Star Ocean: The Second Story R - Raid Challenges

Raid challenges are hard challenges against red, glowing enemies that you can find on world map - both on Expel and Nerud planets. There are 13 to be found, and they grant awesome rewards that can help a lot with the strongest and hardest challenges in the game.

*Expel Raids*
0:00 - Setup for Raids & Ultra Ghark
1:15 - Ultra Aulbear
2:08 - Ultra Rock Demon
2:55 - Ultra Untrained Assassin
3:38 - Ultra Ogre
4:20 Ultra Phantom Phoenix
6:22 - Ultra Wizard
7:15 - Ultra Crimson Beast

*Nerud Raids*
8:17 - Ultra Phantom Knight
9:10 - Ultra Darth Widow
- Ultra Whelp
11:15 - Ultra Takikodus
- Ultra Robinette Captain

Expel Raid Challenges

  • Ultra Ghark - Lone island southwest from Arlia (Valkyrie's Bracelet)
  • Ultra Aulbear - Western part of Krosse continent, the desert area. A bit northwest in the desert is the raid enemy (Hachimentei sword)
  • Ultra Rock Demon - Lone Island north from Kurik (Valiant Shield)
  • Ultra Untrained Assassin - Eastern mountain end on Krosse continent, just southeast from Harley (Scumbag Slayer sword)
  • Ultra Ogre - Lone island southwest from Linde, in between continents on the south (Roaring Burst Puncher)
  • Ultra Phantom Phoenix - Northeast from Elurian Coast on the nortwestern continent. This bird absorbs elemental damage, so I just used Claude to kill it off (Battle Suit)
  • Ultra Wizard - Southeast from Maze of Tribulations, on the same continent (Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy)
  • Ultra Crimson Beast - North from Maze of Tribulations, on the same continent. This one gives the strongest weapon for Ernest so far, the Ghost Thorn. If you use Ernest, this weapon will make you happy (Ghost Thorn)

Nerud Raid Challenges

  • Ultra Phantom Knight - Northeast from Fun City, on the same continent (Ring of the Deep King)
  • Ultra Darth Widow - Northwest from L'Aqua, on the same continent (Soul Helmet)
  • Ultra Whelp - Northeast from Princebridge, on the same continent. Winning this fight unlocks the Combat Skill Heavy Hitter (Secret Manual "Weight")
  • Ultra Takikodus - Northeast from Phynal, on the same continent. Teleport to Phynal and exit, then call Bunny with your IC. This boss gives you accessory that blocks all ailments, which will help during the next fight (Symbol of Antiquity)
  • Ultra Robinette Captain - Southeast from Cave of Crimson Crystals, on the same continent, behind the mountain. Equip Symbol of Antiquity to easily survive the fight (Formation Manual "Defense" - Astral Shift Formation)
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