Lost Judgment - All Empty Extract Vessel Locations

You can get 5 of these during the game. They server as a vessel for extracts, which can help you conquer harder challenges. Warrior's Onslaught is probably the best extract you can get, so let's mention the locations and tips to do so.

Empty Extract Vessel Locations

  • Automatic reward for finishing the side case "Extracting the Past" (automatic story mission)
  • Beat The Gauntlet's "Office Complex" mission (entered from main game menu)
  • Exchange for 50,000 Points in the Casino (location from Casino school story)
  • Onodera's Wares Shop for 4,800 SP
  • Buy from Yi Xing Tang for 100,000 Yen

Warrior's Onslaught Items

Eye of the Dragon:
-Play Closest to Pin: Advance Course, get 500 or more points to get it every time

Rainbow Pyroxene:
-Buy fro 100,000 Yen from Le Marche (limited),La chatte blanche (limited), or Benten Pawn (limited)
-Pickup on floor around Millenium Tower, Kamurocho

Sacred Wood:
-Buy for 25,000 Yen from Yi Xing Tang, or Extract Shop (Seiryo)

Sacred Rot:
-Buy for 12,000 Yen from Extract Shop (Any). You can also find it in 1F courtyard shop of School

Pork Tonkatsu Bento:
-Buy for 600 Yen from Poppo (W Shichifuku St.) in Kamurocho

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