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Also known as Bukumatsu Archives under your menu.

Memoirs are unlocked by completing the substory 70: The Captain and the Curious. After that you can find shinning pickups on the floor across the game that will be Memoirs. Some are unlocked after certain story events, some after certain sidestories. My advice is to reach the final chapter and then tackle this without having to re-visit locations.

Memoirs List

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Memoirs Details Location Guide


  • The Rise of the Tokugawa Bakufu - Automatically given during the substory 70.
  • Letter from a Tavernkeeper in Uraga - Southeast corner of South Fushimi Ichibangai area, check by the end of the dock
  • Diatribe of a Raid Survivor - Check the north side of Teradaya, in the middle of the road just south of Matsunoi
  • Thoughts on the Wolves - In the middle of the road just west of Teradaya
  • Journey from an Edo Rowhouse: Noon - In the road south of Umai Udon
  • A Letter from the Right Honorable Sir E. Satow - Automatically received at the end of substory 72 (Last one for 100%, not needed for anything else than 100%).
  • Gossip from a Seafaring Warrior - First, complete Chapter 12 of the main story, then head back to the Teradaya inn, go upstairs and find it at the end of the left corridor upstairs.


  • “Regarding the Incident on the 18th” - Left of the entrance to Kyo-Satsuma Consulate
  • Observations of a Mimawarigumi Trooper - East of Sushi Zanmai, after finishing the substory 10: The Panther's Leading Man
  • “Divine Punishment Rendered Once More!” - In the middle of Sinjo Bridge that leads to Gion
  • An Account from Tosa - In the corner of the road northeast of Nichibuza
  • “The Extraordinary Voyage of Nakahama Manjiro” - Check the L-shaped street in the Teramachi area, south from Hanamaru Udon


  • Reflections of a Satsuma Samurai - In front of the shack of the Mysterious Merchant, after completing substory 27
  • Excerpt from a History Textbook - North of Shady Bar, in the middle of the road
  • Observations of a Hatamoto - To find this Memoir, first  complete Chapter 13, and make it to the Finale Chapter. Then find it right outside the Gambling Den near the double doors across the den (south from the Gambling Den icon on the map).
  • Musings of a Man Who Crossed the Sea - Directly in front of Shikokuya
  • “Regarding a Certain Merchant” - In front of Unyuan (William Bradley’s Dojo hideout)


  • Musings of an Official in Uraga - At the end of the dock next to Professor Shinbei
  • Final Statement on the Sono Juoi - Northwest corner by the gate leading to Rakugai
  • An Assassin’s Plot - Check the river bank on the easternmost area of Mukurogai, south from the small shrine where you can pray. It's on the ground right from the talking NPC's. I found this when I was late in the game (In Chapter 7 it's not available at this point, but you can get it after Night of the Living Rumor sidestory 33 is done).


  • Journal from an Edo Rowhouse: Night - Left side of the road between Yamabuki and the palanquin spot
  • Notes from a Spy - Go to Gion, and find it just on the right side of the entrance to Kasuga. It was not here in Chapter 7, so I got it a bit later in the game (I got it during Chapter 10).

Mibu and the Forrest Path

  • Diary of a Housewife - Mibu, check the north edge of the path slightly east of the palanquin spot.
  • Abandoned Journal of a Shinsengumi Trooper - East of the entrance to Shinsengumi Barracks, near the grass on the floor
  • Treatise in Defense of Ii Naosuke - Check near the gates at the end of the forest path that you enter from the south bridge leading east out of Rakugai. I did not find this during Chapter 7, but found it in the Final Chapter, I think it was my last one, so note that I found all other memoirs before this one.
  • Journal from an Edo Rowhouse: Morning - At your house in Another Life, sitting near the chicken coop. It appears after maxing the bond with one of the dogs, after a single dog joins you and come to your house.
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