Final Fantasy 8 Remastered - Guardian Forces

Quezacotl - Automatic Story recruit.

First opportunity to get this one is at the beginning of game when you gain control over Squad in classroom. Simply go back to his computer where he was sitting and select Tutorial option. That will give you Quezacotl and Shiva. Alternatively, you will get them when you meet Quistis at Balamb exit when you need to go to Fire Cave.

Shiva - Automatic Story recruit.

First opportunity to get this one is at the beginning of game when you gain control over Squad in classroom. Simply go back to his computer where he was sitting and select Tutorial option. That will give you Quezacotl and Shiva. Alternatively, you will get them when you meet Quistis at Balamb exit when you need to go to Fire Cave.

Ifrit - Automatic Story recruit.

During your mission to Fire Cavern you will fight Ifrit inside. Spam Shiva and cure when needed. Defeating Ifrit makes him join you.


How to get:

 - Draw from Elvoret on Dollet Comm-Tower. During your mission to Dollet where Seifer will be you captain, you will climb the tower top and fight with Biggs and Wedge. After they are defeated, Elvored enters the fight. Make sure you have Draw skill on one character at least. Draw Siren from him.

 - Draw from Tri-Point in final dungeon.

Brothers - In the Tomb of the Unknown King. You will end up there at end of Disk 1; when you need to provide password in Dilling City to enter mansion. You will need to find ID at entrance of the tomb (inside of it, just one screen up when you enter). To find Brothers, from that point circle counter clockwise and keep pushing to right. You can pop the map (buy it from the guy that asks for password in Diling City) to check where you are. So, you need to do stuff in east, north and west rooms, then enter middle room which is just north from where you found ID.


First, you have very tight time frame to obtain item needed to fight Diablos. After returning from Dollet mission, you will rest in Dorm and go on Training mission with Questis. After defating the boss Raldo/Granaldo, you will again go to Dorms. After chaning uniform and sleeping, next objective is to meet with Cid in Front Gate of your school. When scene ends, immediately talk to Cid to get Magical Lamp. Going away from screen makes him dissapear, hence losing this chance of getting item. He will still be on 3F where you can get the lamp, but if you leave for Balamb City mission, you can lose this item permanently. Defeat Diablos after using Magical Lamp you got from Cid. Easy strategy is to inflict Blind on him (Blind you can get on Dollet draw point, hopefully you did), and just use GF's and summons hopping he will miss with attacks. Demi and Gravity cannot kill you.

Carbuncle [MISSABLE]

How to get:

 - Draw from Iguion in Dollet's Presidential Residence. When you are on the mission to assasinate Edea, you will play as 2 groups, go through the sewers etc. Finally, when you play as Squall and Irvine, you will climb the crates as you did with Rinoa. Soon after that there will be a fight, so prepare Draw.

 - Draw from Krysta in final dungeon.

Leviathan [MISSABLE]

How to get:

 - Draw from NORG in B-Garden, B1. After Missile Base mission with your other party, you will be back with Squall in Balamb Garden. After some events, you will fight Oilboyle x2, slimy enemies. There will be few more scenes afterwards and crisis will end. Next thing then is to ride to B1 to find Cid, where NORG awaits. Prepare Draw.

 - Draw from Trauma in final dungeon.

Pandemona [MISSABLE]

How to get:

 - Draw from Fujin in Balamb. First, you need to finish FH and you will be able to use Balamb as your ride through the map. Next stop is Balamb city, where you will need to find captain. You will end up in front of Hotel, after which first fight starts. Fight after that is where you will need to beat both Raijin and Fujin, but before that, Draw from Fujin.

 - Draw from Red Giant in final dungeon.

Cerberus [MISSABLE]

How to get:

 - Defeat Cerberus in G-Garden (battle of the gardens). There will be point in game when you reach Galbadia Garden next to lighthouse and initiate battle of gardens. There will be some exploration and card collecting, after which you end up in area of Galbadia G. where Cerberus awaits in the middle of the big room (Save is just southest of him). Beat him to get him.

 - Draw from Gargantua in final dungeon.

Alexander [MISSABLE]

How to get:

 - Draw from Edea in G-Garden. Same as Cerberus, at the end of Disk 2 are events when you reach end of Galbadia G. sequence. First, you will battle Seifer, after which your next boss will be Edea + Seifer. Have Draw, steal Alexander from her.

 - Draw from Catoblepas in final dungeon.

Doomtrain [MISSABLE]

How to get:

This GF cannot be completed until after reaching Esthar on Disc 3. But you can start preparing as soon as you gain Balamb as a transport vehicle, which is before that. You need to collect 6x Steel Pipes, 6x Malboro Tentacles, 6x Remedy+, and Solomon's Ring. Be aware that without Alexander you cannot make Remedy +, you need Med LV Up skill from him.

Steel Pipe - You can Mug Wendigo which you can find in forest between Timber and Galbadia Garden's first location (where you entered dream somewhat early in the game). Have Mug (Diablo can learn it), initiate battle around middle of the forest and mug from Wendigo. Both low and high level Wendigos are carrying Steel Pipes. Or you can refine Elastoid Cards into Steel Pipe. First method is really easy though.
Remedy+ - You need Med LV Up skill from Alexander GF and 60 Remedies. Use the skill to refine Remedies into Remedies +
Malboro Tentacle - Drop from Malboro which you can find on Island Closest to Hell; Island Closest to Heaven; Esthar continent; Ultimecia Castle (Clock Mechanism Room, Wine Cellar). The easiest way early is to find him in forests next to Chocobo Sanctuary ( All levels of Malboro drop Tentacles. 
Solomon's Ring - Enter Tears' Point in Esthar (a bit later in the game after visiting Esthar for the first time, then you will be out on that continent). In there, follow the linear path until you reach big statue. Under statue there is a shinning item. Pick it up.

Once you have all of these items, go to Item menu and use Solomon's Ring.

Bahamut - Defeat Bahamut at Deep Sea Research Center (southwest corner of the map - not shown on map overview). You can enter this hidden/optional dungeon as soon as you get Ragnarok. Be aware, it's a tough pickle. When you enter, go inside. Here, you need to walk slowly only when light is off. Otherwise you will be attacked. You need to reach that light pillar. When you do, answer with "It's not our will to fight" and beat first. Ruby Dragon. Afterwards, answer "Never" to take on another one.  You'll then be prompted with a third question; the correct answer is the hidden bottom option. Beat Bahamut.

Jumbo Cactuar - Defeat Jumbo Cactuar on Cactuar Island. It's a small island on the south continet, you need Ragnarok to land there. Simply run into Cactuar to initiate a fight. You can use Water as your attack element, make sure to raise STR high for Squall, enter with low HP (Cactuar kills with 10,000 needles anyway) and spamm Limit Break. Revive when needed and repeat. 

Tonberry King

How to get:

Defeat 18-24 Tonberries in Centra Ruins; you must not turn them to a Card or Devour them. Centra ruins is a weird construct type of building on southwest continent. You can reach it as soon as you can ride Balamb on the map. I advise using the same tactics as for Cactuar when killing Tonberries; low HP, spamm limit with Squall, revive. The trick is that you have a timer of 20mins when you enter. Kill few Tonberries, exit, Save, go back, repeat. When you kill 17, Save, go back, keep killing them, King Tonberry can show on 18th or on any later kill up until 24th.  


How to get:

 - Draw from Ultima Weapon in Deep Sea Deposit. After beating Bahamut, descent to lower floors. At the end Ultima awaits, from which you can steal this GF.

 - Draw from Tiamat in final dungeon. Easier tactic is to steal from Tiamat at the end of the game before killing Ultimecia. Tiamat is that flying Bahamut-like boss there.

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