Star Ocean: The Second Story R - Easy Leveling Up

This topic will help you level up fast through the game. 

There are couple of points in the game where you can use different methods. Usually, when you play, the best way is simply to chain up to 5 enemies and then win the fights. That multiplies experience tremendesly. If you combine that with Experience Card, that means x2 Exp. 

When you beat the game you will probably be around level 80-100. I was 100, and I never, ever grind for levels. I just fought chained battles and...

Bodyguard IC Leveling

Have 2 people learn Scouting Specialty and have it at lv.4, while you have one of them (or another party member) learn Train at lv.1. That unlocks Bodyguard. Now, go inside the IC/Specialty Skills and locate Bodyguard, turn it on. 

When you approach enemies there is a chance that your party member will block that enemy from rushing into you. When that happens, initiate the fight and you will enter the fight with advantage - similiar like rushing into enemy from behind. That is it!

When you're stronger than the enemies, they show up in green colors. When your bodyguards bump into them, it's imediate win for you, without entering the fight. This means no chains, but the fight lasts for 1sec. Neat? Yep. And this method works wherever you are, you just need to see green enemies. Combine this to get to level 100 before you beat the game or enter the Maze of Tribulations

Maze of Tribulations Leveling

On your way to 13th floor of the Maze there is a high chance you will be around level 150 at least. What I did was leveling up to level 110 approximately, and then I've used Bodyguard to level up fast on the 1st floor or so. 

When you reach the last floor it's really easy to hit level 180 without trying too hard. You will need good setup of course (check Maze topic on this site for details), but usually it's 1 fight for level, or if you chain, it's 2-3 levels easily. 

The Devil's Aria Leveling

0:00 - Pre-requisite for this method
0:11 - Experience Card Farming
1:20 - Learn Music Lv8 and use ally with Rythmical Sense Talent
1:40 - Compose The Devil's Aria
2:00 - Devil's Aria Lv8 Boss & Exp madness
- Getting Square Shift Formation (EXP up 100%)
4:57 - Devil's Aria Lv8 Boss & Exp madness x2

When you finish Maze of Tribulations you will get Silver Trumphet instrument. Perform Music with some party member using that instrument to learn The Devil's Aria song. Playing that song initiates the fight on the map. And it goes like this:

Person with lv 1 Music playing that song triggers Lv 1 Devil's Aria opponent. If you level up your party member's Music IC to level 8, you will fight against one of the boss opponet that you fought in Maze of Tribulations. Using Experience Card (prepare a lof of them) grants a lot of EXP, making this the best method to reach level 255. Enjoy.

If you want to speed up this process, get the Square Shift 2 Formation (EXP up 100%). Complete "Nede Bosh Rush" Group arena challenge in Fun City to get it, set it up and when you max out 300 Orbs you will have EXP up 100% active. With the EXP Card and this, you will get 2-3 levels on each fight mentioned above. You will reach max level and max out all of your skills really fast.

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