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News | PSN 2019 Wrap-up

by Foggy, 14-01-2020 , edited by Foggy, 13-08-2021

What did my PSN said about my progress in 2019th? Mostly it screams "Get a life". But then again, there are players that can eat my accomplishments for breakfast.

I play. A lot. Sometimes. Without much writting, let me share my PSN generated progress about what happened last year. And I ask myself why does my PS4 sounds like it is about to take off.

Well, unexpected.

Only 43 different games :( I must be getting old. It was a good year overal, many good games played.

Yeah right.

Where is my RPG genre? It's all I play and yet, this bitch pops up.

No life alert.

Yeah, good times. 16h the longest single run? Sounds about right. It doesn't say "days in a row" next to it...Oh well.

Not bad.

29 Platinums and many games that are close to one. Satisfied.

No Monster Hunter? I will punish myself with playing it non-stop now.

Ah yes...The grind to level 50 trophy. Never try platinum RDR2. It's a great game with awefull online experience. Past year it was 300 hours of Monster Hunter World. That's more like it.

Now, let's double this year.

When we hit April and all those games then...It will be most of what i will invest in the current year :)