Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water - Perfect Score Guide

The most difficult trophy is to get rank S+ on all drops. You get the most points when performing a Fatal Frame shot (critical hit) and then doing as much fast shots as you can during the critical moment. I suggest upgrading your camera for faster loads, and by using the weakest film you can get the most combos (Type-07 Film).

Avoid Shutter Chance shots when aiming for Rank S+ as that lands the most damage to ghost, and you don't want that when it comes to points.

Yuri/Miu Rank S+ Tips

Since you play with multiple characters during the game, that also means that certain characters share the Camera Obscura (your weapon) and with that all the Lens and Upgrades. Do not even try attempting Rank S+ before you find Rewards Lens during chapter 7 (Seventh Drop). You can find Psychic Photo in the Twiligh Peak area and by finding all 3 places you will get the Reward Lens. Upgrade them to the max level and put them for use inside the menu. Always start by shooting the Fatal Frame using the Type-07 Film and after that use the Reward Shot with Square button while aiming. This grants the most points, and keep doing that for all ghosts you encounter until you are certain that you will have enough points.

Getting all items during chapter counts, as that will give you points for each item type you hold at the end. When you start getting Rank S+ it will probably start in chapter 7, and you will see that it's so easy to get it. You can find whole videos inside collectibles topic to compare and see my strategies.

Ren's Tips

He has different Camera Obscura, but he is even easier than Yuri/Miu. Learn (unlock) his 8-shot Camera upgrade and uprade it to the max level. Combine with Type-07 Film and use the 8-shot as soon as you land a Fatal Frame shot. This will give you a lot of points.

Ayane's Tips

After beating the game you will unlock First Thread. Beating that chapter unlocks Second, Third and Last Thread. Chapter with Ayane are easy, just don't move to loose the ghost, or charge and take the picture of one to stun them. Run and reach the end goal. For Rank S+ you will have to pick up all items because without them you will not have enough points for rank S+. You can find whole videos inside collectibles topic to compare and see my strategies

For highest rank, you need to get certain points. Check the list below for the reference.

Rank S+ requisite

  • Prologue - No ratings
  • Drop 1 - 22,500
  • Drop 2 - 140,000
  • Drop 3 - 105,000 (Interlude has no ratings)
  • Drop 4 - 202,650
  • Drop 5 - 137,000
  • Drop 6 - 180,000
  • Drop 7 - 116,000
  • Drop 8 - 109,000
  • Drop 9 - 99,000
  • Drop 10 - 114,000
  • Drop 11 - 125,000
  • Drop 12 - 177,000
  • Drop 13 - 108,350
  • Drop 14 - 395,000
  • First Thread - No ratings
  • Second Thread - Normal: 58,000 Points & Nightmare: 25,500 Points
  • Third Thread - Normal: 43,000 Points & Nightmare: 14,500 Points
  • Last Thread - Normal: 43,000 Points & Nightmare: 9,500 Points
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