NEO: The World Ends with You - Money and EXP Farming Guide

With this method you will earn a lot of money fast and you will for sure reach level 100 before you collect enough money to buy all items in the game. Luckily enough, you can also farm Dark Matters with this method if you lower the chains a bit, which will also be needed for trading.

Make sure you unlock all social network skills, prepare for this farming, equip good drop rate sets and you are good to go. The more you can lower your level, the less chains you will have to do.

If you need location of Threads that raise drop rates, check the one for Black Cat set:

NEO: The World Ends with You - Pin Sets

0:01 - Unlock all Social Network skills: Some of them will extend more Chaining, more money and all the neat stuff you will need for grinding
0:11 - Equip the best drop rate Threads you can find
0:28 - Prepare with some strong pin set: I went with the strongest one and healed with using Killer Remix - also boosts the drops x3, so use it for those Puffers you will hunt
0:49 - Hunt for Hardcore Puffers on Ultimate difficulty: Find them on Week 3, Day 5 in Shibuya Hikarie. Chaining around 6 is also good for Dark Matters, and 8 is almost a 100% for 100k Yen
1:01 - Farm Hardcore Puffers on Ultimate while lowering your level: Re-entering the area will re-spawn enemies. If you see the blue noise, chain that one as well - that means you can lower the chains since that raises drop rates a lot. Spice it up how you see fit

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