's Tale part 2.

A Kenji Tale 3/3
While following the quest in the Umugi Cove, you will have to speak with Sanjo when you arrive there. This will unlock Kenji's quest last part.

A Yuriko Tale 1/2 - The Proud Do Not Endure
After returning home later in this region. This will also involve beating certain story mission, after which her tale will unlock

A Yuriko Tale 2/2 - The Art Of Seeing
Beat her story part 1.


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