Like a Dragon: Ishin! - Wanted Man Missions

There are 16 Wanted Men missions, and they are all triggered on the second floor in Mukurogai, in the west-side building. You can start this bounty mission during Chapter 3, or at any later point in the game. Usually you just need to find a group of enemies and defeat them, chase some guy, etc.

To advance the missions, simply turn the request where you got it (Tachibanagumi HQ), leave the area by the boat, return by the boat, and you can now accept new missions.

Good news is, after first 2 requests, you will start getting more requests at once. Finish new ones, turn them in, and you again get the new ones. Let's start with the list and where to find them.

0:00 - Wanted Man Missions Unlock
- #1 Jozo Tengu: Tarobo Location
4:24 - #1 Jozo Tengu: Reward
4:45 - #2 Jozo Tengu: Jozo Unlock
5:03 - #2 Jozo Tengu: Jozo Trigger
5:25 - #2 Jozo Tengu: Jozo Location & Rewards
9:32 - #3 Chivalrous Shinobi: White Ninja, #4 Touken Clan: Ichimonji Unlock
9:48 - #3 Chivalrous Shinobi: White Ninja
11:05 - #4 Touken Clan: Ichimonji Unlock and Rewards
12:05 - #5 - Chivalrous Shinobi: Blue Ninja, #6 - Touken Clan: Aramasa Unlock
12:35 - #6 - Touken Clan: Aramasa Step 1
13:18 - #6 - Touken Clan: Aramasa Step 2 & Reward
14:20 - #5 - Chivalrous Shinobi: Blue Ninja
18:19 - #5 Reward
18:28 - #7 - Escort Request
21:40 - #8 - Touken Clan: Yukimitsu
25:30 - New Missions
25:42 - #10 - Jozo Tengu Gang
27:38 - #9 - Chivalrous Shinobi
30:50 - Rewards, Green Ninja Info
31:10 - New Mission Unlock
- #11 - Chivalrous Shinobi
33:45 - Rewards, New Mission Unlock
34:52 - #12 - Jozo Tengu: Tarobo
36:30 - #13 - Chivalrous Shinobi: Red Ninja
37:45 - #14 - Touken Clan: Remnants
39:35 - Rewards, New Mission Unlock
40:08 - #15 - Jozo Tengu: Jozo
43:22 - Unlocking Last Mission
43:38 - #16 - Inabara Akumi
48:40 - Wanted Missions Troppers Unlock
49:17 - Reward for beating all Wanted Mission in Teradaya

Wanted Man Missions List and Details

  • #1 - Jozo Tengu: Tarobo. Go north of Shady Bar, you will see a group of men same as on the wanted poster standing against the wall and sitting down
  • #2 - Jozo Tengu: Jozo. In Mukurogai near the north gate, speak to the men mentioning tengu. Go outside Mukurogai via the north doors (give the guy some booze to let you through), speak to the man in the tengu mask.
  • #3 - Chivalrous Shinobi: White Ninja. South Fushimi Ichibangai, find a woman standing by the water wheel (just south side of the market area). When you get near her, you will start chasing the white ninja. Chase it down.
  • #4 - Touken Clan: Ichimonji. In Fushimi, go down the road directly behind Teradaya and you’ll be attacked by this Wanted Man you need to find. You will be automatically be taken to Tachibanagumi HQ when you win.
  • #5 - Chivalrous Shinobi: Blue Ninja. In North Fushimi Ichibangai, directly north of the Jizo Statue is a woman standing by the wall. She’ll call out the thieves. Chase all 10 of them.
  • #6 - Touken Clan: Aramasa. In Rakugai, go to North Umekojicho, walk down the path to the north of Shady Bar, and you'll be attacked by the Wanted Man. Defeat them. After that, go directly south of Rakugai Arms Dealer and you will be attacked by this man again, plus one more when you defeat him. You will be automatically be taken to Tachibanagumi HQ when you win.
  • #7 - Escort Request – This one is a little different, when you return to HQ you’re asked to escort a man. Meet him outside the north entrance to Mukurogai and you’ll then have to escort him directly north. You’ll be attacked by some men on the way, then he’ll head off on his own and you’ll automatically be taken back to Tachibanagumi HQ.
  • #8 - Touken Clan: Yukimitsu. Check the board in the HQ, and Omatsu will talk to you. Speak with her again and go to Touken Clan. Defeat the group of enemies to complete the mission. This grants you "Book of Revelations: Smash" as a reward.
  • #9 - Chivalrous Shinobi: Green Ninja. In Rakunai, South Teramachi Street, there is a woman standing by the railing at the south end of the road. Chase down a total of 3 she will call out, to complete this objective.
  • #10 - Jozo Tengu Gang. In Rakugai, find the targets outside Uji Tea Parlor. Interact with them to fight them.
  • #11 - Chivalrous Shinobi: Tojiro. Go to North Yashikimachi in Fushimi. Find the target in the corner of the road just south of the Dojo building. Speak with the target to go to the hideout where you can fight the leader. You will be automatically be taken to Tachibanagumi HQ when you win.
  • #12 - Jozo Tengu: Tarobo. Go to Mukurogai, find the group of Jozo Tengu at the north end of the center path on the first floor. Interact with them to fight them.
  • #13 - Chivalrous Shinobi: Red Ninja. In South Umekojicho, find a woman standing just on the left side. Speak to her and catch the red ninja to complete the mission.
  • #14 - Touken Clan: Remnants. In Rakunai, walk down Teramachi Street and around the Jizo Statue. You will automatically be attacked by the group of men, which you need to defeat
  • #15 - Jozo Tengu: Jozo. In Rakunai, go all the way to the northwest end to where the shrine is. There is Jozo Tengau and the Red Ninja waiting for you there. Beat them. You will be automatically be taken to Tachibanagumi HQ when you win.
  • #16 - Inabara Akumi. Go to the riverside in Rakugai, the east part of the Sannocho area, for the final fight against Inabara Akumi.
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