Returnal - All Xenoglyphs Guide

There are 21 Xenoglyphs and 70 Xenoglyph Cyphers in Returnal. Xenoglyph Cyphers are marked with the green arrow on the map and when you find one you need to inspect it on the well to read it. To unlock a  Xenoglyph you need to collect appropriate number of Xenoglyph Cyphers beforehand. Both are completely random as all rooms are random during your runs. I will list all Xenoglyphs  and divide them between Biomes 1-6 so you can track them more easily. Also, tracking game cards through PS you can track how much you miss in a certain region.

The easiest way to get them all is to just run through Biomes and inspect marked map parts with green arrow icons. There are some also behing locked blue doors, so make sure you explore all rooms that appear during your runs. Remember, you can reach Biomes 2 and 3 from Biome 1 shortcut rooms, and the same goes for Biomes 5 and 6 which can be accessed from Biome 4.


  • Overgrown Ruins (Biome 1)
  • Crimson Wastes (Biome 2)
  • Derelict Citadel (Biome 3)
  • Echoing Ruins (Biome 4)
  • Fractured Wastes (Biome 5)
  • Abyssal Scar (Biome 6)

Rare Xenoglypth Cypher rooms

I struggled with some Cyphers, but overal, it was not that bad. The golden rule is to suspesd your cycle before entering a Biome, backup your save, try the Biome and if you don't find the room you need, download backup save and try again. This is the fasted method. Also, you run, don't kill anyone unless you have to to progress.

Biome 1
The only Cypher I was missing was the one in the main room that is big and has teleports (random, of course). It's at the top of one of these rooms, and it's special since it's a cypher on the floor, really easy to distinguish it from the others. 

Biome 2
For sure this is maybe the worst Biome. But, still easy. There is one cypher that is inside the room where that giant statue is (the rooms is after entering the building after the teleport that is a shortcut to the boss at the top). That room after the mentioned teleport can be the one with the statue or the giant HAND. You need the room with a HAND statue to appear. Just run from start and inside couple of next rooms after the teleport to boss shorcut. If no room, repeat.

The second room is the one that can be spawned around the end of Biome. Use the teleport that teleports you to boss, and return back. You are looking for a big room with a blue ball that you can shoot to reveal hidden platforms. If the rooms doesn't appear before entering the inside of the temple, restart. 

There is also one room later which has red orbs falling from the top, and it has like a vertical structure that you can use to go down. At the top is the cypher.

Biome 3
The difference here can be at the start where you can grapple in different directions. Always use teleports to reach other parts, some holds some collectibles. Overal, I didn't had much issues here, just make sure to explore all rooms and visit all underwater areas. It's easy to just run and inspect green marks on your map.

There is one a bit hidden where you Datacube is. It's on your way to the top where you open the bridge for boss.

Biome 4
This was the first Biome I got the trophy for collecting all Logs and Cyphers. It's not that hard, just run.

Biome 5
Also pretty straightforward Biome, nothing that bothered me much. I will provide some pictures or some of the latest cyphers i've found.

Biome 6
Before dropping down the first bigger whole, a room with moving platforms can spawn. If you aren't fast enough, the plaforms will go down and you won't be able to reach the upper parts. You need the stairs on the left, at the end of them is your cypher.

Few of them are on the way down, so keep your eyes on the green mark on the map.

Another one (my last one) was after dropping in the big hole in the room where you can shop. You will fall down and there will be a big room where the green pillar and multiple enemies appear. The cypher can spawn on one of the stone platforms there.

Xenoglyphs List

  • AST-AX-001 - Our Severed Brethren: Overgrown Ruins
  • AST-AX-002 - Eyes Beholding: Overgrown Ruins
  • AST-AX-003 - Barred From Citadel: Overgrown Ruins
  • AST-AX-004 - The Exalted One: Crimson Wastes
  • AST-AX-005 - Our Brethren Were Destroyed: Crimson Wastes
  • AST-AX-006 - Countless Feasts: Crimson Wastes
  • AST-AX-007 - So Much To Destroy: Derelict Citadel
  • AST-AX-008 - Revived Catastrophe: Derelict Citadel
  • AST-AX-009 - Unsought Genocide: Derelict Citadel
  • AST-AX-010 - Severed Memories: Echoing Ruins
  • AST-AX-011 - Into A Lake Of Madness: Echoing Ruins
  • AST-AX-012 - This Endless Song: Echoing Ruins
  • AST-AX-013 - Ichor Waterfall: Fractured Wastes
  • AST-AX-014 - Ejected From Olympus: Fractured Wastes
  • AST-AX-015 - Listen To The Silence: Fractured Wastes
  • AST-AX-016 - Impassable Barrier: Abyssal Scar
  • AST-AX-017 - Hellish Fates: Abyssal Scar
  • AST-AX-018 - A Way To Connect: Abyssal Scar
  • AST-AX-019 - First Test: Echoing Ruins (Act 3 - unlocks after defeating the final boss again after doing all 6 House events)
  • AST-AX-020 - Tenth Test: Derelict Citadel
  • AST-AX-021 - Thousandth Test: Abyssal Scar
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