Horizon Forbidden West - All Arena Challenges Guide

To unlock the arena in Horizon: FW you first need to finish the main quest "The Kulrut", and then speak to Kalla in The Maw of the Arena settlement (north from the The Memorial Grove on the map) to start the "Opening the Arena" quest.

For the quest you need to gather some Behemoth Tusks and defeat and loot Rollerback. Both locations are marked on the map, it's easy to find them.

When you come back and report the quest, you will unlock the Arena by speaking to Kalla; 5 stages with 4 challenges each (Amateur, Intermediate, Skilled, Expert, Legendary). You can do them on Story difficulty, and you only need to finish one set of 4 challenges to unlock the Completed Arena Challenge Set trophy. It's not so easy on Normal difficulty, you might want to upgrade your weapons and armors first. Note that last challenge of one set is with predefined weapons, meanig you can't use your own, thus making it quite difficult.

Before you start, make sure to visit weapon merchant close to Kalla. If you completed all Hunting Grounds challenges and got max rewards from each trial, you can buy ALL Rare weapons in exchange for those - do so and equip them, they will help a lot here. When you gather medals from arena, exchange them for legendary bows, which are one of the strongest and best bows in the game, plus you can also find legendary armors. To win arena challenges, that is a must.

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