Horizon Forbidden West - All Tallnecks Guide

You can find 6 Tallnecks in Horizon: FW. The last one is unlocked during the main story, and the rest you need to find on the map. They require at least the gliding gadget, while the least one unlocks during story when you unlock the flying machine before the last story mission. Overriding them all unlocks the All Tallnecks Overridden Trophy.

0:01 - Tallneck #01 (Cinnabar Sands)
4:26 - Tallneck #02 (The Stillsands)
8:04 - Tallneck #03 (The Stand of Sentinels)
12:58 - Tallneck #04 (Landfall)
21:16 - Tallneck #05 (Salt Bite)
24:30 - Tallneck #06 (The Shining Wastes)

Tallneck #01 (Cinnabar Sands)

Find it southeast from Plainsong. This is your first Tallneck, you will need to glide onto him from top after reacharging the battery found on the middle of the platform (recharge it at the bottom). Climb up, shoot the 2 cables and climb to the top from where you can reach him.

Tallneck #02 (The Stillsands)

Find him south of Camp Nowhere. Examine the wodden structure near a ballista on the middle from his radious, and then use 3 ballistas to bring Tallneck down by shooting him on weak leg points. Watch for enemies in between. After he is down, override him.

Tallneck #03 (The Stand of Sentinels)

You can find this one southwest of Cliffwatch. Climb all the way up the wodden platforms and jump onto him. You can start from bottom, go up the first platform, go until the second where you can use the tree sticking on the first one to gain more height and glide onto the next. From the next jump on Tallneck and to the other side. Keep climbing, defeat enemies, climb more and you will reach the top from where you can jump and override the Tallneck.

Tallneck #04 (Landfall)

He is located on the far west after you traverse with the boat during the story. Examine his legs underwater, find 2 power converters just to the northwest from the scrap piles and restore him. Swim where he goes and jump from that building under which you need to swim, climb the stairs and use that platform to jump on him and climb.

Tallneck #05 (Salt Bite)

Find IOTA Cauldron north of Scalding Spear, northeast of Stone Crest (it's at the north part of the middle map part). Simply finish Cauldron: IOTA and you will activate this one on your way out.

Tallneck #06 (The Shining Wastes)

Auto-unlock during main story

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