Star Ocean: The Second Story R - Devil's Aria and Music Guide

Music is one of the IC/Specialties that is pretty handy. You can compose up to 2 songs per instruments, and then you can perform the songs to get different buffs or even initiate a battle with certain enemies.

Having Music Editor key item (found in Elurian Tower, in one of the right-hand chests after climbing the stairs) grants 30% chance that you will not lose a composing or performing item you need to spend to do these activities.

0:00 - Pre-requisites Overview
0:13 - Crafting Immunity Pills for Iseria Queen
0:30 - Formation Manual "Unyielding" (Upper Guard) for Iseria Queen
0:44 - Setup for Iseria Queen
2:08 - Perform The Devil's Aria with Lv10 Music skill to fight Iseria
2:20 - Iseria Queen (Rupturous Angel trophy)

List of Music Instruments

  • Piano (Buy from North City item shop)
  • Cembalo (Buy in Hilton from the item shop)
  • Mystical Shamisen (reward in Maze of Tribulations on Floor 4 - check the topic for the details)
  • Silver Trumphet (reward for beating the Gabriella at the lowest level of Maze of Tribulations)
  • Harmonica (Buy from Kurik shop, or bought from the shops in North City, Centropolis, Hilton...)
  • Lyre (can be found in Kurik port left house, or bought from the shops - North City, Centropolis, Hilton...)
  • Violin (Buy from North City item shop)
  • Pipe Organ (Complete "Music Mission" Guild mission)

Music Talents

  • Acoustic Sense
  • Composition (helps compose)
  • Rythm Sense (helps perform)

Music Talents can help you compose and perform songs. You can also do without them, but they help.

To successfully compose a song, you need Music IC/Specialty on a certain level. You will need Music at level 10 anyway, so work on this as you see fit. If you max out Music, you can still use songs to call enemies for lower level challenges, meaning if you perform The Devil's Aria you can still choose to fights agains level 1 challenge even though you have Music at level 10.

You also need a Feather Pens to compose, and Conductor Baton to perform. They can be bought in almost all Item shops throughout the game.

The Devil's Aria

The only song you really need is this one. By playing this song you can challenge hard foes - this method can be used to level up fast and to try some of the hardest challenges in the game. To successfully learn this song you need Silver Trumphet, a party member with some music talent like Composition, and preferably high level of Music IC. When you perform you can learn this song as 1 of the 2 songs learned from Silver Trumphet.

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