Lost Judgment - School Stories Guide

Instead of having more side cases, the concept here is to have separate cases. You are first introduced to School Stories automatically during Chapter 2 of the main story. This is where you learn about the Dancing minigame, after which you can continue with the school stories and their progress. You can check the details and progress under your menu (Options button -> School Diary). Here, you can also see the requirements in the lower left corner while having certain story selected. Upper row are trophy-related main school stories, while others (bottom row) are shorted ones, but also required to unlock main ones and finish all related activites that affect the progress tied to some other trophies.

To progress, you have to finish certain stories which will raise the leadership levels for Yagami, thus opening progress for more stories. Always do the unlocked ones which you can progress, it's the best way to unblock the others without "grinding" on just a certain one to raise leadership levels.

Mystery Research Club

This comes last. You need to fully finish all school stories in order to tackle this, the final one. When you have done so, go to MRC Room and speak to Amasawa. That will start the investigation. Observe photos from top to bottom, and answer with following answers:

  • Dance Club - "Kotoko Itokura", "Kaoru Komekado"
  • Biker Gang - "Letter From the Disciplinary Committee Suggestion Box", "Dan Murasaki"
  • Robotics Club - "Tetsuro Kurumazaki", "Professor’s Order Notes"
  • Boxing Gym - "Kenya Oshikiri", "Fixed Match Evidence"
  • Girl’s Bar - "That brat…"

The rest are just topics, click through them to proceed. After the scenes make your way to the Poppo store just to the north. You need to find Kento, so go next to his bag outside and call Ranpo, the dog gadget. Folow him. You will have to defeat some enemies. After dealing with them, you are back to MRC Room.

During scenes, answer with "They’d get caught and punished", and finally "Kotoko Itokura". There will be some lenghty scenes, after which you are back to MRC Room, where you need to answer with "We could ask all my Seiryo contacts". Make your way towards the east end of Tsurukame Hwy again to find nothing and get attacked by Neo Keihin Gang members outside.

There will be more scenes, and you will eventually end up in the building where Itokura is. Climb the pipes and up the window to reach her.  Answer with "The Photo from the Hospital". You will be outside after some scenes, where you have to defeat Koga. Congratulations, watch some scenes and you are done with School Stories (TownGo for this one is just progress, so mop up the rest if you still have some and enjoy your 100%).

Dance Club

The first main, big school story is dancing at the Dance Club. You can find it in the Basement area, and progress by speaking with Nishizono (the leader). You will start this automatically during Chapter 2 of the main story, after which you can visit the MRC (check the green folder icon on the map) where you will unlock leadership and this big questlines of School stories.

Seiryo High Dance Club will be you first Task tied with Dance Club, and you can progress it by speaking to Nishizono and well, dancing! Choose the first song, finish it (You complete the choosen level by collecting enough points to get over the "Clear" bar on the bottom of the screen while dancing. It's similar to Yakuza's Karaoke (which I love!), so you must hold or press one or more buttons when they fall from the top to the bar on the bottom, at the right time. You can also chain some EX moves (D-pad buttons) and use them anytime during the song to boost your points.

Finish all 4 difficutlies for the first song "Let's Dance!" to unlock some dialogue options with Nishizono about the MRC's main quest (Ask her about sugar babying) and you will also unlock your first Tournament. The tournament also required to pass the "Clear" bar, and it's the same as dancing outside of the tournament.

Again, back to Nishizono, to watch more scenes. Talk to her again and you will unlock the second song "Long Drill on the Beach". By clearing it once on one difficulty unlocks the progress for main MRC's questline about suger babying. Now you need to go to Isezaki Road where you need to find Maika. Look inside the caffee on the side (through the window) to find her, so observe her. Speak with Amasawa outside to continue. Win at the next fight.

Back a the MRC room, choose all options to ask all questions in order to progress. Speak with Amasawa and confirm to go find Kotoko. During conversation, choose "Why not come in for the MRC" option. Back to Amasawa in the MRC room, talk to her about the professor's website.

You can now again go and dance to the latest unlocked song on different difficulties to progress further. Your next step is to find missing class tutor on the 2nd Floor of the school (check the green folder icon). You will get the next EX dancing skill from him. Return back to Nishizono for some scenes, and dance one last time to unlock the 2nd tournament. Win there and find more details about the dark web in MRC room.

This is now a blocking point until you progress further with the game and its story, so you might to continue later. I raised my left and upper leadership bar to level 2 at this point.

When you have progressed the other investigations further, you will eventually get updates for the Dance Club, so go there and you will run into the old Club Advisor again. You will unlock "Esmeralda" song this time. Practice it 3 times and progress all the scenes, then go and win the competition.

Afterwards, Nishizono will not be there, she didn’t show up to school. To continue the investigation need Yagami to reach Level 5 Appeal. I suggest doing other stories, finishing them bit by bit and you will get to this point.

When you return back, you will unlock "Girls" track, the last one. Speak to Takanashi as Nishizono is missing. You will get an sms from Amasawa, so come to the MRC room afterwards. Talk to Amasawa and select "I'm good" when you are ready to continue. Wear a disguise to progress.

You will now speak with Nishizono. After you drain all options, you are back to your Dance Club. Progressing the story will guide you to Hamakita Park to meet up with Norizuki. Do some dances to the third song to complete that one, and go to competition. Up there, inspect the far away man on the lower-right, defeat some yakuzas and win the competition. This will conclude the Dancing Club and you will unlock the corresponding trophy.

Robotics Club

This will be your second main school story, and one of the biggest ones. To start it, you first must be contacted by Amasawa during story about the robotic club events in Ijincho. Go to MRC room to trigger some scenes, after which you can now go up to 4th floor and enter the Robotics club on the north side. Trigger some scenes and then talk to all guys in the room. 

You will be introduced to a new mini-game, the one with the robots. You goal is to pick up yellow glowing items, which are blocks, and link them to blue squares to form more blocks. A team with more blocks wins when the timer runs out. You can also use R1 to drive into opponents and send them to their base with a small time handicap. The only advise here is to connect your base all the way to enemy base and you will automatically. Use this tactics to be fast and to pick up parts + build them until you build upon an enemy base. Win the first match.

Head back to the MRC room for more scenes with Amasawa and Itokura, and then go back to the Robotics Club. You will be introduced to robot customization, which is basicly assembling new parts for your robots in exchange for some materials and money. The money is spent from Robotics Club, which means whatever you earn there can be used for developing new parts. Make sure to equip what you develop.

Back to the MRC room. Ask Itokura to help out with programming at the Robotics Club. You need to find her when she runs off. With girls in front saying that she went to the roof, well, go there and try to persuade her to join the club with answering  "Why not join the Robotics Club?". You will be back to Robotics Club room. Talk to Okitegawa to complete the next scheduled match to continue the story.

Make your way to cafeteria on 1F and talk there to progress. Back to Robotics Club room and win your next scheduled match. It will be the tournament, the first one. It's really easy, just make sure to developer and equip parts and use the tactics I told you about (connect towards enemy base to win).

After the tournament go back to Club room. Suggest "Why not have an idea meeting?" and ask 4 offered questions. You need to win your next schedules match now, but you can Practice a bit to collect parts and develop guns. Do what you see fit and progress.

After done, progress to the next scheduled match (if you can't trigger it, talk to everyone in the room, sometimes there are some scenes down at the cafeteria). You unlock new parts, this time some guns, they are really awesome for usage (Sniper type guns for example, which one-shoot the opponents). If you miss some materials for parts, you can buy them if you completed "Extracting the Past" and "Extracting the Truth" side cases. There is one merchant in 1F courtyard north, and the second is General Goods Cart in Hamakita Park. Northeast corner of the map, the cart on the left.

After the match, go to MRC Room to discuss Robotics more, then back at the Club room on 4F. Talk to Sakura and meet her down at 1F cafeteria. You can now go back to 4F and progress into the next scheduled match. This is the first one on the new boards, even easier if you ask me. Just connect dots towards their base including their base square to win instantly. After the match respond with "Defend the Robotics Club".

You will progress to the next tournament match. Finish and go back to MRC Room. Speak with Amasawa, then back to 4F for some additional discussions. You can now play the next match, again on the new type of board. The strategy is the same, just keep on filling those dots until you hit the enemy base.

Do another 2 matches, the leave and return to the club to continue with its story. You will have to visit the rooftop for some chit-chat. Go back to the club room, some members with walk out. Now you need to visit MRC Room and speak with Itokura. Answer with "Like your old self?".

Back to club room, beat next scheduled match. During the next conversation answer with "Are you really connected to those thugs?", and "You need to talk to everyone.". After more scenes, return to the club where everyone is back together. You can play another scheduled match. You will get a key to the filing cabined (examine it). Go to cafeteria and speak with Kurumazaki at the tables.

You now have to finmd a garage, so go towards the east end of Tsurukame Hwy. Pick the lock on the doors. You will be attacked by some Neo Keihin members when you grab the laptop and exit outside. Back to Seiryo High and to the Robotics Club room, where you can do another scheduled match. This is now the final version of the board you can play on. Choose a side on the board and folow it, in order not to spend pieces on more than one directions. Still easy to win.

After the match you will watch some scenes and learn that you need to use a certain robot (the ones they transformed) in the finals. It's the slow one, so for preparation give someone from the team the fastest robot (usually I was using that one), and you should focus on blocking and kicking ass (also, you MUST choose the robot the game tells you to). Also, you have to place the pieces, but it will be quite slow this time.

After the match head down to the MRC room to meet with Amasawa and Tsukumo. After the scenes, this club story is over. Finally.

For the TownGo missions, you have to beat everyone with above 60% pices placement, which means just attack their base (that gives instant win and 100%). It's really easy, but the problem is with developing all parts. You use Robotics Club funds, and they get added after like 4-5 Practice matches. No other way around it, and the parts later costs like 20k, while you get 30k from the club. Happy grinding!

Boxing Gym

Around the time during chapter 6, you will get some info about "Payback Boxer" from Amasawa in MRC room. For me it happened just before the Robotics Club series. This is also one of the main school story series.

As your first objective, you will need to visit Todoroki Boxing Gym to investigate. Check the location on your map (green folder) and go there. Talk to Todoroki who owns the gym for couple of time, until you get introduced to boxing. It's a new mini-game where you use L1 to block, left analogue stick to attack up or low and square and triangle for attacks. X is for avoiding hits (or circling around opponets to kick them from the back).

After the tutorial, you can talk to Todoroki again and try for an actual match. Your first oppoent is easy, just quickstep and kick him. Watch for your stamina (blocking helps replenish stamina, or simply not attacking for a bit). This will neat you some EXP for boxing progress. You don't need to level up much, just do the opponents in order.

Your next match cannot be won, and serves as more tutorials. You must go through tree rounds to learn more about boxing skills. Beating opponents gets you the points for challenging a boss, but you might want to invest in some EX skills before starting a match. Todoroki has some new info, so talk to him and ask him the questions. Your next move is to beat new opponents. Beat first 3, buy some skills for money (if you played VR a bit, you should have a lot of money by now), and after 3rd fight you will have to tail Oshikiri. At the end of that section there is a fight with thugs.

Do some more matches, watch some scenes and at the end you will have to fight Onidake. Make sure to buy new moves/skills, but it's not really that hard. Speak to Onidake outside (after you beat him), and go for some drinks with him. There will be some scenes back at the gym. Leave and speak with Amasawa at the school about the investigation. Back to gym you can now tackle new opponents, so do so to progress (4 of them this time).

You will meet Sakuma, he is your next boss opponent. Be aggresive in all fights, keep changing low and side kicks, and make sure to buy new skills to make it easier. When you beat him, you need to meet him in Bar Rodriguez, so go there. After the conversation go back to gym.

There are 2 new opponents now. Beat them (after the first some some story parts will happen). Beat the second fight and you will learn where Oshikiri works, so make your way to Smile Burger truck (northwest on the map) and inspect the truck. Back to the gym.

You again have 2 more fights to beat. After the second go inside and you will find Amasawa there. After the scenes go back to gym and beat Mikimoto. Fighting aggressive works like a charm, so fist your way through. Countering also works great agains a lot of opponents. You will again have to go to Bar Rodriguez to progress. Go to gym to receive a call about new info from Amasawa.

Do 2 more fight, go to MRC Room to talk to Amasawa, back at the gym and fight Sakuma. Go out, enter gym (to trigger new scenes and progress). You can now fight Todoroki hehe. He is not tough, but he requires some punches, so you might want to use some EX Skills to finish him fast after the drops for the first time (for example, fill the EX bar and when his stamina depletes kick him to break his defense and you can use triangle to use EX skill which drains his whole health bar). 

Again, back to MRC Room to learn more about Payback Boxer. Speak to Amasawa for a few times until she tells you about wearing a disguise. Equip one to progress. You will trigger some scenes and you can now go back to gym and fight Oshikiri.

There are 3 parts of this fight you have to win. The first and the third one are easy, but the second one isn't. For the second one I suggest using EX move, otherwise you will have to be really good. Knocking him 3 times in the first round is not easy, leave that for later when you can practice agains him (there is only 1 fight then).

After the fight you will need to leave the gym and there will be some yakuza fights (2 of them, both easy). Final scenes will be at MRC Room, and this will end this school story.

For the TownGo missions, you need to knock out all opponents in the first round. It's not that hard, just be aggresive and use your EX moves for finishers. Some opponents require 3 knockdowns, so you have to be fast. Learn all skills, and be fast.

Biker Gang Club

As usual, you will be texted about new school story from Amasawa. For me this happened when progressing the Boxing Gym (after I defeated the first boss Onidake). Go to MRC Room to find out the details (you will have to ask some question in there). Head over to Hamakita Park to meet with Kento (night time). You will learn about the biker gangs and you will learn about/participate in a Death Race.

You accelerate with R2, use turbo with circle when the speedbar is filled purple, square plus direction to takle others etc. You need to eliminate others by tackling into them either with square button or using your turbo. When the boss is only one alive, you need to finish first to win. Simply save your turbo for when you are near the goal to easily win.

After the first race you will learn about customization. Buy some new parts and customize your bank, then you can do another 3 Death Races. Same formula. The first faction uses explosives, those you need to avoid or defend against them. Before the final race, you will have to do a tailing missing. You will tail the bomber and find out about a girl he is meeting. Speak to her when you have the chance to learn more about their business. You can now go back to your garage and race Bomber. Do so.

Winning will reward you with new bike, which I suggest you fully upgrade. New faction of girl bikers now appears - the ones with loud noises and speakers they toss at you. After you win the first race the Bomber (Hanasaki) will give you some information about other Made in Heaven members. When he leaves, do another 2 races so you can challenge Rina. Before you can do that, there will be some scenes about the previous Made in Heaven leader. When you a ready, beat Rina. Two more factions reamining.

Upgrade your new bike, and be ready for Ghost's crew. They kick on the side, so be careful when you want to kick them. They take 2 hits, which is the first gang like this. They also have guns which they can use to shoot you. Yikes. Beat 2 races, and you will have to go to investigate the Prevention Group Office, which is located right beside Ebisu Pawn. Continue with the Death Race and beat Ghost. The final lap becomes really long, but the strategy remains the same - hold on to boost and use it fully when you are like 200m from the finish line.

You will get some evidence after the race  ("Prevention Group Office Photo"). Beat Ghost in a fight.

You will learn about Neo Keihin Gang, and you can now progress the race agains the final faction. Upgrade your new bike fully (buying all parts is part of the TownGo missions for this story), and proceed the next 3 races. The opponents are the ones you've met already, so you should be familiar at this point. After the first race you will have to visit Sou's mother for some scenes.

Complete the second and third races now. When you beat Suou, fight him and win. He is really easy. You will end up in MRC Room for some final thoughts adn scenes, and the school story is finally done.

As for the TownGo misssions go, you only had to defeat all opponents and buy all the parts from the Garage. Easy.

Photography Club

This one gets unlocked when you cross 50% of the Robotics club. You will get sms from Amasawa and by going to the MRC Room you will unlock Photography on the 3F. Go there for some scenes, talk to Toribe afterwards and go on the first photo mission. 

You have to take a picture in the perfect moment. Zoom to the max (aim left from start), focus, and wait until your targets pickpockets the first group of 3 people. Slow down time at that moment and when all conditions are met, take the picture. Win at fight afterwards.

Back to the club, after some scenes leave the club, use the elevator, use it again and talk to Toribe for new scenes. Again, you can now go to your second photo mission.

Second mission is easy, zoom to the max and focus, then wait for bikers to get near the crowd, slow time, and take the picture when all conditions are met.

Back to the club, after some scenes leave the club, use the elevator, use it again and talk to Toribe for new scenes. Again, you can now go to your final, third photo mission.

This one requires you to use stealth to reach the meeting points first. You need to go through the garage while taking out 2 enemies, using powder on the 3rd one and climbing up to finish the stealth mission. When you reach the meeting point, you need to move behing the far-away white van. Now, take the camera out, zoom so that you can see both people and wait for the envelope and the money. Win at fight, and you will be back to school, and the school story is done.


I triggered this while raising some stats at the Dancing Club, late in the story. Amasawa will text you about some appearance in the school courtyard. Go there, check the quest icon and inspect the graffity on the wall.

Go to MRC room to meet with Amasawa, talk to her and ask questions. You will learn about skaters in the Hamakita park. Go there, talk to them. You will learn about skating and you will be introduced with the skatepark mechanics. First challenge is only 1000 points, which is really easy. The idea is to pick up coins fast. When you pick up the white ones, the gold ones appears, which gives more points. Use the ramps to jump with circle button and mash button that shows in the air. Do this as fast as possible to get more points.

When you beat the initial stage some thugs will attack you. Dispose of them. You can now use the skatepark to collect points, and to even exchange them for prizes (new boards, vouchers etc.). You can also start the second challenge in the skatepark. Do so. Beating the second stage unlock the 3rd one, but you might need to use the taxi and get back here to trigger the 3rd one. Beat it.

You will also unlock Races. You don't need to beat any of those, but if you plan to complete TownGo challenges, you will need to beat best scores in all stages, and beating the last stage grants you the trophy. Beating the races are wields a lot of points, so use this to gather as much as you can and invest in new boards (the one for 100k points will be enough for all challenges).

Triggering the 4th and final Skateboard skatepart challenges is done if you use the taxi and return back. After beating all challenges (well, you need to beat only 4, but for completion do the 5th as well), use the taxi and return to initiate the last fight, which will finish this school story.

For TownGo, it's rather easy, the only challenge for me was at skatepart getting enough points, but if you just find the nearest ramps and abuse tricks between them you should get it without much issues.

eSports Club

To progress further after you finish the initiat Dancing Club requests, leave the school to initiate new event. You will get the sms about new MRC info, so go back to MRC room. On your way back, you will find a group of students in front of the MRC room. Talk to them and enter the MRC room. Investigate about eSports by choosing all options. You need to go to 4F with the elevator and enter of the the classrooms. (I laughed a lot when the guy there asked me if I play Virtual Fighter 5 Final Showdown and who do I main).

Anyway, after the conversation talk to the guy inside to start your first VF5 match. Win to continue (mash buttons!). Talk to everyone inside with who you can talk to and leave the room to trigger an event. Move to 1F Cafeteria to continue. Go back to 4F and speak with Toki. To challenge Sanbonmatsu you need to beat all other opponents first. Do so and then try to beat Sanbonmatsu. After the rematch you will have to investigate why your controlls stopped, so observe his chair to find the device and finish this club questline with a chase.

Btw, if you aim to compelte TownGo challenges, you need 4 wins in a row without receiving damage. Select Fujiwara as an opponent and play with T-Arashi. Just hold the left button or tilt your left analogue and keep spamming circle button for easy win.


This one gets unlocked when you cross 50% of the Robotics club. You will get sms from Amasawa and by going to the MRC Room you will start this school story.

Move to Chinatown just where the western taxi point is (bathroom building). You will watch some scenes, after which try to enter the left bathroom for more scenes. Just a bit to the east in the Chinatown are some mens talking, talk with them to progress. You will unlock new buzz term "casino". Filtering by that words brings you back to the bathroom area. Go into men's side, use your Noise amp afterwards and listen to the password phrase.

You now have to go to Ebisu Pawn and select "bon au chic" answer to get the membership card. And you need to pay 50k Yen. Return to bathroom and you can now enter the Casino.

In there, inspect the girl and the back (she is wearing a hat and gloves) sitting on the Poker table. It's Hayakawa, your target. During next conversation select "Gamble for the truth" answer. Buy some chips and start a game of blackjack with her. Just Fold, you can't win. You now need to inspect her for some clues. Do so, and you will have to go back to Amasawa in the MRC room. During conversation select "Smell" answer.

Head over to Welcome Pharmacy and purchase the "Perfume" item that will be listed in the store menu. Go back to casino (Yagami will use the Perfume), talk to Hayakawa to start the match again (she loses every time). You still have to beat the other opponents (just save before, and try with some good hands when you get some). After you are victorius, go back to MRC Room to finish the school story.

All TownGo missions here are just for progress, so nothing you need to do additionaly.

Girls' Bar

Somewhat around the end of the Dance Club (before progressing to the final song) you will get an sms from Amasawa. Go to the MRC Room and after some questions you will unlock this school story. Take the taxi to the Girls' Bar and enter it.

You need to raise bars for all 4 girls here to finally get to Emily and conclude the stories, but you need to work your way towards that with Haruka, then the rest of the girls. Each girl has a favorite drink which raises the points, and after ordering a drink you need to put up normal sentences. It's really easy. Just drink and answer until you reach the lock icon, then go out and in again to progress the girl. 

With Haruka you will also unlock the side case, which just requires you to raise her bar to the max.

  • Haruko's favorite drink: Primflower
  • Ayaha: Hero Punch
  • Miu: Dreamy Berry
  • Emily: Indigo Campus

To lower the drinking bar to zero just execute EX Drunken Fist on some enemies when you are fully drunk. You might wannt to invest in alcohol tolerance skills as well, to make this faster.

Also, for TownGo missions, you just need to beat all 4 girls in Darts, 3 times each. That one is really easy, it just takes some time (play anything you like, I play 301 point game since it's the fastest). I did this after raising all 4 girls to max level (level 1, prior to dating Emily). Then you can enter the bar, go to Darts board and select a girl to play against. After each match exit and re-enter so you can do it again.

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