Horizon Forbidden West - All Hunting Grounds Trials

You can find 12 Hunting Ground Trials (4 Hunting Grounds with 3 Trials each) in Horizon: FW. You don't need to get Full Stripes (Gold rewards) from each for trophies; the most you need is at least Quarter Stripe in all 3 stages in one Hunting Ground location. Have in mind that you can excange rewarded medals in Arena later on, for pretty neat weapons, so you might want to do them and get the full reward from each.

You can buy Shock Warrior Bow in the first village after you unlock merchants which happens by finishing some side quests there, or you will get it from the Groundkeeper during your first trial. You will need it for 2 Trials.

Trial Tip:

Prepare for a trial, max out on ammo and health and save near the challenge at campfire . When you start, if you know you will fail just let the machines kill you.  You can just ride down and try again. Restarting checkpoint (save) also works.

Hunting Grounds: The Daunt

0:01 - Location and unlocking The Daunt Haunting Grounds
2:00 - Tear Trial
4:05 - Shock Trial
5:41 - Shock and Trap Trial

Tear Trial

Locate Scroungers down there, and what you need is the Power Cell part on its end of the back. You can shoot it down with regular arrows and pick it up. Do this 3 times under 1min and 30 seconds to get the full reward.

Shock Trial

Locate Scroungers down there again, but this time use Shock Warrior Bow's ammo and again shoot their Power Cell to make it explode after you hit it. It will happen few seconds after you shoot it. The enemy needs to explode near other machines to destroy them, and you need to do that for 3 enemies to be destroyed by the explosion. You have 3 minutes, which is a lot.

Shock and Trap Trial

Locate Scroungers down there again, and guide them towards other machines and shoot of their Power Cell to stun everything around. Now shoot of some enviroment weapons like logs or crates up there while machines are stunned to complete the trial. The best strategy is to find where there the most enemies are in number, stun them and get all 3 kills at once. You have 3 minutes.

Hunting Grounds: The Plainsong

The second Hunting Ground is northwest from the Plainsong settlement. The challenges are really easy here, just make sure you prepared 1 Skill Point to strenghten your Silent Strike if you didn't already.

0:01 - Location and unlocking Plainsong Hunting Grounds
2:16 - Silent Looting Trial
5:01 - Silent Strike Trial Preparation
5:01 - Silent Strike Trial
5:41 - Silent Gliding Trial

Silent Looting Trial

Simply open 3 chests while unnoticed. There is an easy pattern if you just follow the right-side machine. Second chest is across the rope as soon as the machine goes back, and if you fall down from there you can reach the tall grass towards the last chest. Continue when machines goes back. You have 3 and a half minutes.

Silent Strike Trial

First, you need to upgrade your Infliltrator Skill Tree and learn "Silent Strike +" in order to pass the trial. I was too weak at this point and you need to 1-hit silent strike the enemy. Learn the skill and you are ready to go. You can follow the same pattern as in previous challenge, so do so, and stealth kill 3 enemies. You have 1 min and a half.

Silent Gliding  Trial

Maybe the easiest challenge of them all; you can glide and silent strike from the air the first enemy on  the right, and grapple your wary towards any other machine close to you. Jump from the poles and finish the second enemy. You have 1 minute.

Hunting Grounds: The Raintrace

You can find this arena east from Thornmarsh on the map. Buy and Equip Glowblast Sharpshot Bow & Thunderbolt Shredder Gaunglet weapons from the merchant at the site. It's also advisable to unlock Hunter Skills (Heavy Weapon +) that increase your heavy weapons stats to have easier time with the last challenge. You can farm Behemoths and Thunderjaws for their Circulator items if you miss them for exchanging for weapons.

0:01 - Location and unlocking The Raintrace Hunting Grounds
0:17 - Preparation: Buy and Equip Glowblast Sharpshot Bow & Thunderbolt Shredder Gaunglet
0:39 - Preparation: Learn Hunter Skills (Heavy Weapon +) that increase your heavy weapons stats
1:00 - Behemoth Location: If you need to farm Behemoth Circulators
1:10 - Thunderjaw Location: If you need to farm Thunderjaw Circulators
1:51 - Shock and Remove Trial
3:33 - Clawstrider Override Unlock
5:52 - Mounter Combat Trial
8:46 - Heavy Weapons Trial

Shock and Remove Trial

The first trial is the easiest. Use Shockshredders Ammo to stun the elephant, then just remove 2 of his tusks with melee weapon. Sometimes he can fall near the wall, this making his tusk unreachable, so aim to shock him somewhere in the opened area.

Mounter Combat Trial Trial

Complete IOTA Cauldron to learn to override Clawstrider machine first. Without this you can't really win this trial.

Defeat 2 enemies with the help of overriden Clawstrider to get your victory. I always aim to override the closed machine, then just circle around while shooting at the same enemies. It's advisable to run away from the elephant, and try to use R1 to speed up this beast.

Heavy Weapons Trial

The worst challenge is definately this one. If you play on Normal difficulty prepare some Smoke Bombs and as soon as you tear down some weapon, use them to get few seconds without getting hit by enemies. You need to combine this strategy with healing and tearing weapons, plus of course killing 3 Clawstriders as they are the easiest to kill. Took me a while, but it's doable.

Hunting Grounds: Sheerside Mountains

You can find Sheerside Mountains Hunting Grounds directly east from The Bulwark settlement. I advise you to travel back to The Raintrace Grounds so you can buy and Equip Glowblast Sharpshot Bow & Thunderbolt Shredder Gaunglet weapons from the merchant at the site. This will make you life easier with the upcoming challenges. You can also buy weapons from merchant at Sheerside Mountains if you prefer.

0:01 - Preparation: Buy and Equip Glowblast Sharpshot Bow & Thunderbolt Shredder Gaunglet from The Raintrace Hunting Grounds
0:39 - Behemoth Location: If you need to farm Behemoth Circulators
0:49 - Thunderjaw Location: If you need to farm Thunderjaw Circulators
1:00 - Location Sheerside Moutains & Preparation
2:01 - Frost Trial
4:39 - Shredder Catch Trial
5:59 - Plasma Blast Trial

Frost Trial

Put Bellowback into Frost state, and then destroy his sacs while he is in that state. Sacs are those big green carnisters below his head and at his back. You need to do this 3 times while he is in Frost state.

Shredder Catch Trial

To do your task here you need to shoot with your Shredder weapon and catch the shredder 3 times. Next hit with the same ammo will cause the explosion on hit. Combine this on 2 Bellowbacks to win the trial.

Plasma Blast Trial

Use your plasma arrow to put the enemy into Plasma State, then shoot him with provision arrows to inflict heavy damage. You must fill his purple bar to max before the enemy recovers from Plasma State. If you manage to do so, it will cause max explosion. Do this twice.

By winning all trials you will unlock Obtained 3 Stripes at Hunting Grounds trophy.

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