NEO: The World Ends with You - Secret Boss

During Another Day (Post-game), after you talk to Hishima at Scrumble Crossing, you will have to go and collect 3 stamps. You can instead go to Expressway Underpass and talk to Minamimoto. Accepting will put in you a fight with Felidae Cantus, the strongest opponent in the game. 

Make sure to keep your level low and play on Normal to boost the drop for Black Cat Burn pin; which is part of the strongest game pin set. I went with the HP Vampire build + healing pin. The key is to dodge his charge attack and keep hitting him in short intervals. 

0:01 - Find Minamimoto: Talk to Minamimoto in Another Day after talking to Hishima (when you have to collect stamps)
0:10 - Pin setup
0:22 - Boost pin drops: Put to Normal difficulty and lower level
1:05 - Felidae Cantus fight

You can also go with the higher level and finish him off with Killer Remix which boosts the drops x3, but I found this to be easier to acomplish.

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