NEO: The World Ends with You - Pin Sets

When it comes to Pin sets, this is what you should go for. Post-game is tough, and grinding/farming will be as well, so you need every boost you can get. By collecting certain pins and equipping these, you activate pin set boosts. Combining that will Thread Abilities can raise your stats really good, thus preparing you for tough challenges. I will mention just some sets I went with, maybe it can help.

Yearlong Ensemble pin set + Hotaru pin

When I was looking what to come up with for Post-game and grinding, I did find this particular set. When you equip it, you drain HP from enemies and Heal, plus it's good for raising Groove and doing combos. This will probably be your choice until you get the Black Cat Ensemble set.

You will need 4 pins, plus I added one good pin that goes really good along with this set.

0:01 - Yearlong Ensemble pin set + Hotaru pin
0:26 - No. 249 St. Aeastas’ Shrapnel
1:00 - No. 250 St. Autumnus’ Strike
1:11 - No. 251 St. Hiems’ Shotgun
1:26 - No. 248 St. Ver’s Uppercut
1:52 - No. 180 Hotaru
2:39 - Gatto Nero and Light pin damage up Threads

  • No. 249 St. Aeastas’ Shrapnel - In Post-game, unlock Bossy Noise Social skill so you can defeat some boss noises. Defeat Mr. Mew 1st on Normal in Week 2, Day 2 (save before initiating a fight)
  • No. 250 St. Autumnus’ Strike - Automatic reward on Week 3, Day 6
  • No. 251 St. Hiems’ Shotgun - Trade from Gatto Nero in 104 Building Area. Shadow Matters are pretty common quest rewards and pin drops (I did this on Another Day)
  • No. 248 St. Ver’s Uppercut - Defeat Mr. Mew 2nd on Week 2, Day 7 on Normal or Hard. Save before the fight, lower your level if needed and defeat this boss to get this pin
  • No. 180 Hotaru - Buy Jupiter of the Monkey II pin on Cat Street and max it out with Neru. Evolve into Hotaru pin
  • Gatto Nero and Light pin damage up Threads - Equip Threads with Resonance GN and Shining Synergy Thread abilities to increase your pin set's damage

Black Cat Ensemble pin set (strongest in-game pin set)

To get it, you need to farm pin drops on higher difficulties while lowering your level. The more you go down, the more you raise drop %. You can chain boss noises to raise it even more, but some are story-only so you will have to retry on those. You will also unlock Full House Trophy when you equip this set.

0:01 - Buy Drop Boost Threads: On Another Day, Buy and Trade all drop boost head & accessory threads you can. It will boost your drop rate for upcoming pin farming
2:18 - No. 254 Black Cat Crush - 104 Building, Buy from Gatto Nero for 960,00 Yen on Another Day
2:33 - No. 256 Black Cat Burst - 104 Building, Trade from Gatto Nero for x3 Scarletite and x1 Sfermion pins on Another Day
2:56 - No. 255 Black Cat Cards - During Another Day (Post-game), after you talk to Hishima at Scrumble Crossing, defeat Cervus Cantus Alpha on Hard while dropping your level to boost pins. Finish the fight with Killer Remix for x3 pin drop
6:54 - No. 257 Black Cat Comet - During Week 2, Day 7, defeat Mr. Mew 2 on Ultimate difficulty. I did this 50 times before I got the drop
10:38 - No. 258 Black Cat Blades - Defeat Boss Noise on Week 3 Day 7, 2nd Day at Takeshita Street (Soul Pluvis) on Hard difficulty
14:27 - No. 259 Black Cat Burn - Defeat Felidae Cantus on Normal or Hard (Another Day, after you talk to Hishima at Scrumble Crossing)
22:45 - Black Cat Ensemble Pin Set Overview

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