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Cards Club Quest

CC Group Quest must be finished before Lunatic Pandora which was end of Disk 3 on PS1 version. It's a big flying building in which you need to enter with Ragnarok. If you don't beat all CC members, you cannot play them later after Lunatic Pandora Events (Disk 4 on PS1 version).

First oportunity to start the quest is when you finish Missile Base mission where you need to stop rocket hitting Balamb Garden. After that you will be back with Squall in Balamb. I advise to do it as soon as possible to get it out of the way. Save before each game to avoid losing any rare card. If you have Random rules, it's still very doable.

To start this sidequest you must win 15 triple triad games in Balamb garden (Cafeteria, Library or Classroom 2F doesn't count)

Find Jack in Main Hall, challenge him and beat him

Find Joker in Training Center. If he doesn't show up, keep re-entering the screen until he does. You can also win Leviathan card from him

Club is roaming the hallways. If he doesn't show up, keep re-entering the screen until he does

Diamond can be found at entrance

Spade becomes available after beating NORG boss. If he doesn't show up, keep re-entering the screen until he does

After Fisherman Horizon events you will be back in Balamb. Just before traveling with Balamb, you can challenge Xu, Heart CC member.

Check Infirmary (to get this line of conversation press square). Save, leave the group and keep resting until King arrives. Beat her and you are done!


Queen of Cards Quest

This is very long quest. It is not needed for any trophy, but if you want all cards, you need to do it before ending Disk 3. After that you can challenge her and other memembers of CC group (which you also need to finish) on disk 4 to get all cards you may miss at that point.

Trick to move Queen to desired town:
There is a certain pattern after which Queen moves to location you want her to move. You need to learn Move-Find skill from Siren, have access to Dollet and Save on Save point upstairs in the Pub there. Hint: save on some slot which you will not use and overwrite; that way you can always use this trick when needed.

Coming soon...

Short Quest Overview:
- Lose MiniMog in Balamb to send her to Dollet. Talk to her about her father in Dollet.
- Lose Sacred in Dollet to send her to Balamb.
- Lose Chicobo in Balamb to send her to Dollet. Talk to her about her father in Dollet.
- Lose Alexander in Dollet to send her to Balamb.
- Lose Doomtrain in Balamb to send her to Dollet. Talk to her about her father in Dollet.

You can find Queen in Balamb City the first time you end up there. She is just south of first screen and west on second (left of Draw point). First thing you wanna do is challenge her, but don't play. Check if Trade Rule says "All". If yes, quit the duel. Now, whole region will have this trade rull. It's the best one as it gives you all oponent cards if you win.

Now, play card games either here or back in Balamb G. You need couple of good cards; for start, Balamb G. Cafeteria, right hand side table, challenge guy in the back. He holds Quistit Card. In the main hallway (circular one with computer and elevator in middle) is the running kid. He holds MiniMog Card. He also have "One" rule, but it's enough as you need his MiniMog Card. After Dollet mission you can challenge Zell's mom (lower right hause on the screen with Draw point) for Zell Card.

Next Card you can get is Seifer Card which Cid holds. After you are back from Dollet mission, he will assing another one near front entrance. He will give you Magical Lamp there, after which you can find him in his office on 3F of the garden. Go there and challenge him for Seifer Card.

Losing first card (lose MiniMog for Kiros card to appear)
You need to lose MiniMog Card to her in Balamb City and she MUST leave for Dollet after you manage to do that. Easy way to lose i just pick MiniMog and weakest cards you have, and lose on purpose. She needs to take MiniMog Card. Talk to her and see where she went. She must leave for Dollet (there she gives card to her son from which you can win MiniMog back, and Kiros Card will be available). If you mess up, have Save before match and Exit, Load, repeat.

Just below the pun, one screen down, there is a hause on the low right part of screen. Challenge small kid there to win back MiniMog card. Every rare card you lose for this quest you can win back from kid IF queen is in Dollet (she needs to be here to give to her son).

On mission when you are on Train, you can challenge Watts to win Angelo Card. There is a Save point just one screen north.

In Dollet, you can challenge guy left of Queen on second floor. Win and follow him. In secret room you can challenge him and win Siren Card.

When you reach Deling City, challenge guy dressed in black on lower left of the screen in Shopping district (screen south of hotel). Win Kiros Card.

Minotaur and Sacred Cards can be won by clearing The Tomb of the Unknown King dungeon.

Losing Sacred card (Irvine Card appears):
Lose Sacred in Dollet to send Queen to Balamb. Talk to her about her father artist and you can go and win Sacred from her son.

After Disk 1 and finishing prison, when you can get back to Deling City (before Missile Base), enter Caraway's Mansion and challenge him. Lose Ifrit Card, challenge him after to win Rinoa Card. You can win back Ifrit from him, or from Martin later in FH.

You might want to abolish Random rule if present. Try this:
Exit game.
Load save where you want to abolish the rule.
Challenge, select no for a total of 4 times.
Challenge, select yes, Quit without playing.
Random should be abolished.
If not, you can try saving at the hotel, hard reset, then load the hotel save. Leave the hotel, go back in and challenge and refuse twice, then challenge, accept and quit.

When you reach Balamb, you can finish CC Group Quest. Check above for detailed info and what to get there. Playing that you can win Leviathan Card and open posibility on Disk 4 for the best Rare card farm in the game. By not doing CC quest, you lose that opportunity.

When you reach FH, you will enter Mayor's house. Challenge him (Mayor Dobe) and win Quetzalcotl Card. If you lost Sacred to Queen, you can win Irvine Card from his wife Flo.

In front of Mayor's house to the right you can find Martin and win Ifrit back if you didn't from Caraway.

Since you cannot finish CC as soon as you start it, challenging Xu after garden is fixed you can win Carbuncle Card. King has Gilgamesh Card

When you end up in occupied Balamb City, you can win Pandemona Card from Hotel owner or doing pattern of events that will grant you the card from girl in house north from Zell's house.

Losing Chicobo card (Chubby Chocobo Card appears):
You need to finish Chocobo side quest (check for it on main page, i covered all forests) to get Chicobo Card. She has to move to Dollet.

In Balamb Garden, screen where Training Center is - on lower left there will be guy sitting on the bench. If not, move to right screen, go back. Win Chubby Chocobo Card from him.

After Trabia Garden events, go back in and challenge girl with which Selphie was talking to. Win Selphie Card from her.

Beating Cerberus at Galbadia Garden grants Cerberus Card

When you reach Edea's lighthouse, challenge Edea and win Edea Card from her.

On White SeeD ship, give Girl Next door magazine to Zone for Shiva Card. Alternatevely if you don't have magazine, pick it up im Timber Maniac building in Timber, as soon as you enter pick it up on stack to the left. 

In Esthar, in Presidental Palace, challenge Dr. Odine for Ward Card

Losing Alexander card (Doomtrain Card appears):
In space, Piet has the Alexander Card (guy in white coat, before entering room where you need to leave Rinoa).

Just after that, when you find Ellone, DO NOT talk to her, challenge her and win Laguna Card from her.

Beat Bahatum to get Bahamut Card

Lose Alexander Card in Dollet from Queen. She needs to move to Balamb. Win back any rare cards you may missed from her son.

Win Doomtrain Card from Pub Owner in Timber (guy behind the desk on the upper right). He plays it quite rarelly.

Losing Doomtrain card (Phoenix Card appears):
Lose Doomtrain to Queen in Balamb. She needs to move to Dollet. Move to Esthar Palace and challenge guy on the right as soon as you enter palace (the room with elevator which you cannot use later). Win Phoenix Card from him.

Win Squall Card from Laguna when you meet him in Esthar, or later when he moves to Ragnarok.

Winning Phoenix is the end of this long quest. Congrats!

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