Lost Judgment - TownGo Missions Guide

There are 49 stores in the Shop Missions section of TownGo application. It's usually related to eating all types of food in an restourant, finishing mini-game requirements etc. 

Details coming soon...


Arcade are multiple SEGA venues with mini-games inide. Some are in Kamurocho, then you have the Club SEGA in Ijincho, or Sasaki Arcade in Ijincho. Not all locations have all games.

Virtua Fighter 5, Win 30 games
Since you need to beat at least one opponent using all character, that's 19 matches. You also need to beat all stages, including the Bonus stage, which is another 8. Win few times more and that is it.

Final Showdown challenges
This is maybe the hardest challenge in SEGA club. You need to beat all opponents while using 1 character, which means also the bonus stage. I tried with a couple of characters, but the best and the easiest one is definatelly El Blaze. He has the 3 kick with legs (just press circle 3 times while not using any direction) and the left+left move will help you avoid kicks fast. That is all you have to know. On the last match use the dodge strategy and use circle buttons to counter when possible. Just be patient, if you just spam attack buttons you will lose.

VF5 Character Challenge
As explained, win at least 1 match using all characters in VF5. Win, quit, pick someone else, retry.

Hama of the Dead: Dead Souls
Welcome back, again. Hama of the Dead is a shooter mini-game where you need to get 500 kills, 777 headshots, you need to finish all stages (you can start with the first and quit afterwards to replenish health and items, and then choose chapter 2 and so on), and you need 50 Item pickups for a trophy. To get the pickups, play the chapter 1 stage. At the 3rd scene look left, far away you can see a bucket. Shoot it to get 1 item. Finish couple more enemies and you will fight the boss. Shoot the safe right of the boss and quit. Repeat this until you get all requirements (you can use granades after picking up the first item to get to boss fast).

Sonic the Fighters: Live and Learn and Barking Up the Wrong Tree
Pick Sonic, do the circle attack and down+circle for a spin move. Defeat all opponents with Sonic to unlock all TownGo missions. Fairly fast and easy.

Fighting Vipers: P1 vs. Opponents
Pick anyone, and defeat the first 7 challengers. You can quit after that (plus it's like impossible to win after 7th opponent). You can continue if you die, thus making this really easy.

Motor Raid Challenges and Motor Raid Completion
Play the "Championship" mode. You don't have to win to progress, just finish the championship.
For the completion just finish all 5 Practice courses and that is it. I hate this mini-game.

Super Hang-On Extreme Gear
I also hate this one, but i kinda like it. Pick the beginner or some other easy course, and do not fall often. You can use square to boost your speed, which you need to do on some parts to reach the checkpoint before the time runs out. The points are awarded by going the distance, so you need to reach the third area to get to 6 million points. Not hard, but frustrating.

Fantasy Zone Opa-Opa
You need to reach 50,000 points in one game. Defeat the static "treasure" boxes, and the boss at the end. Defeating the second area boss will get you above 50k points. This one is really easy.

Space Harrier Dragon Rider
To get above 2 million points, you will need to defeat the second area boss. It's not that hard, just move all the time and keep shooting. Also, you have 3 lives, which should be enough to survive until getting 2 million points.

UFO Catcher Challenges
You need to get 15 prizes in total. This is really easy, just pick up some easy targets, extract them, reset prizes (at the counter) and do this until you get 15.

Decor-ocean Deep Diver
Use the capsule machine in front of Sasaki Arcade in Ijincho to get capsule prizes. Keep on spamming X button until you get all 6 (it took me like 10mins to get them all).

Bating Center

There are 12 Challenge Courses, 5 Home Run courses, and the Home Run Competition Course you need to complete. Challenge Courses are the easiest as you can even miss and just shoot the 1,2 or 3 point base, and collect the points with a Home Run hit afterwards. You have at least 8 points to win a challenge (applies for all categories). I suggest buying Serenity Bat from Ebisu Pawn in Kamurocho for 200 Yen. It gives a big hit spot, but lower the points (you don't really need much points for exchanging here).

The easy way to beat all courses is to memorize patterns, or just read from this page where the ball will end up. If you know that, you will hit every time (or miss rarely). Enjoy! 

Challenge Courses:

  • Local Legend Lv1: 5-9-6-4-7-2-7-6-1-5
  • Local Legend Lv2: 6-7-2-1-4-6-8-1-4-8
  • Local Legend Lv3: 6-1-7-5-8-2-2-3-4-9
  • Titan of Tokyo Lv1: 1-5-4-6-9-8-8-5-7-3
  • Titan of Tokyo Lv2: 9-4-8-3-1-5-2-4-3-8
  • Titan of Tokyo Lv3: 4-1-7-6-5-3-5-8-7-6
  • Ace of Japan Lv1: 4-6-9-7-5-4-2-7-5-3
  • Ace of Japan Lv2: 4-9-1-6-7-1-4-5-8-5
  • Ace of Japan Lv3: 5-8-9-8-8-3-5-1-3-7
  • Global Goliath Lv1: 4-5-1-3-5-2-7-4-2-4
  • Global Goliath Lv2: 1-8-4-7-6-2-5-8-8-6
  • Global Goliath Lv3: 8-9-6-1-6-2-9-1-8-3

Home Run Courses:

  • Local Legend: 5-4-1-3-8-9-6-7-9-3
  • Titan of Tokyo: 7-6-1-2-4-5-9-8-5-3
  • Ace of Japan: 6-3-1-6-4-5-1-9-8-5
  • Global Goliath: 6-2-4-5-3-8-5-9-3-3

Home Run Competition:

This gets unlocked after beating the prior 2 challenges (or most of them). You need to hit 8 out of 10 in 12 rounds without failing (you can miss 2 times per round). This is really hard if you don't know where the ball with end up, but if you folow the guide, it's quite easy.

  • Set 1: 5-9-6-4-7-2-7-6-1-5
  • Set 2: 6-7-2-1-4-6-8-1-4-8
  • Set 3: 6-1-7-5-8-2-2-3-4-9
  • Set 4: 1-5-4-6-9-8-8-5-7-3
  • Set 5: 9-4-8-3-1-5-2-4-3-8
  • Set 6: 4-1-7-6-5-3-5-8-7-6
  • Set 7: 4-6-9-7-5-4-2-7-5-3
  • Set 8: 4-9-1-6-7-1-4-5-8-5
  • Set 9: 5-8-9-8-8-3-5-1-3-7
  • Set 10: 4-5-1-3-5-2-7-4-2-4
  • Set 11: 1-8-4-7-6-2-5-8-8-6
  • Set 12: -8-9-6-1-6-2-9-1-8-3

0:22 - Set 1
1:31 - Set 2
2:48 - Set 3
4:03 - Set 4
5:10 - Set 5
6:18 - Set 6
7:25 - Set 7
8:33 - Set 8
9:47 - Set 9
10:54 - Set 10
12:03 - Set 11
13:12 - Set 12

Charles (Kamurocho)

On the entrance of Charles (downstairs) there is an machine you can pay 300 Yen to use. It will grant you the suprise item. Get all different 6 of those to finish this challenge (easy, just spam the button and chilax).

Lullaby Mahjong (Kamurocho)

Winning 10 times:

Beat a round (not the whole match) with Ron or Tsumo. To do that, you need to collect enough pieces to form 3 in a rows, or the same 3 pieces and do that for a few times until you have enough to call Riichi. In every round press square (if you have enough to call Riichi you will get the option - that means you are waiting for 1 piece after which you go out with Ron or Tsumo). You can win and then quit, it will count as +1 win.

Conquer Lullaby Mahjong:

Lullaby has two tables, beginner, intermediate. You only need to win games at those two tables. Winning a table means winning couple of matches until the match is done and you are 1st on the leaderboards.

Citron Mahjong

Winning 10 times:

Beat a round (not the whole match) with Ron or Tsumo. To do that, you need to collect enough pieces to form 3 in a rows, or the same 3 pieces and do that for a few times until you have enough to call Riichi. In every round press square (if you have enough to call Riichi you will get the option - that means you are waiting for 1 piece after which you go out with Ron or Tsumo). You can win and then quit, it will count as +1 win.

Conquer Citron Mahjong:

Citron has three tables, beginner, intermediate, and advanced. You only need to win games at two of the tables, which means go for the easiest one. Winning a table means winning couple of matches until the match is done and you are 1st on the leaderboards.

Vista Mahjong

Winning 10 times:

The same requirements as in Citron Mahjon parlor, refer there for details.

Conquer Vista Mahjong:

Vista Mahjong has three tables. You need to win all 3, but the highest one is locked until you win 3 times at other 2 tables. When you unlock the last Mahjong table, you can use the Nine Gates Tiles there for an easy win; otherwise good luck!

Outdoor Shogi

You can find vendors for Outdoor Shogi in Kamurocho and Ijincho. You will need to collect 1000 Points to buy "Artisinal Shogi Set" item in Kamurocho Shogi Exchange shop to unlock Puzzle mode. Without that you can't finish all required challenges. First things first! Buy "The Basics of Shogi" cheat item from Ebisu Pawn in Ijincho for 1200 Yen. You will need it for beating 1 Challenge if you don't know what the hell are you doing (like me in Shogi).

To get 1000 Points, simply play Ranked match in Kamurocho against Mamoru Yoshizaki. If you follow the same pattern either when going first or second, you should win every time, and if not every, at least every second time. This will also work to get 5 wins without takebacks.

For Challenge mode, just use The Basics of Shogi on Challenge 1 at the start and follow instructions that computers gives you. It's slow, but it will lead you towards victory.

And lastly, the Puzzle mode. There are 10 challanges, and they are quite easy comparing to win complete matches. The next video will show you how to do the whole Shogi TownGo section (just repeat what you still miss).

0:01 - Buy The Basics of Shogi book from Ebisu Pawn shop in Ijincho
0:22 - Winning with no takebacks when going first
1:56 - Winning with no takebacks when going second
2:51 - Challenge 01
3:24 - Buy Artisanal Shogi Set
3:37 - Puzzle Shogi 1
3:58 - Puzzle Shogi 2
4:16 - Puzzle Shogi 3
4:34 - Puzzle Shogi 4
4:54 - Puzzle Shogi 5
5:15 - Puzzle Shogi 6
5:41 - Puzzle Shogi 7
6:06 - Puzzle Shogi 8
6:37 - Puzzle Shogi 9
7:07 - Puzzle Shogi 10

Paradise VR

Paradise VR can be found in Ijincho. You can play Dice & Cube (unlocked after finishing "Paradise VR Unlocked!" side case), and a new minigame named Aircelios which you gain access to after completing "Flight of the Game Creator" and "A Particularly Hardcore Demo Event" side cases. Both games are at the same place, basement of the building (check the map on the northeaster side).

As for the completion, to finish A Brief Getaway, Dream Vacation, What is Reality requirements, you must finish all 6 courses. By finishing the initial VR quest, you will unlock the rest of the courses, which you then need to beat 1 by 1 to complete the progress. It's easy, but a bit time consuming. To play you need Play Passes, or collect 6 Vouchers to get unlimited rounds.

VR Voucher Locations:

  • Skate Park point exchange - 25,000 points (finish related school story)
  • Squirrel inside Cafe Alps (you must first finish "Squirrels Just Wanna Have Fun" side case to unlock finding items when you find a squirell graffity)
  • Casino chip exchange - 10,000 chips (get Robotics club School Story up to 50% to unlock access to Casino)
  • Find the 7 Kappa Statues during "Where the Kappa Roam" side case
  • Befriend the white cat near the homeless camp and raise its level to max
  • Gambling Hall point exchange - 10,000 points

100 Skills use:

This is is the worst. As you progress the stages, make sure to use Skills as much as possible. 2nd VR side case requires you to beat all special opponents at least once; play them while you play all 6 courses, and make sure to get golden Koro-nyan (the cat that appears on Middle courses and above). You also need 10 Koro-nyans, which can be a pain, so work on that while using Skills. You can farm skills even without finishing the level, I did it like that - when you start the course, use Skill (with all Skills Yagami can learn about VR, you start with 8 Star points), wait for an opponent to make a move, use skill (the one for 4 Stars) and quit. I farmed like 60 Skills in around 1 hour.

Koro-nyan Mode, ACTIVATE!:

The golden cats appear on Middle course. Start, use +2 move Skill, go towards the Koro-nyan, pick it up eventually, quit, repeat. This is the fastest if you missed it during completion of 6 courses/battles against special opponents for 2nd quest.

VR Tiger Drop:

During Long version of VR game, there is a chance that one of the fights will be against a tiger/s. Defeat one to complete the challenge.


Check above and collect 6 Vouchers.

Mission 1 – 9 High Score:

0:01 - Unlocking Aircelious
0:25 - Buy Items related to Aircelious from vendor
0:54 - Mission 1
2:08 - Mission 2
4:20 - Mission 3
6:09 - Mission 4
8:12 - Mission 5
10:03 - Mission 6
11:21 - Mission 7
12:53 - Mission 8
14:38 (No Blind Spots in Any Direction trophy)

This is tied to the other game - Aircelious. Access it after finishing "Flight of the Game Creator" and "A Particularly Hardcore Demo Event" side cases, just next to the VR counter. Buy all items here until you carry the max number (sticks are for raising your drone stats, and chips will help you heal during matches, and use special ammo boost). With max number of all items you can use, and "Mission Data" items, you can now play all levels and work your way towards beating high scores on each stage.

Always use all d-pad buttons to boost your ammo, and heal if you get hit. High score is easy as longs as you keep up the combo. Aim to use special skill with L1 when you know you will get rid of tough enemies in multiple numbers. And yeah, you shoot with holding the L3 analogue stick in direction you want to shoot. If you get hit, use the chip on up d-pad button to heal. Replenish on items after each stage and you should be good on beating all 9 high scores.

Heaven's Door

You will unlock Casinu during Casino School Story (check the topic for details). It gets unlocked when you reach 50% of Robotics Club. When you get inside you have Poker and Blackjack tables. I suggest starting with the Blackjack. Buy 1000 Chips at the counter and Save! Play blackjack, always go for Double, play at the VIP table and if you win, quite and save. If you lose, return to title screen, load and repeat. You need 30K points won in Blackjack, so do that first.

Then move to Poker, play the VIP table (the highest bet table). Save before, and just keep raising until you win. If you lose, return to title screen, load game and repeat. I got to 200k chips fairly quickly. You will need around 145K to buy everything from the exchange shop here.

Gambling Hall

To enter, try "7120" password on the doors. You will unlock them and enter Gambling hall. Buy some wodden tags to play Koi-koi and Oicho-kabu.

Collecting 10000 points in both Koi-koi and Oicho-kabu:

If you have 10-10-1 item you can finish Oicho-kabu with 1 move. Play the highest difficutly match, you will be the dealer, and you will get 10-10, so ask for 1 more card to get 1. This will give you like 50k points. If you want to play this the regular way, you must have the highest hand to win. Save before match, try, if you win, quit, save, repeat.

For Koi-koi, it will take longer. I was collecting charms, animals, moon and flowers every time, and I will cancelling on Call move just to save the points. Eventually you win and take the points, so this one will take a while. I have no idea about the hands and the rules, but if you do what I did, you will win ocassionaly.

You can buy Free Pass Voucher for 10k points, and game cartrige for 2500. Do so.

Heaven's Golf

You need to collect at least 500 points in 3 Challenge Courses and get all bingo combinations in Bingo Challenge (basically you need to hit all 9 numbers in 10 attempts). The challenges here are easy, I did them on my first try. 

0:01 - Closest to the Pin - Beginners Course
3:50 - Closest to the Pin - Intermediate Course
7:28 - Closest to the Pin - Advanced Course
11:06 - Bingo Challenge

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