Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water - All Lens and Camera Upgrades Guide

As you have 2 Camera Obscura's, you can find multiple Lens and Upgrades during playable chapters (Drops). This guide will help you find them all, as you need to upgrade everything to the max to unlock of the the trophies.


8-Shot Ability (Ren’s Camera) - Upgrade Ren’s Snapshot Enhancement.

Switch - Second Drop, Mt.Hikami (Pool of Purification). Automatic pickup, inspect the glowing point at the Pool of Purification.

6:36 - Upgrade - Switch
28:15 - Upgrade - Evade

Evade - Second Drop, Mt.Hikami (Unfathomable Forest - Pure Water Bridge). Automatic pickup, inspect the glowing necklace at the Unfathomable Forest - Pure Water Bridge.

Measure - Third Drop Postmortem Photography (Hojo Residence Study). Automatic pickup when inside your study at the start.

0:01 - Upgrade - Measure

Infinite - Clear all chapters on Normal & Nightmare difficulty. Nightmare difficulty is unlocked when you finish the Final Drop (chapter 14).

Festival - Clear all chapters on Normal & Nightmare difficulty with a S+ Rank. Check the strategy inside the correspoding topic of this guide.

Blue Lenses

Slow - Sixth Drop, Immortal Flower (Lattice Window Hallway). Automatic pickup after you get Dark Sun Mirror item when you need to take Psychic Photos.

44:28 - Lens - Slow Lens

Reward - Seventh Drop, Maiden of Black Water (Rear shrine). Visit the mentioned area during 7th chapter (northeastern shed in the Twilight Peak area). You can open the Psychic Photo point and you need to find 3 places to get the lens. One is on the top of the roof of the altar (shed) where you start, one is a bit souther where you buddha statue is, and one one in the area west of the entrance.

13:00 - Reward Lens Psychic Photograph
13:57 - Psychic Photograph #01
15:59 - Psychic Photograph #02
15:23 - Psychic Photograph #03 & Lens #01 Reward Lens

Bind - Eleventh Drop, The Shadowborn (House of Joining - Wedding Votive Altar). Inspect the gift item on the floor on the right side of the mentioed room (the one with the photos and weird red stuff hanging from the walls.

18:45 - Lens - Bind Lens

Voice - Complete 100% of the Archives (Files).

Green Lenses

Restore - Fourth Drop, Spirited Away (Lower Storeroom - Memento Cloister). This is the bottom floor of the Shrine of Dolls. Follow the stairs down before entering the room at the back of the altar room. Check the first corner.

20:40 - Lens - Restore Lens

Butterfly - Clear the game once.

Fatal - Get both of Yuri’s endings while wearing her Kimono. White Kimono is unlocked when you beat the game once (finish the Final Drop, chapter 14). You will need to play 4 times anyway as you need all 4 Ren's Endings. 

See - Complete 100% of the Ghost list.

Red Lenses

Stun - Second Drop, Mt.Hikami (Pool of Purification). Automatic pickup, inspect the glowing point at the Pool of Purification.

6:36 - Lens - Stun Lens & Upgrade - Switch

Crush - Fourth Drop, Spirited Away (Shrine of Dolls 1F - Front Shrine). Check the floor inside the Front Shrine room (the room with the altar from which you can enter the Womb cave area).

17:59 - Lens - Crush Lens

Blow - Seventh Drop, Maiden of Black Water (Twilit Peak - Sacrificial Mound). Defeat the Funeral Celebrant at the mentioned area and pick up the lens afterwards from the floor.

20:59 - Lens - Blow Lens

Zero - Twelfth Drop, To the Other Side (Shrine of the Ephemeral 1F i Hanging Well). This is the area with the Well. Check the corner in that room to find the lens.

23:50 - Lens - Zero Lens

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