Like a Dragon: Ishin! - Amon

Amon is your final and the toughest opponent, as in all other Yakuza games. There are 2 encounters, for the first Amon fight, there are two prerequisites:

With that out of your way, return to the Battle Dungeon receptions (you might need to exit and re-enter the Barracks to trigger it). By talking to him you will learn about Sanada wants to fight you again (mission 3-20, the last one). Prepare some healing items, and redo the mission. For the equipment, I used all story drops and it was enough. You can also switch to Easy to make it easier.

Once you have done both of these, return to the Battle Dungeon Mission Receptionist and he says that Sanada Nobuyasu (the boss from the final mission) wants to fight you again. Make sure to save before and get set up with a full inventory of healing items before selecting this mission. It would also be recommended you get set up with at least some basic decent equipment before going in, though you don’t need to do anything crazy with crafting.

There are some good armors that you can get by visiting Bakumatsu Bob at Teradaya after completing certain dilligence and completion list items:

  • Furinkanzan (Breastplate) – Finish the Meals section of the Completion List
  • Unbridled Fury Gauntlets (Gauntlet) – Finish the Arena section of the Completion List (the arena at the second floor of Mukurogai)

I prefer Wild Dancer style for the fight, but any style you excel in will do.

For the Battle Dungeon Amon, first get rid of the copy Amons. Green is weak to guns, Purple is weak to swords, and Red is weak to fists. I just used the Wild Dancer style to get rid of all of them, I was lazy to use Brawler due to low damage.

The rest is easy, the fight is a joke compared to the other games.

Final Temple Amon Fight

After defeating Amon in the dungeon, leave the Shiningumi Barracks and then reenter and speak to the receptionist again. You will learn about Amon waiting for you at the Temple (south bridge end on the northeast part of the Rakugai map).

Go there, prepare the same as you did for the first fight - the second one is even easier if you ask me. Amon will change from Swordsman to Wild Dancer. He also uses special moves that are hard to avoid, but on Easy difficulty and with a lof of healing items + heat actions, he is pathetic.

After the fight, the Worn Magical Sword is yours. This is a unique weapon required for smithing one of the top tier items (for which you will grind your eyes out).

0:00 - How to Unlock the first Amon Fight
0:18 - Both Amon fights setup
1:02 - Entering the First Fight
2:25 - First Amon Fight
12:00 - Unlocking the second Amon fight
12:20 - Second Amon Fight Location
13:35 - Second Amon Fight

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